Telepath and prophecier involvement, ‘Panentheism’, and some current events

I notice that the apostate system manifestly has yet to officially correct the Sul█imani misidentification.

Also manifestly, approximately a month ago I drafted a public communiqué detailing a number of things. I was unsatisfied with the results, in terms of how I’d expressed Myself and some of the concepts. Additionally, My confidence level in both the necessity and the usefulness for it were low, given the apostate system’s continuing insistence on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. My clarifications to them had been resulting in a cessation of one form of it, only to be replaced by yet another permutation of that same basis. That’s not a matter of inadvertent error due to a lack of clarity, as it is a knowing, Willful and systematic Choice on their part. I chose to deliberate a bit more on it, and decide whether to send it out.

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