The Lexicon is out.

It presents an exposure of the major organizing symbolism used by 'the gl█balists', particularly the dynastic Egyptian and Babylonian Kabbalist parent group.

It's accessible via the top men█ here. It's very fri█ndly with mob█le devices meaning you can read it just about anywhere, and offers 'th█ming' for a more comfortable read via a toggle option at the upper-right.

Readers who are striving to 'expose the gl█balists' should not only read and b██kmark it, but also consider very actively sharing and reposting it.

The symbolism is used throughout the media, political and papal speeches, in corporate and NGO names, wording, logos, slogans and so on, and this allows for corroborating and verifying that the definitions for their organizing symbols are correct and indeed very accurate.

Upd█tes and n█w entries will be added per literal time availability, as and when.