My position remains the same: alignment with, and affirmation of, Divine Will and True Nature.

'The other guys' have manifestly been presenting a dualistic position, easing off on some areas of dispute but continuing to reject Divine Will- and True Nature-alignment.  While it has somewhat reduced areas of contention, it of course remains no substitute for a valid position.

I'm prompted to reaffirm this because it appears that they continue to make their efforts for globalism while still leaving the matter of Divine Will disparity unresolved: Continue reading "Reaffirmation"

Re: True Will, additional

We again appear to have 'the other guys' directing 'their' personnel to covertly imply simultaneously that they're loyal to My cause, and to 'the other guys'' counter-Divine Will cause.  Of course, such a directive would lack authority and only appears to be honored by 'their' personnel because they're still manifestly acting on a basis that's in conflict with their True Nature.  When they do Choose to act in alignment with their True Nature it will be quite evident, because not only will they not be investing in counter-Divine Will positions which are mutually-exclusive with their True Nature, with Divine Will, and with My standards, they'll also not invest themselves in counter-Divine Will-based pseudo-organizations which are merely franchises of the telepaths and propheciers, and that only while the T&P manifestly continue to reject Divine Will and True Nature themselves.

It's precisely because it's their True Nature to affirm Divine Will, and thus align with My efforts, that their precluding any sort of a counter-Divine Will basis is inevitable.  But self-evidently, that manifestly hasn't been their Choice in this event sequence.

And because it's the most natural thing in the world to expect, and the only valid position to My knowledge that they can Choose, there is absolutely no reason to expect or tolerate their investment in a counter-Divine Will position.  That it's what's currently manifested has literally no valid reason, nor excuse.

Not unlike the manifest investment of time and effort by the telepaths and propheciers into perpetuating these counter-Divine Will quasi-organizations rather than uphold their True Nature, Divine Will, and in accordance with those My efforts.  So for example when we have so much recorded media devoted to this quasi-agenda, essentially the only thing it's good for is evidence.  Regardless of whether or not they simultaneously purport to be Choosing to align with My efforts; that they're manifestly not becomes self-evident, rejecting the standards as they are.

Professionally, I have no use for potential personnel manifestly rejecting their own True Nature, Divine Will, and My standards.

They can be shown better, and if they accept a Divine Will- and True Nature- aligned and affirming basis, they can then be accepted on that valid basis.  While they do not, their manifest position is mutually-exclusive with that of Myself and of My "house".  People acting on a basis that's jettisoned their own True Nature are hardly in a position of trustworthiness, for a start.

Re: The telepaths and propheciers

Having addressed the personnel within the various quasi-organizations regarding the matter of Divine Will principles and True Nature with their manifest ongoing refusal, comes now the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers covertly replying in the midst of them.  Or at least implying a reply, manifestly predicating themselves on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Continue reading "Re: The telepaths and propheciers"