Re: “Recursion”

Readers may find it mildly interesting that we seem to be getting essentially the same implied message from both the pseudo-organizations and the telepaths and propheciers.

The pseudo-organizations have manifestly been implying an effort to get Me to accept a scenario in which they load up their symbolism and imagery with counter-Divine Will symbolism, while simultaneously implying that they're 'not using symbolism, but rather just speaking overtly'.  To accept this would be to accept their manifest ongoing investment in counter-Divine Will efforts and not acknowledge the counter-Divine Will position that such Choices manifestly place them in.  Of course there's no valid basis for them to Choose it in the first place, so accepting less-than-worthy positions and manifest resultants as though they were valid would be for Me to accept a faux-dualism that does not in fact exist, and thus to accept manifest 'suckage' when it's precluded by Divine Will.  I'm not aware of how I can do so while retaining a basis aligned with Divine Will, and it certainly isn't My True Nature to want to do so even if it were feasible.

Meanwhile, the telepaths and propheciers have also been investing in efforts to attempt to cozy up to Me.  The gist of their implied message is essentially, 'That's right, Satori.  We manifest scenarios in which you can overcome and restore the situation, and just so long as you apply Divine Will principles to it you'll be effective.'  To which I have to demur, on the basis of those same Divine Will principles.  Their argument that this is 'just what they do' is precluded by their own True Nature, and the 'suckage' these agendas and various pseudo-organizations have been manifesting is of course precluded by Divine Will itself.  There's no valid nor genuine basis for it, no reason they should want to do this in the first place, and no way to make it make sense in the second.  To suggest that investing in, manifesting, and thus adopting counter-Divine Will positions is 'just what they do' or 'just how it works' attempts to make an argument for that same bogus faux-duality the rank-and-file of the pseudo-organizations have been making, and that argument is no better - and the position no more valid - coming from the telepaths and propheciers.  Affirming Divine Will, True Nature, and rallying support for these among the People by example is just common sense; acting in systematic and ongoing opposition to their own True Nature not to mention Divine Will and thus manifesting 'suckage' doesn't, and doesn't cause Me to feel particularly cozy with those manifestly knowingly, Willfully and avoidably doing it.

Manifestly, the invalid position of these pseudo-organizations is essentially the same as the invalid position of the telepaths and propheciers.  The former appears to be a result of the "absurd" Choice for latter.  Accepting a basis of relationship that's founded on a presented counterfeit of their True Nature would of course be "absurd", and the resulting 'suckage' would be less than worthy and manifest a "theft" [Knights of Malta context] of manifest value from Me.

That kind of a manifestly invalid basis relegates the position of both these pseudo-organizations, and the assembly of telepaths and propheciers, to a position of invalidated authority while those retaining alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature have also retained valid authority.  The manifest refusal to recognize that and act on the distinction, which I notice has been decreasing but still present and Chosen, is just a resultant of their manifestly ongoing Choice to reject their own True Nature.  Which of course is also unacceptable.

The sort of PR resultants I'd mentioned presumably continue to manifest as the pseudo-organizations imply efforts to 'rig the elections' and 'locate and identify those Choosing Divine Will' - if nothing else, even implying that isn't respectful to Divine Will.  The assembly of telepaths and propheciers have their own equivalent to that PR effect; the buildup of conflict between their True Nature and their manifestly-Chosen counter-Divine Will position and the 'suckage' it manifests must be resulting in some undesirable moral, emotional and psychological internal conflicts that I surely wouldn't want to experience and neither do they.  To Choose against everything you actually want is pretty silly, particularly when the apparent duress which ostensibly causes you to is all contrivance manifested in an effort to make such a Choice appear to make sense.  Essentially, these pseudo-organizations have been 'a plot device', something established as part of the effort to make an "absurd" Choice appear credible and plausible as without that, it cannot acquire belief and acceptance from others.

Without the investment from the People, these pseudo-organizations would not manifest.  Without the "absurd" Choice from the telepaths and propheciers, there would not have been investment from the People in them.  And it's hardly in keeping with their True Nature not to mention Divine Will for the telepaths and propheciers to have invested in such a Choice.  The more Willfully, knowingly and avoidably a Choice is made, the more intense of an act of Will it is, and so the principals making that Choice encounter the brunt of its manifest resultants including the kharma that comes from the dissonance of that Choice with Divine Will and their own True Nature.

Choosing a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis is certainly easy, particularly in comparison... but that self-evidently isn't what either those within the pseudo-organizations and the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers have manifestly been Choosing.  Nevetheless, both Divine Will and their True Nature are constants and absolutes.  Only the literal and often symbolic "time" they manifestly Choose in the meanwhile is unestablished.

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