Advanced trope exposure and reiterated correction: “Z█ro”

Apparently the apostate system has manifestly been investing themselves in efforts, still on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, to make implications to Me which attempt to explain how its system works when it clearly does not. Specifically, with the use of “z█ro” and other counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism as a symbol which references ‘inversion’, with multiple “z█ros” or counter-Divine Will symbols depicting multiple inversions of other symbols and meanings. As I’d mentioned to them previously, the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly fostered the same tendency on a long-term basis, which didn’t successfully lend credibility nor validity to the practice with Me.

Additionally the apostate system appears to contextually imply that this is used to indicate a sort of manifest ‘debt’ that occurs when someone manifestly violates Divine Will-aligned authority. This appears to coincide with their manifest practice of bribing individuals, organizations and franchises until they’re quite beholden to the briber, and the debtor then is compelled through ‘leverage’ of this debt to demonstrate gradually more grotesquery, counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism and so on until their PR deteriorates so much as a result that few outsiders find them appealing, or even particularly care what happens to them. The resulting public dissociation makes it easy for the principal to absorb or dispatch them when convenient.

It’s manifestly true that investment in Choices and behavior which are counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature result in a sort of ‘debt’ to those affected by the results. It’s all well and good keeping track of such manifest debts, but an implementation as I’ve just described manages to track those debts between individuals and groups while doing so at the expense of Divine Will itself. Blasphemy, abuse, grotesquery and disrespect are not a valid accounting system, and in purporting to use those things to track debts the apostate system manifestly attempts to systematize and legitimatize counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism. Which per their terms is an ‘invocation’ of same, and per Mine an investment in a Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which is inherently non-credible and illegitimate.

Consider: The manifest version of the apostate system is multi-layered. Despite the actions and behavior of some of the most reprehensible of the bottom-rung franchises, we’re supposed to take seriously the idea that, nevertheless, those ‘at the top’ are sincerely, legitimately and genuinely acting on a Divine Will-aligned basis. Common sense tells us that nobody competent who’s manifestly Choosing a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis would ever figuratively touch franchises practicing such positions; their basis would be anathemic to a Divine Will-aligned basis, and manifestly is. Indeed, that’s essentially My position with regard to the apostate system, and it would be no more legitimate for Me to accept them on such terms as it is for them to have.

As mentioned, the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly presented the same ‘counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism is meant to indicate an inversion is being used’, and they’ve done this so consistently and continuously that it would seem credible right up until the moment one correlates it against Divine Will principles to evaluate its credibility. Upon doing so, they find that the purported system is yet another instance of a non-credible trope manifestly presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and that the whole effort to promote systems and methodologies that are spurious has everything to do with the manifest Choice of those involved to invest in and perpetuate a counter-Divine Will basis, explaining it away [if they can] as they do so. While not their sincere Will nor their True Nature, the whole manifest problem is the result of their rejection of same and the purported system yet another instance of it.

My system ‘tracks’ the manifest disparity of position between our personnel and manifest outsiders as well, and we manage to do so while upholding Divine Will standards and principles. For example, I recently mentioned relationship building and mentoring for those who self-identify as ‘rebels’ and ‘revolutionaries’. So for example you’d find us using lots of “foreign language” and “gibberish words” references, quite a lot of “one hand” references, plenty of “animal” symbolism [particularly “j█ngle m█sic”, now deprecated since we’d noticed the apostate system’s counter-Divine Will symbolism and we’re required to keep a clear distinction], and in the literal States at least a lot of references to “Mexico” [given that it’s “south” of us, which in our model is representative of Divine Will much as “air” is to the Babylonian system, and the fact that a “foreign language” is spoken there tends to represent, for us, either a negation or a lack of variously either speaking on, or relevance on, or someone else’s credibility on, a non-overt basis]. The “Mexico” thing means that we tend to have a literal chuckle to ourselves whenever we hear the media talking about the efforts of a plethora of “Mexican immigrants” to get into the country, because it translates to something very different indeed for us. But My point here is that it’s eminently feasible to recognize manifest disparities between positions while still maintaining good practices and Divine Will standards. My “house” does it, and indeed any system which was seeking to uphold Divine Will principles would presumably do so as well, particularly that the apostate system has manifestly had so much literal time and manhours to notice and correct such a fallacious practice. It’s hardly useful to have a system which tracks manifest debt by generating even more of it, and systematically encouraging it.

But I suppose it is strategically useful if a system is manifestly Willing to shirk its duty to Divine Will, but present a fallacious counter-Divine Will premise in the ‘hope’ that outsiders will ‘buy into it’ and chuck out Divine Will prioritization in favor of seeking their own advantage. So yes: thoroughly rejected, again, and correctional information supplied.

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