Re: ‘Social justice’

Just a brief clarification on the overt message presented by Mr. Bergoglio regarding ‘social justice’ a short while ago. Emphasis Mine.

‘We know too that the consolidation of true peace comes through the pursuit of social justice, which is indispensable for correcting the economic imbalances and political unrest that have always had a major role in generating conflicts and threatening the whole of humanity,’ he said.

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Re: ‘Is everything we do wrong to you?’

Occasionally, a seemingly plain and simple question like that recently implied by the apostate system has a more complicated answer than we’d prefer, because it gets into an interesting and complex scenario. Much of the detail provided in My last was meant to give them the information they needed in order to understand My position and enable them to see the answer. I’ll attempt to provide a clear and comparatively succinct response which is accurate as well as politic enough to put them at their ease on this matter.

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Re: International justice

On a non-overt, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis the other ‘day’, the apostate system appeared to make an effort to allude to a desire to seek to arrange what they referenced as international justice. I’m not certain whether the word ‘international’ was meant in an overt or a non-overt sense, as “international” tends to have a meaning in the symbolism of My “house” as roughly ‘on a non-credible basis’, due to the multiplicity of “languages” used typically being a derivative of the “babbling” symbol. But as the implication appears to be there, it costs nothing for Me [but literal time and focus] to provide a courtesy response.

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Apparent ‘erroneous positive’ and trope exposure: “serenity”

Alright, lets open with what appears from here to be another ‘erroneous positive’, though I’m not certain there’s even any concern about it. Over social media, a literal friend I haven’t seen in years mentioned getting out of an unsatisfying situation and ‘going home’. I clicked ‘Like’ to overtly demonstrate support and encouragement. Later they posted again on the same topic, but appeared to load it up with all manner of unsettling symbolism. They followed that up with some posts on the topic of ‘betrayal’, and the next thing I knew the ‘n█ws’ was going on about ‘almost incredible’ things and ‘sotto voce hints’. If the apostate system is somehow laboring under the misapprehension that people are organizing elaborate non-overt ‘c█ups’ against them via the react buttons on social media, it’s My humble privilege to be able to relieve them of it absolutely gratis.

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Courtesy notice for the apostate system Re: ‘erroneous positive’

Despite quite a lot of manifest “static” and a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis from the apostate system, it would at least appear that they’ve gotten an ‘erroneous positive’ in their assessment of My position. As usual, overt clarity seems likely to be able to contribute to a resolution to the situation.

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Advanced trope exposure and correction: “A little faith” [aka “staring contest”]

Here’s where we separate the men from the boys, figuratively and symbolically. This trope deployment requires metaphysics both to accomplish and to dispel successfully.

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