Displacing more “absurdities” with Divine Will principles

This should be pretty brief, actually.  I've noticed an investment by 'the other guys' recently in a new counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature covert pattern.  It appears to be yet another offer to contract with them on a counter-Divine Will basis.  Continue reading "Displacing more “absurdities” with Divine Will principles"

Re: ‘This-or-that’, additional

I'm still evaluating covert data samples of 'the other guys'' covert 'this-or-that' routine I'd mentioned.  It's still predicated on a counter-Divine Will basis, making it both non-credible and unacceptable due to the standards of My "house", and that is both where this assessment begins and where it will end.  The whole reason for processing any of this is due to the manifest nature of the situation, in which errant personnel nevertheless invest themselves in patterns and efforts which are predicated on such a counter-Divine Will basis, and I seek to provide them with assistance in correcting that manifest tendency. Continue reading "Re: ‘This-or-that’, additional"

Dispelling more strategies using Divine Will principles

There manifestly appears to have been a somewhat more elaborate and subtle than usual investment by 'the other guys' into a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position which I'm probably required by duty to bring into the "Light". At present it's only a working theory, and I do not mean to wrongly impune anyone if I'm inaccurate in My assessment of it. Nevertheless, I should probably make known in 'good faith' the pattern I've been seeing here and bring Divine Will principles to bear on the situation in case it can help others avoid a lot of needless investments of Will into a counter-Divine Will agenda, with all the kharma and so on that would beget. It's a fairly complex pattern; let's start with the overt components.

Continue reading "Dispelling more strategies using Divine Will principles"

Re: “Ragequit”

Indicated by the symbolism in these items on this date, and elsewhere:

Palestinian 'Day of Rage'

Mr. Bergoglio's speech

'The other guys' appear to be implementing an effort, as part of their manifest Choice to [mis]behave on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, to sufficiently enrage and provoke Me into doing something unnecessarily and unfairly brash in the thought that I'll discredit or invalidate My own position and basis.  Perhaps they assume I haven't encountered sufficient provocation to cause Me to do so over the last several years. Continue reading "Re: “Ragequit”"