On the matter of non-credible reporting media

For the benefit of the court of public opinion, I’m going to paraphrase the inherently non-credible, non-overt response made by the apostate system today as best I’ve been able to determine it.

’The outrage you’ve described isn’t our True Nature, you know that. Goodness, what you must think of us if you’re believing our inherently non-credible reporting. The incidents you’ve mentioned never actually happened, despite being widely reported through the international media we’ve co-opted. We’re much better than that!’

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My Choice remains for Divine Will and True Nature just as it has been.

I’ve had the apostate system on ‘Ignore’ due to the outrage of the literal human lives it’s taken of congregation members on ‘█shtar S█nday’. Most uncivilized behavior. I refuse to continue interacting with them while they’re on such a basis, partly because the extent of the outrage leaves a lot to be desired in My attitude and response.

The only reason I’m responding now is because they appear to be preparing to take even more literal human lives if I make no response. I’m referring of course to their renewed hype regarding the literal ‘USS John C. Stennis’ and literal ‘Iran’. Various n█ws agency syndication, ‘Aircraft carrier sent to Middle East after indications Iran planned attack on US forces’.

The Stennis plot was exposed by RedefiningGod in December:

'So the Stennis is at the end of the first half of its usable life, and sinking it now will save b█llions of overhaul dollars AND start the desired w█r with Iran.'

This page, search for: '(4 December 2018)' for the info on this item.

This appears to be the result of their latest non-overt sp█m ‘offer’ regarding an emphasis on species extinction. Apparently hyping the results of their own wrongdoing and converting that into their faux-’ecology’ agenda manifestly counts in their view as some kind of an extra bonus ‘give’ rather than mere self-accountability. I’ve told them clearly before about the error of presuming acceptance on My part, especially through a lack of response. I’m not aware of any entitlement by the apostate system to My time, effort or consideration, and while they’re manifestly on a distinctly uncivilized counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis they’re Choosing not to do what is required to earn it.

Right, back to ‘Ignore’. My efforts are obviously better spent elsewhere. They can and should assume that all further offers presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are summarily rejected.