A followup

It appears that the non-credible nature of ‘the other guys’ effort, evident from its counter-Divine Will basis, is confirmed. That is to say, that the implied effort to allege less than integrous efforts on My part were themselves less than sincere. The implied rationale from them now seems to be, in essence, ‘Well, we were doing it on a counter-Divine Will basis, so of course it was insincere. You should’ve known that we wouldn’t actually go through with it. What, you doubt Divine Will?’ The telepaths and propheciers have manifestly used that argument as well, and the People probably deserve some correction of that sophistry. I’ll cite some examples to illustrate and try to keep it brief. Continue reading "A followup"

Re: Another apparent attempt to exploit lack of clarity

Since Babylon and Rome are to the best of My knowledge franchises of a manifestly rogue assemblage of telepaths and propheciers, it will come as no surprise to them that I reject the recent counter-Divine Will basis they’ve been covertly implying and, by all appearances, attempting to sell Me. Continue reading "Re: Another apparent attempt to exploit lack of clarity"

Re: ‘Grace’, supplemental

Due to ‘the other guys’’ manifest continued investment in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, the nature of their recent agenda appears to have become clear. ‘Language lessons’ in their covert symbolism, ostensibly to better equip Me to seek manifest justice in this matter, in return for acceptance of their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position… at which point, I’d be unable to achieve it. Continue reading "Re: ‘Grace’, supplemental"