Re: ‘Grace’, additional

I continue to find no relevant, new or worthwhile implication from ‘the other guys’ on a counter-Divine Will basis: nothing which would make a case which would mitigate accountability for their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis for reason of it being anything other than knowing, Willful, deliberate, avoidable and systematic. Continue reading "Re: ‘Grace’, additional"

Re: ‘Grace’

In the rather unlikely even that it hasn’t been perfectly clear, I should probably make it so that a knowing, Willful and avoidable counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is quite unacceptable to Me. And that addressing Me on a basis which knowingly, Willfully and avoidably rejects with someones’ True Nature is both non-credible and to the best of My knowledge a lost cause. Continue reading "Re: ‘Grace’"

Re: The recent sophistry, and a refutation using Divine Will principles

'The other guys' appear to have presented a Divine Will principles fallacy amidst a complex and comparatively sophisticated bout of covert narratives. All these are on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. They don’t represent their genuine feelings or position, they’re not particularly sincere, and in the course of presenting them they’ve also been presenting many overt narratives for globalization besides. In order to address the core Divine Will fallacy, I’ll need to address the other narratives in order to get to that core implied argument. I’ll attempt to keep this as brief as is reasonably possible, while being thorough enough to remain coherent. Continue reading "Re: The recent sophistry, and a refutation using Divine Will principles"

Re: ‘Another context’, additional

It seems 'the other guys' have manifestly not yet made the Choice to align with and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature, and abandon a position - and symbolism indicating as much - that's mutually-exclusive with that.  It also appears that their 'offer' was simply to continue as they had been, only revise and upgrade their presentation of it.  I'm precluded by My own True Nature and alignment with Divine Will from accepting such a basis.  Manifestly, the telepaths and propheciers continue to default on the True Nature- and Divine Will-aligned basis that I'd established, and they'd opted into, as My basis for Working with them. Continue reading "Re: ‘Another context’, additional"

Re: ‘Another context’

This is My first reasonable opportunity recently to respond to what appears to be yet another offer from 'the other guys'.  In all honesty I'm not entirely sure what it is they've been seeking to present, though I've certainly been hearing them out.  I'll describe My best interpretation of what they seem to be presenting, evaluate that per Divine Will principles, and if My understanding of their presentation is less than complete we'll at least have a sense of what, if anything, remains to be clarified. Continue reading "Re: ‘Another context’"