Confirmation of objectionability

Ordinarily the literal news would have registered My response by now. It seems it has not. Perhaps it’s literally a bit late in reacting, or alternatively someone could be seeking confirmation from Me of a rejection of the implied ‘offer’ on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. It’s a comparatively minor thing, and whichever is manifestly the case My response continues just the same. Continue reading "Confirmation of objectionability"

Re: ‘Two masters’

The apostate system, manifestly still Choosing to invest in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, appears to be investing in efforts on a non-overt basis to have some of ‘their’ personnel seek to gain acceptance within the standards of My “house” while still Choosing to both not uphold its standards, and retain their positions within the apostate quasi-organizations. Perhaps they’re simply ‘going through the motions’ with it; the credibility remains negligible regardless, and all that according to the existing standards My “house” has had for literal years now. Continue reading "Re: ‘Two masters’"


Just a brief additional here.  The general nature of the apostates' non-overtly implied query [from manifest-yet-spurious franchises of the telepaths and propheciers, on a non-credible basis no less] is perhaps on the available evidence more likely to indicate this sort of concern: 'Does your "house" practice subversion, infiltration and usurpation on a non-overt basis?' Continue reading "Additional"

More clarity and detail

Clarity requires somewhat more detail on My part on the complex situation that Rome and Babylon have recently broached. It’s the complexity of this situation which had been the primary reason I’d been avoiding it thus far. Also from the vantage of Divine Will, True Nature and the interests of the People, its comparative irrelevancy. But more on that anon. Continue reading "More clarity and detail"

Re: “Unch█rted waters”

Since My last communiques, and seemly as a result of them, I’ve noticed that the apostate system manifestly appears to have started implementing multiples of their counter-Divine Will symbolism. Because My personnel register those as PR credibility downgrades, they of course became immediately obvious.

I hypothesized that this was intended as some kind of a signal intended for Me and Mine. But as I’d mentioned, I’d already been finding it easy to differentiate between the position of My personnel in alignment with Divine Will, and those manifestly investing in the apostate system with its counter-Divine Will position. So it would seem more likely that this has been enacted by Rome and Babylon as part of an effort to determine personnel loyalties. This would appear consistent with their semi-recent “unch█rted waters” signal; that they’ve been making an effort to suss out just that. [I should probably also remind the apostates to the concept that a counter-Divine Will basis appears to be inherent to their “tr█vel” symbol; the metaphysical implications of that become interesting, particularly in light of what I’m about to present.]

I’ve stated before that it’s part of our Divinely-conferred True Nature to want to respond helpfully and constructively, and that I’d been disappointed that there have manifestly been so few opportunities for Me to demonstrate that with regard to the apostate system because it would so often be a matter of collusion to do so. This appears to be among those rare manifest opportunities to do so while still maintaining a clear Divine Will alignment and distinction, so to the best of My understanding I’m able to actually ‘do them a nice’ here.

Specifically, I think I can save them quite a lot of literal and probably symbolic “time” here. In what appears to be an effort to determine personnel loyalties between the apostate system and My “house”, personnel within the apostate system who seem to regard themselves as having positions of authority within the latter seem to have a misperception of the context and nature of the situation. If this scenario were an overt interaction between individuals, a useful metaphor would be that they’re ‘asking the wrong question’. As such, the information so obtained isn’t likely to help them much. This appears to be a built-in caveat to ‘multi-level marketing’ organizations; personnel are left to suppose that they’re in positions of the utmost authority within, and full control of, an organization until they find out that’s not quite accurate. Let the record show that I’ve explained this to them clearly via these communiques years ago.

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, the apostate system including Rome, Babylon etcetera, are to the best of My knowledge manifest franchises of the assemblage of manifestly-rogue telepaths and propheciers. I’ve shown the proof for this; given the logistics of the situation it could presumably be no other way. They have information superiority, communications supremacy, the ability to peer into the minds of those they choose to the most minute detail, and can forsee the slightest thing [in My direct experience] ages in advance, likely much more. [When they were actively communicating with Me for example, they’d hold non-overt conversations via the media I’d be viewing at the time, and it was responsive to the immediate situation and often even slightly ahead of events. They were able to respond to My thoughts as well as words and deeds, and continue the conversation regardless of which media I’d pick or shift to. Among the greatest spans of literal time in which they’d demonstrated this was when I was reading accounts from literal ancient Greece. As I’d mentioned, since they’ve manifestly demonstrated a counter-Divine Will basis non-overtly, their manifest basis has become non-credible and unworthy; I’ve pretty much stopped listening, and they’ve pretty much stopped communicating. I can’t manifestly deem them members of My “house” while they’re behaving on such an unworthy basis.] So they’ve manifestly demonstrated the ability to know practically anything, organize among each other undetectably when they so Choose, determine to the slightest detail events both great and merely personally-affecting and superfluous, and respond collectively on a retroactive basis.

Consider the manifest extent of My disappointment given the state of our manifest temporal event sequence, given that this is the case. I’ve remarked upon it often.

