Re: ‘Object lesson’

Despite still manifestly, knowingly, Willfully and avoidably Choosing a counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis, the telepaths and propheciers have recently presented Me with a simplified object demonstration of an application of Divine Will principles. [I say ‘recently’, although it was apparently crafted a number of years ‘before’ My literal birth. It was designed for Me to encounter it recently, and directed specifically to or at Me, at this present juncture.  As usual, it was done by presenting a demonstration of errors which appears to be designed to make forming the conclusion essentially unavoidable.] The application makes a fair amount of sense. It essentially states that a basis on which to be “heard” requires a basis which is consistent and in accordance and compliance with:

  • Divine Will
  • True Nature
  • The Will of authorities’ whose authority derives from Divine Will

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Re: Their manifest rejection of True Nature

The telepaths and propheciers have manifestly announced, all on their own and on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, that they’re intensifying the effects of Working on that basis. As in, being even less in accordance with their True Nature and being less pleasant, respectful, considerate, and so on. And implying all manner of things which they, and I, know to be “absurd”. From there, they then imply that it’s all being done as some kind of an ‘object lesson’ or explanation, and they’ve been making great efforts to demonstrate how not-sincerely-intended it all is.
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Currently evaluating the available evidence and determining the nature of some of their investments in new agendas.

The PR implications of their claim to retaining some amount of Divine Will-alignment are significant.  It's obviously quite important to them, and I want to ensure I can make a definite conclusion on the matter with finality.

That's only right.

Re: More “absurdities”

Noticing a recent barrage of “reruns” from ‘the other guys’ in rapid succession. That is, non-overtly-implied intimations and fallacious arguments all made on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I’ve addressed them individually before. Their most recent seem to have been either, ‘Our manifest behavior is unacceptable, reprehensible, and a plethora of other choice adjectives [many of which are G-rated], but our True Natures are just splendid!’ or, ‘All these counter-Divine Will investments we’ve manifestly been making are just for looks. We’re really getting our act together, it’s just not visible yet. Surely you’ll take our [implied] word [on a non-credible basis] for that, since you know Ultimate Truth, won’t you?’. Those both seem to have reappeared at roughly the same time.

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Re: ‘Eventually’

‘The other guys’ appear to have manifestly implied, or intimated, or otherwise directed My attention, to the following concept:

‘We actually do acknowledge that a counter-Divine Will basis is not a valid basis of authority. Not a kingdom, as you’ve put it. Our manifest efforts are merely a means to the end of establishing an all-encompassing empire with no competition. Once that effort has served its purpose and we’ve achieved that, we’ll align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will.’ Continue reading "Re: ‘Eventually’"

Re: ‘Attention and [in]Authenticity’

Ah. Sometimes with the same dataset and a little more contemplation, ideas figuratively click into place. To paraphrase the interpretation-by-means-of-implication ‘the other guys’ seem to have manifestly intended, ‘But you’d said that it would be unworthy of, and wrong for, you to listen to those manifestly Choosing to interact on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Therefore, to reciprocate your courtesy in providing notice and grace, we’re doing likewise and alerting you to this. By your interpretation of Divine Will principles, you’re perhaps even forfeiting your own alignment with Divine Will simply in hearing us out from a manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.’ Continue reading "Re: ‘Attention and [in]Authenticity’"

More equipping to facilitate clarity

Still attempting to facilitate ‘the other guys’’ effective use of their grace period, I’d like to present what I’ve learned about the situation thus far. Only, given their manifest Choice to interact on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, I don’t ‘know’ with certainty anything more than I’d known before. I do seem to have encountered a few tropes indicating the sort of concepts they’ve been investing in directing My attention to however, and it’s only kindly to make them known. Continue reading "More equipping to facilitate clarity"