Clarifying a few recent items

Immediately after reminding ‘the other guys’ that My Divine Will-aligned and -derived authority has clearly and distinctly gainsaid their efforts towards ‘globalism’, they made sure to emphasize ‘Trump’ at the ‘United Nations’ hyping ‘America first’ and ‘national sovereignty’. I should probably clarify that I meant not only what I’ve been terming their ‘NWO 1.0’ plan [that is, overt globalization, an oppressive one-state, the so-called ‘white male patriarchy’, etc.] which had been their subverted ‘Interim World Order’ and not genuinely intended to have any sort of permanence, even by ‘the other guys’. Merely a means to an end. I meant as well what I’ve been terming their ‘NWO 2.0’ plan, which the Rockefellers had been terming, in their words, a ‘multipolar’ order since at least the literal Fifties. As usual, RedefiningGod has the goods on that. Good summaries are here and here.

Implementing that ‘multicultural’, ‘multipolar’, allegedly ‘sustainable’ order appears on their part to rely on a number of prerequisites which they appear to continue to be directing their efforts towards. Their ‘Good Guy insiders and Trump vs. the nifferous Deep State’ massive public fraud appears to continue unabated, as does the subverted literal ‘United States’ military’s ‘The Plan’ including ‘mass arrests of the cabal and banksters’, planned military tribunal ‘show trials’ for treason, umpteen ‘sealed indictments’, and so on and so forth. Alt-media personalities such as ‘Neil Keenan’, ‘Drake Kent Bailey’, and of course the former corporate financial journalist ‘Benjamin Fulford’ have been selling this stuff for years and continue to do so. In fact, this latest from Mr. Fulford propagates some telling evidence of their efforts: Continue reading "Clarifying a few recent items"

Re: “Rerun”

‘The other guys’’ most recent approach has been a “rerun” to which I’ve already responded on a number of occasions. Namely, an effort which has the form and appearance of My effort while lacking the substance. An effort to affirm and manifest Divine Will is mutually-exclusive with a basis which rejects of Divine Will. I’ve already rejected that basis, yet from their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position they appear reluctant to acknowledge that as a constant on My part.

I’m almost reluctant to issue this unnecessary reiteration of that. While they and ‘their’ personnel manifestly retain a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position they’re just wasting their time both literally and symbolically. Restating this less-than-acceptable offer they’ve manifestly presented again and again is at least a more inconsequential investment of their “time”, effort, Will, attention and resources from that position, so it seems a pity to have to issue a clarification on that.

Presumably this type of presentment will be deprecated completely once I’ve publicly exposed their counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and its symbolism to the general public. At that juncture they’ll likely have more urgent priorities requiring their attention regardless.

At present they would appear to be Working on a multilayered public fraud involving literal Iran. That hasn’t escaped My notice, and I’ll remind them that Working ‘globalization’ strategies has already been clearly and distinctly gainsaid by My Divine Will-aligned authority, and of course remains so. All that remains is for them to decide how much they’re going to manifestly and blatantly invest themselves in efforts which are in direct defiance of Divine Will.


'The other guys' appear to clearly understand My ongoing Choice for a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position.

Thought I'd reaffirm it anyway.

Particularly as they shift from an emphasis on a co-opted hyperliberalism to a co-opted neo-conservative presentation to the People generally, in the midst of their 'limited exposure' campaign.  Apparently a lot of people have been really impressed by that.  It'll be interesting to see how impressed they'll still be once they've learned the truth.

'The other guys' had been planning on implementing this for some years now; those in the know were all anticipating it.  It hardly matters what specifically they present as, so long as they're manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis it's still vastly less-than-worthy.

It just seemed a courtesy to state that right at the outset here.

Re: ‘Just testing!’

On a counter-Divine Will basis, ‘the other guys’ appear to be implying as follows:

‘Satori, you and I understand Divine Will principles. Thus, whatever we’ve manifestly been doing you know where we’re really at. And what we really want. Though our methods may be indirect, our ultimate ambition is for the manifestation of Divine Will. Using a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is simply a means to that end. See, look, we’re even throwing you all kinds of character tests to facilitate the recognition and understanding of the People about your Chosen Divine Will-aligned position, they can then Choose to defect to you, and in that we’re ultimately demonstrating a Divine Will-aligned agenda.’

The most effective untruths have an element of truth to them.

The People of course deserve clarity on that.
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Re: ‘A new look’

Numerous multiple sources with 'the other guys' appear to have been investing in yet another covert effort, possibly alongside an overt effort, on a counter-Divine Will basis.  Details are still coming in - and on a non-credible counter-Divine Will basis which always makes things interesting, but the investment of effort in the scheme is certainly present regardless  - but it appears to involve Rome and/or Babylon presenting, on a counter-Divine Will basis, the appearance of a schism where there manifestly isn't one.

I thought I'd do them a 'nice' and remind them that I'm only interested in Working on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis.  And directly, publicly announce that such an apparent schism, if it does indeed demonstrate itself, is something from which I'm completely dissociate.  I find it non-credible, desire things only on a Divine Will-aligned basis, and what's more I've just openly helped to preannounce and expose the scheme.

To reiterate for those interested in Working along with Me as a member of My "house", the continuous Choice for a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position was and remains a "vital" prerequisite.