Asia events and the demonstration for the People of the need for a Divine Will-aligned basis

People occasionally ask Me, ’Satori, why do you make reasonable efforts to avoid their counter-Divine Will symbols?’

And sometimes, ’Why can’t we just take ‘direct action’ against all this stuff? Brute force, vigilante justice [sic], and so on? Anything else seems just to be needless delaying tactics to me.’

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Statement of clarification regarding My own credibility

[General lay readers: This is ‘shop talk’, addressing a situation as part of good professional standards of conduct. While you’re welcome to read through it and are likely to learn from it, you can easily skip it without missing anything huge.]

I have a professional duty as part of Divine Will alignment and leader of My “house” to emit a statement addressing and resolving what at least appears to be a misapprehension under which the brunt of the apostate system, sans the telepaths and propheciers of course, appears to be laboring. I’m not even completely sure the misunderstanding exists, given the inherent non-credibility of their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, but I’ve seen what appear to be implied references to it recur enough times for there to at least appear to be a reasonable likelihood of it, so truth and clarity as per My usual. Whether it’s manifestly the case or not, displacing the possibility with certainty and plain, sincere communication is just good practice. [For the purposes of readability I’m going to relax in this statement My standard practice of using ‘manifestly’ to specify when something manifestly happened but wasn’t a valid expression of Divine Will; it would easily become redundant and I think it’s rather self-evident where what I’m going to describe inherently conflicts with Divine Will.]

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