Re: ‘Reasons’

‘The other guys’ manifestly appear to be investing their efforts and resources towards explaining or attempting to legitimatize another reason for a counter-Divine Will basis. On a counter-Divine Will basis, of course. The implication appears to be essentially, ‘We use a counter-Divine Will basis to reference the behavior and activities of other groups. It’s an inversion of Divine Will, indicating that we find their position or actions a degree of separation away from Divine Will, or that we recognize the inherent Divine Will of their True Nature, whatever their manifest position or our manifest distinctions of group identification.’ Continue reading "Re: ‘Reasons’"

Re: Advanced methods

From their manifestly-Chosen counter-Divine Will basis, ‘the other guys’ appear to have been investing their efforts into referencing some advanced methods of My “house”. I decline to specify these with any detail, as it would be quite irresponsible of Me to propagate awareness of them. I shouldn’t like to contemplate the results of quasi-organizations out there using such techniques without a firm basis of Divine Will alignment. Suffice it to say that My “house” has had additional options and advanced methods all along which I’ve been refraining from applying here. At first I wanted to ascertain more about the scenario before it was appropriate to utilize them in this matter. And the result of this was, and remains, My assessment that they would be quite inappropriate here. As I’ve demonstrated, I prefer to keep things as clear and open as possible. If nothing else, it facilitates the ability of the People to make a clear Choice for a Divine Will-aligned position. So as the telepaths and propheciers can surely attest, I’ve been Choosing to refrain from applying advanced techniques to this situation ever since openly parleying with ‘the other guys’. Continue reading "Re: Advanced methods"

Re: Divine Will fraud, Qasem

A few items to address, the first covert and the latter overt. I’m not too sure about the covert actually being an intentional investment, or whether it was merely something that resembles a covert investment ‘the other guys’ have already used and keep handy for certain situations. I’ve been attempting to ascertain which, but rather than take up more literal time I should probably just provide clarity for the strategy anyway since non-current media suggests that it’s a narrative ‘the other guys’ keep in stock. Continue reading "Re: Divine Will fraud, Qasem"

“Life”, rights and Divine Will

Just going over a few things here.  And reaffirming My Choice for Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position, not that anyone actually needs Me to reiterate it.

The covert subtext of the Trump summit appeared to be a whole lot of counter-Divine Will symbolism and worrying, concerning stuff. The eventual outcome also featured counter-Divine Will symbolism, with what would have been an inversion symbol were it being ‘spoken’ in the covert language of My “House”, and a basic ‘commitment’ symbol of ‘the other guys’. As if, after all the buildup, they were making a Choice to express and affirm True Nature and a Divine Will-aligned position… which of course they manifestly weren’t, and no amount of inversion symbolism would appear to correct a counter-Divine Will basis either logistically or symbolically. But the implied ‘message’, inasmuch as anything on a counter-Divine Will basis can be said to have a legitimate, trustworthy ‘message’ was that, ‘Don’t you know that whatever happens, we’re upholding Divine Will and True Nature because we know it just as you do?’.

If only that had manifestly been the case. Continue reading "“Life”, rights and Divine Will"