Divine Will principles [version 1.0]

Divine Will principles [version 1.0]

Divine Will is for perfection

  • Thus, any reason for 'suckage' is invalid
  • Manifest limitations (weakness, lack of information, etc.) may partially indemnify people for their part in 'suckage', but the 'suckage' itself is still unjustifiable

Divine Will begets True Nature

  • True Nature is a constant and is naturally in alignment with Divine Will
    • Self-evidently, nobody's self-worth [of their True Nature] is ever up for debate, though their manifest positions often are
  • The ego is a misperception of the True Nature
    • Restoring manifest perfection involves dispelling our misperceptions about our True Nature and recognizing our alignment with Divine Will
    • Globalism's efforts have been to increase those misperceptions, use them to manifest imperfect, hindered circumstances incapable of resistance
    • Globalism is therefore based on a position of 'suckage' and counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature which is unjustifiable and illegitimate

True Nature begets our True Will

  • Since it derives from our True Nature and Divine Will, that True Will is naturally for things that are quite healthy and manifest perfection
  • The desires of the ego [a misperception of our True Nature] are not our true Will and typically are disharmonious with True Nature, Divine Will, and manifest 'suckage'
    • Because they're misaligned with our True Nature, they'll never truly be 'desirable' or worthy of us. You can't truly want what isn't your True Will
      • As such, any investment of Will in something that's not in alignment with our True Will is superficial, and is always accompanied by a greater investment of Will to dispel it - whether we consciously know this or not

Because it derives from Divine Will, investments of our Will manifest resultants

  • Those resultants are only as satisfying as their alignment with our True Nature and Divine Will
  • Investments of Will out of alignment manifest 'sucky' results, but those results are necessarily precluded by Divine Will
    • Divine Will does not permit 'sucky' manifestations to persist [they're in direct conflict] and will dispel them retroactively

Only the perfect, True State of Creation is objectively real

  • Everything real in an absolute, eternal, objective sense derived from a flow of authority from Divine Will
  • 'Everything else', ie 'suckage', manifested outside that flow of authority and while manifest is in conflict with it
    • 'Tulpas', a Tibettan concept for thoughtforms made solid, clearly show us that the Will can manifest physical things and that tangible reality isn't absolute necessarily reality; 'seeing is not believing'
  • The more in conflict with Divine Will and True Nature something manifestly is, the less legitimate [and viable] it is
    • Thus, those who know this will eschew it and refuse to invest in the agendas to manifest it
      • Those who do not, display their lack of understanding of Divine Will principles
      • When they do not, they place themselves in an unworthy position by [temporarily] manifesting unworthy scenarios for themselves and others
  • Temporary, unworthy manifestations are like ‘wallpaper’, superficially 'covering over' our experience of the True State of Creation. They do not and cannot affect the actual substance
    • These unworthy manifestations can be dispelled by investing in the True Nature of whatever it's 'covering over', and by aligning with, affirming and upholding Divine Will principles
    • Every unworthy manifestation is predicated on a position that's in error with regard to Divine Will principles somewhere
      • Resultingly, every unworthy manifestation has flaws which can be corrected or, if necessary, exploited to dispel it and replace it with something more worthwhile
      • Since our True Nature is aligned with the Divine Will for perfection, a component of our True Nature is the duty to correct or dispel unworthy manifestations which generate experiences of 'suckage'; by divestment in counter-Divine Will agendas, investment in Divine Will-aligned agendas, education, and if necessary exploiting those inherent flaws to dismantle unworthy manifestations which are at odds with Divine Will and our own True Natures
        • All of those things should be done as part of an investment of our Will to affirm both Divine Will and our own True Nature
        • All of those things should be done with a clear recognition that the unworthy manifestations do not truly exist in an absolute, eternal sense
          [This helps ourselves and others affirm What Is, rather than investing our own Will in silliness]

Every moment, we're making a Choice - a Choice is an investment in an act of Will

  • Every Choice we make is a 'statement' about what we believe is important to us and thus, an investment in what we believe that we are
    • Those investments are either in alignment with our True Nature and thus Divine Will, or a misperception of our nature
      • Either way, all investments of Will beget manifest resultants
      • Investing in an act of Divine Will and True Nature requires Choosing in 'good faith' to align with, affirm and uphold that basis to the best of ones' honest ability
      • Acts of Will which passively enable counter-Divine Will positions are no better than acts of Will which actively enable them; both are investments in disharmony with both Divine Will and our True Nature
  • Choices are by definition knowing, Willful and avoidable in order to qualify as Choices

Our 'saving grace' is that there is no true dualism; no actual opposite to Divine Will

  • Investments in some kind of 'opposite to Divine Will' are, therefore, unavoidably silly
  • While someone is manifestly investing themselves in Choices which are contrary to Divine Will and their Divinely-conferred True Nature, they’re also by definition on an unworthy, non-credible, untrustworthy basis

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