The best source of current, ongoing geopolitical analysis I’ve found. Despite apparently being aware of neither the apostate system’s non-overt symbolism nor the Judeo-Christian prophetic information in Daniel and Revelations, Ken has managed to deduce the efforts of both Rome and Babylon, and many of their franchises, purely through evaluating their various overt maneuverings. His site exposes the globalists’ current efforts and both their corporate media narratives and their social media controlled opposition narratives too. What I term ‘Babylonian Gnostics’ he terms ‘the Kabbalists’, but they’re the same thing. He presents clear, easy-to-read information with plenty of direct cites that show you the evidence of what they’re doing, and then provides the context and explanation.

Some amount of caution should always be taken with sources who don’t refrain from using the apostate system’s counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolism, but it’s hardly reasonable to expect that when the symbolism itself hasn’t yet been completely exposed to the general public. Once it is, perhaps he’ll see the importance of refraining from it in order to keep the distinction clear. People can’t avoid doing something if they don’t know what it is.

I recommend starting with his ‘Understanding the NWO Strategy’. Definitely what people most need to understand right now.

Professor Veith

Understanding the apostate system is vital to exposing it and restoring freedom to all. Professor Veith is a lecturer who presents its doings throughout recorded history, shows correlations between Rome, Babylon and many of the other franchises, and demonstrates their organizational attitude and vast presumption. He’s an Adventist, which means he also presents some Christian background and prophetic information regarding the globalists found in Daniel and Revelations. Like Me, a lot of people will find it particularly interesting that Judeo-Christian prophecy called the globalists out for all this well in advance, and that since then the globalists have responded by infiltrating and subverting Christianity and trying to hush it up. That alone had Me take another look at Christianity, particularly when a lot of us go through life with a vague, general sense that we ‘already know what all that’s about’.

His lectures are freely available in video format. His ‘Reformation’ and ‘Total Onslaught’ series’ are probably good places to start, with episodes like ‘R█volutions, Tyr█nts and W█rs’ great resources for those seeking to reestablish freedom. My summary of many of his episodes is available here to make learning from them quicker and easier.

‘National L█berty Alliance’

Having spent decades in court attempting to sort out the overt situation and uphold rights, John Darash came to the conclusion that the ‘criminal justice system’ was aptly-named and thoroughly unjust. He founded an organization to assist the People to relearn how Divinely-conferred rights and genuine, just laws work, and is organizing the People to take back their own courts in the States nationwide if only they will. That effort is here, with weekly podcasts here. For the podcasts, I recommend listening to them at a playback rate of one-and-a-half speed or greater, but the overt information they provide about a direct restoration of our system is invaluable.

The organization seeks to restore our courts in the States nationwide, then use them to displace the apostate system’s modern counterfeit version of our government with the original, legitimate system. They then intend to assist the People in other interested countries to do the same, restoring or establishing their basis of a common law system which upholds Divinely-conferred rights. No matter what country you live in, the effort to assert common law is of vital interest to anyone seeking to uphold Divine Will, and the True Nature and rights which it gives us.

Like RedefiningGod, John and his organization appear to be unaware of the apostate system’s non-overt symbolism and as such don’t [and can’t] avoid using it. This includes making frequent reuse of traditional ‘patriot’ symbolism, terms and imagery which were actually established by the apostate system all along, but it appears to be inadvertent. More disappointingly, after trusting the supposed legitimacy of the existing court system for decades only to find that it wasn’t deserving of that trust, he now supports and fully buys into the globalist narratives that ‘Q’ and other pet social media propagandists have been putting out, and which RedefiningGod has managed to expose. I suspect that this will become self-correcting as the apostate scheme gains exposure and dwindles, but that doesn’t mean we should dismiss his effort. If anything, we’re going to need people supporting it who can see through the efforts of the apostate system and keep the effort to restore the courts performing exactly how it was always supposed to.