Re: Incalcitrance

Surely they have enough to be getting on with restoring the alignment of the people within 'their' quasi-organizations with Divine Will and their own True Nature to have the resources to invest in those sorts of efforts.

Priorities, I suppose.

As if to demonstrate My point for Me, 'the other guys' seem to have invested in yet another new counter-Divine Will effort to recontextualize our interaction as some kind of an argument.  They deftly parleyed their ongoing 'we haven't done anything technically wrong, however we're doing our best to start a conflict' strategy between the literal U.S. and North Korea into some kind of brinksmanship [as is evident here] and reiterated it throughout here and here.  The rank-and-file manifestly, blithingly enact the latest counter-Divine Will agenda, operating on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Continue reading "Re: Incalcitrance"


'The other guys' have established that their recent behavior is intentional, although still on a basis of counter-Divine Will [which necessarily means for a limited amount of 'intentional'; it's apparently quite deliberate, yet not indicative of their True Nature].  They've made efforts to covertly reference it as a "stretch" ['Knights of Malta' symbolism indicating an expansionistic takeover], although I notice they were careful to do so under the auspices of a counter-Divine Will context.  My own conclusion is that "twitch" or "spastic" [again, 'Knights of Malta' symbolic context] would be more apt.  And of course, this makes for a great demonstration of why we cannot have "spastic" quasi-organizations behaving on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  It's certainly not in the Peoples' interests, or anyones' genuine interests upon closer examination.

I'm certainly not put out by their recent behavior; as mentioned, 'their' defaulted quasi-organizations manifestly have systematically not represented My Will nor to the best of My assessment Divine Will, though they have 'done people some nices' here and there.  Nor when their manifest Divine Will-deficient basis was brought clearly to their attention have they yet corrected this or yielded their influence over 'their' Divine Will-bankrupt holdings.  That they've stopped covertly implying questions to which I rather suspect they already know the answers to by now doesn't affect that situation either way, although it's mildly more convenient for 'the other guys' not to be wasting My literal time answering them.

With their pause in such queries, My best inference is that those in perceived authority positions over there have sufficient understanding of Divine Will principles information by now, although 'their' rank-and-file likely do not.  This largely appears due to their manifestly ongoing Choice not to transmit them except on a counter-Divine Will basis or as a means of seeking an opt-in by someone else to such a basis.

For My own part, I am under no such perceived constraints.

They do manifestly appear to covertly imply to 'their' rank-and-file that My Divine Will-aligned Choice does not remain so [it does, of course], but even in their apparent efforts to imply this 'their' rank-and-file can see that it's as a result of their efforts, so of course it's mutually understood to be ineffectual.  As for the telepaths and propheciers, I think it's reasonably self-evident that misinformation has little or no effect on them.  I thus am unconcerned about this, and the manifestly ongoing refusal of the telepaths and propheciers and the quasi-organizations to address and resolve the Divine Will disparity here will quite naturally have PR effects the longer it continues.

Meanwhile, I notice that 'the other guys' continue to manifestly invest in various 'NWO 2.0' stratagems that are both without My authorization and in direct conflict with My Divinely-aligned Will.  These appear to include various manmade Scriptural prophetic 'fulfillments' intended to both miscontextualize the prophetic information and lend unearned credibility to their globalization efforts, their ongoing organizing of something unspeakably reprehensible regarding legitimate Jews and the geographic location currently referred to as 'Israel', and of course the preplanned contentions with regard to North Korea, the South China Sea, and Syria respectively.  As a matter of public record these things and more [such as the Asian dynastic sellout and infiltration agendas] are quite distinct from and in direct odds with My Will, and Divine Will itself for that matter.  Surely they have enough to be getting on with restoring the alignment of the people within 'their' quasi-organizations with Divine Will and their own True Nature to have the resources to invest in those sorts of efforts.

Priorities, I suppose.

Re: Irrelevancy

I started openly addressing 'the other guys' in the second half of 2014.  I presented Divine Will principles and addressed the issue of their apparent manifest lapse of Divine Will alignment.  Since then, they've been investing in various covertly-implied agendas and strategies attempting to obtain My buy-in to an agenda which lacks Divine Will alignment, and remain unsuccessful. Continue reading "Re: Irrelevancy"

Re: Democracy

Still encountering the covert motif of 'people or groups remembering how others voted and retaliating at them for it', and 'people or groups ceasing to fund others as the result of their choices'. All implied under a counter-Divine Will position of course, which makes it a non-credible argument, but it's not entirely clear to Me whether some people actually believe this fallacious argument. So I'll clarify My position here for them, and I'll additionally use some events and shifts in ideology in our current manifest temporal event sequence to make the application of Divine Will principles clearer for them here, and help recover an understanding of Divine Will principles that appears to have prevalently gone missing. Continue reading "Re: Democracy"