Reaffirmation, clarification Re: ‘Assange’, etc.

I’ll start here by clarifying that My Choice remains to align with and to uphold Divine Will and True Nature.

The apostate system at least appears to have desired clarity on that, due to some manifest events resulting from their apparent Choice to continue with their globalization agenda particularly in regard to their recent actions regarding ‘Assange’. While I don’t currently have certainty on that, what they’ve so far presented is of concern.

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Re: “K█ngmaker”

This is in regard to the item recently addressed in which the apostate system appears to have intended to imply, ’What, don’t you think we’re being fair here?’ and I reiterated that no, they’ve been manifestly ‘blocking’ Divine Will and True Nature in this situation for years with their ‘assessment of Me’, but seemingly attempting to mitigate a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position by augmenting it with careful implementation of an existing proprietary ruleset and code of conduct. I’d stated as much at the onset, clearly and overtly, literal years ago via these communiqués. Nevertheless, I gave the apostate system the benefit of the doubt and mentioned that I couldn’t be sure whether it was inadvertent.

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Re: ‘Timesharing’, ‘Recognition’

The apostate system appears to be responding to My frustration regarding the literal delay, as best they can on a non-overt, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Paraphrasing My best interpretation of it into plan and clear language:

’Look, we’re not trying to be unfair here. You could indeed be a legitimate superior authority on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, we don’t know that. We haven’t been able to ‘recognize’ that yet, so we’re throwing all kinds of non-overt scenarios at you and gauging Your responses to them. We can’t just hand over control of the apostate system to someone who’s not on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, that would be terrible! But to keep things sort of fair as we perform our in-house assessment process, we’re granting You sort of a ‘timeshare’ usage of our personnel. That’s why they were using both Your “house’s” symbolism and ours a while back, until you objected to that.’

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Re: ‘Taking a dive’

While the apostate system has got Me guessing as to what they’re about, there’s another hypothesis that would seem to correspond to the symbolism they’ve been manifestly implying. Paraphrasing. ’Satori, you’re trying to appear noble and you reject our practices. Tell you what. We’ll behave even more ignobly than our manifest usual, or at least seem to. We’ll take on the appearance of that ‘big, scary d█coy NWO’ we were already doing, you can revile us for effect, we’ll appear to ‘take a dive’, and then you can co-rule with us because you’ll have opted in. And then the apostate system can just continue in ‘a new form’ and we’ll have resolved the disparity.’

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The more the manifest dissonance compounds between the apostates’ behavior and that which is in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, the greater the manifest dissonance between Myself and them becomes. It’s been only increasing, and recently has been increasing at a greater rate. I’m having to be even more Choosy with My words, lest I say things I’ll regret [and lose My ‘family friendly’ rating in the process] but it is rather beginning to seem like the most effective thing I can do with these communiqués after creating them is to immediately delete them, for all the effect they’re having. My effort is looking vastly better spent ‘educating’ the general public. For now however, probably the most constructive application of My increasing outrage is to calmly and reasonably explain why I’m encountering it.

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