They’ve also demonstrated a profound knowledge of Divine Will principles; it’s they who made the effort to communicate them to Me on a non-overt basis over some years of My life. Among these principles is the concept that our True Nature is given to us by Divine Will, and that this True Nature is constantly Divine Will-aligned regardless of the manifest scenario. That’s simply a quintessential property intrinsic to it; if it’s not in alignment with Divine Will, then it’s not someones’ True Nature. It’s merely an abjectly unworthy manifest position they’ve manifestly Chosen to adopt.

As they once put it to Me verbatim, ‘We hide a lot’. Meaning in the sense of ‘frequently’. They observe, they organize, and unless they’re so Willing they are to the best of My knowledge manifestly undetectable from the personnel of various “houses” and franchises, at least other “houses” which do not insist on and maintain a great level of Divine Will distinction and standards. To the best of My knowledge, they inexplicably [and disappointingly] manifestly ‘go through the motions’, enacting the agendas of these organizations, knowing full well better. They’re planning something; they’re up to something. But for all intents and purposes, they’re manifestly loyal to these organization, until they aren’t. A phenomenon which Rome and Babylon given their manifest organizational experience and operating practices should be quite familiar with by now. As franchises, they presumably inherited them at least in part from their principals, the telepaths and propheciers.

Presumably they can detect the loyalty of personnel themselves directly, needing to rely on neither overt nor on non-overt methods to determine this. And it would be easy to infer that, knowing Divine Will principles as they do, they greatly regret the necessity for doing so. But this misses the point, that given that the apostate system is necessarily a franchise of the telepaths and propheciers, the idea that there could ever be a ‘necessity’ for doing so is quite “absurd”. And the idea of the whole apostate system becomes equally “absurd”, controlled by the telepaths and propheciers as it evidently is. But then, per Divine Will principles any manifestation of a counter-Divine Will nature is necessarily, inherently “absurd” ab initio.

Consider My manifest disappointment, in demonstrating a best-effort Choice for Divine Will and True Nature, only to have the telepaths and propheciers continue to invest in the apostate system and a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis despite knowing and wanting full well better. I’ve remarked on that a number of times as well.

So in terms of ‘asking the wrong question’, the manifest answer seems to be that they’re manifestly loyal to the apostate system, to Rome and Babylon, etc., until they aren’t. I’m not sure what their manifest criteria for that ‘until they aren’t’ are. Or what event they’re waiting for. But they appear to be manifestly responsible for the manifest existence of the apostate system, and when they withdraw from that it ‘collapses’. Presumably retroactively. As Rome and Babylon are manifestly familiar with subversion of organizational structures, perhaps using that analogy would become useful to them in contemplating this. Only here, these telepaths and propheciers have demonstrated the ability to invest in and divest from efforts retroactively, and their True Nature is to desire the manifestation of Divine Will. So comprehending their motives and their mechanisms is readily achieved; that still accomplishes nothing, except perhaps encourages the Choice for Divine Will.

Existence is so intensely better with “Light”. Even that of those who manifestly self-identify as members of the apostate system. I just thought they could use some here.

I again encourage them to Choose to align with, to affirm, and to uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature.

The same applies to the telepaths and propheciers specifically. But they already knew that.

A brief clarification

I should probably clarify that when I stated, 'I'm good with that', I'd meant that it was among the least objectionable among their still-objectionable options.

Because of course, it would remain a Choice by the apostates to invest in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature agenda.

By their own Divinely-conferred True Nature, there is of course every reason to quite naturally expect them to yield and voluntarily forfeit.

That they manifestly have not done so yet remains quite inexplicable.

They do know full well better, and it's consistently disappointing to encounter less than that.

Reaffirmation, and constructive details

I’m hereby reaffirming My Choice to retain My alignment with Divine Will, and with the True Nature with which it has imbued Me.

For readers who are unfamiliar with and distinct from the apostates, what has prompted that is the apostates’ investment, as ever on a non-credible counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis, to seemingly imply that something I’ve recently said or done has caused them concern as to whether I’ve retained My Choice to remain aligned with Divine Will and My own True Nature. It appears to be the third time they’ve done this recently, and it’s becoming quite “absurd” in My assessment. I’m not entirely clear on what the implied cause for concern is here; given the timing involved it seems most likely to Me to have been a response to this comment.  Goodness, such a cause for concern. Continue reading "Reaffirmation, and constructive details"

Re: ‘Organized crime’

For whatever it’s worth, the apostates have been reemphasizing ‘their’ organized crime franchise on a non-overt level recently, for about a week or so. Their personnel who’ve non-overtly self-identified as the Jesuits, etc., have added another layer of non-overt symbolism to present the appearance of a renewed prevalence and influence of this franchise. Confidence in this is of course negligible, as it’s merely another apostate franchise and it’s all of course still on a non-overt, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis regardless. The same personnel as usual, the same blasphemous and non-credible basis, no substantive difference whatsoever. Continue reading "Re: ‘Organized crime’"