I've already presented My position on it, but a courtesy reiteration seems appropriate to the covert implied content presented in this.

The gist is that it appears to be an indication of a synchronized organizational effort by 'the other guys' to seek to gain My acceptance of a supposedly benevolent position that's nevertheless undermined by a basis of counter-Divine Will imagery, symbolism, positionality, and that of grotesquery and 'suckage'.  Again, such a position is "absurd" inherently due to its counter-Divine Will basis and must be rejected.

This pattern is inherent throughout the episode in many places, especially in the imagery and symbolism with "fish" and the symbolism present in Texas governor Abbott's statement, presented twenty-six minutes, forty seconds into the program.

It's self-evidently nonsensical to suggest that anyone is 'saving' anyone from a counter-Divine Will basis.

It's curious to find that 'the other guys' have been making an effort to present such an effort, and to modulate it via symbolism formats intended to be readily comprehensible to Me.  Particularly as I have already detailed the fallacy of such an effort here on numerous occasions.  I suppose for those manifestly Choosing to invest in a counter-Divine Will basis they're already Choosing to waste their own literal and symbolic "time" [My context], and the various specific forms and permutations of that Choice are then purely incidental.

The maxim of law is that 'Justice delayed is justice denied', and the same applies to Divine Love and the Choice to align with Divine Will which begets that.  Thus for whatever this effort purports or implies itself as, such a Choice is only an investment in manifesting more "time" and dysfunctionality.  That basic Choice of course is also the Choice to manifest its own like resultants for the Choosers.  We can of course all do so much better than that, and make Choices which are actually worthy of ourselves and our Creator.

All this of course is 'layered over' more overt aspects of 'the other guys' less than worthy and more overt efforts, such as perpetuating the 'anti-Trump' 'deep state' hype as part of an ongoing fraud against the People by inculcating the notion of two 'factions' amongst 'the other guys'.  And efforts by a Harvard law professor who as I understand it never actually studied 'the Constitution' to both make determinations about it which were intended to bolster the public fraud I've just described, and to legitimatize another of 'the other guys'' ongoing public frauds by misrepresenting the prevalent overt U.S. court system as legitimate courts of law.  They manifestly do not meet the requirements to be courts of law, and are in fact nisi prius courts.

Their other less than worthy agendas they also continue to invest in.  Their mid- to longer-term plans for a multiple public fraud enacted through Vladimir Putin - with much organizational support - has not escaped My notice and are of course quite objectionable.

I should perhaps make it plain that when I object to something and particularly here, although this seems to be misinterpreted as some kind of a 'haggling' or negotiation effort as a prerequisite to gaining My acceptance of 'the other guys'' manifestly counter-Divine Will positions, what I in fact mean is that they're objectionable as yet another instance of said counter-Divine Will positions, usually with rights violations inherent there.  I am simply making plain a few of the specific items which it's My duty, per Divine Will alignment, to reject.  For 'the other guys' to have been manifestly investing in such efforts is unthinkable to Me, just part and parcel of their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will position.

Manifestly, it's "absurdity" on "absurdity" - which invariably is what happens when anyone Chooses a counter-Divine Will position and leaves it uncorrected.  Just as with 'the other guys'' various fronts and franchise organizations, a single principal counter-Divine Will basis is the foundation for the various permutations, forms and agendas they've manifestly been presenting.  As the foundational position is literally, per Divine Will, unacceptable so of course are the various resultants and permutations of that Choice.

You know.  The manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will basis that was always unworthy, undesirable, and makes no sense to invest in in the first place.


Have not had either literal or symbolic "time" [My "house"'s context] recently to publish these responses and clarifications, as I'm living on a literal farm with adorable critters and quality relationships. It's encouraging and refreshing to find that the results of good Choices will out, per Divine Will, with or without the active support of an international confluence of telepaths and propheciers functioning properly in a good, healthy, righteous and sincere manner. In My off moments I have a Wiki to put together to expose the various manifest layers of symbolism being Continue reading "Constancy"