Re: ‘Multitasking’

Having read the ‘R█uters service’ item today regarding “Mexico”, which appears to non-overtly describe My “house’s” mentoring and relationship-building strategy with ‘independents’ [but which does so, as ever, on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis], the presented intentions of the apostate system’s recent manifest efforts to simultaneously present non-overt info describing both the efforts of My “house” and the apostate system appear to become somewhat more clear.

Purportedly at least [and non-credibly, given that they’re still manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis], they appear to suggest essentially that, ‘Despite all the literal time they’ve taken to yield, the People nevertheless need better information and understanding, so the apostate system is effectively multi-tasking’. While I strive to refrain from needless contrarianism for its own sake, all the information in existence about Divine Will principles won’t help the rank and file while they manifestly Choose to reject Divine Will and True Nature. That’s literally the most important lesson of all, and I’m not ‘teaching’ it if I’m not demonstrating that Myself. That seems likely to perplex the rank and file more than it mentors them, which is counterproductive.

Then there’s the matter of the manifest unnecessary literal time it’s been taking the apostate system to yield, or even to make a best effort attempt to retain a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis [despite having organizationally forfeited it already throughout its career]. If there was never any need for the problem, that makes half-solutions even more unnecessary.

And then the concern that the apostate system is doing this as part of yet another “food” effort. They’ve intimated they’re not, but as stated trust is commensurate with the Choice to uphold Divine Will and True Nature. Given their recent manifest ‘inversion’ and so on, their presentation makes it clear that their Choice to reject that basis has only intensified. Perhaps this is what the literal ‘U.K.’s’ Prime Minister was referencing when she mentioned having to get ‘creative’.

As part of the apostate trope of ‘accepting benefits, privileges, considerations and so on from a counter-Divine Will basis’ permanently consigning someone to that basis themselves [which I’ve already demonstrated is spurious, but the People don’t seem to understand that at the moment], and the apostate system’s repeated implied signals that they’ll take My literal life if they deem Me to have forfeited My symbolic “life”, it’s probably self-evident the extent of My unease with the apostate system’s current ‘multitasking’ approach. It would be so easy for the People to misinterpret acceptance of it on My part with an effort to ‘gain votes and PR in exchange for a Divine Will-aligned basis’, which again is counterproductive.

The apostate system has made it manifestly clear that they continue to reject Divine Will and True Nature regardless of My authority to the contrary, and that at least for the nonce they’re going to do whatever they’re going to do. Which is precisely why I’ve needed to approach the People directly, overtly, and irrespective of what the apostate system manifestly does or does not do. But those are the reasons I, ‘for the record’, object to the ‘multitasking’ approach, with some others as well. For example, keeping the People [or indeed Myself] needlessly preoccupied on a non-overt basis when “Light” functions best openly is a concern, and finding people non-overtly detailing My Divine Will-aligned efforts with a lot of needless grotesquery, implied disrespect and so on, describing something which is sacred from a basis which manifestly is not, is blasphemous and disrespectful.

‘PR’ is good, but that happens quite naturally as a result of Divine Will alignment. It happens with or without the apostate system deciding to sanction it, and My “house” retains a Divine Will-aligned basis regardless of a desire for expediency. As stated, the specific manifest permutations of the apostate system’s Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature are irrelevant; the continued premise of rejecting Divine Will and True Nature remains objectionable whatever the case. That is literally the important thing, regardless of who’s in what office.

This is a good juncture to remind those reading this that the True Nature of those in the apostate system is benevolent, worthy and Divine Will-aligned. It’s only their manifest Choice not to live on that basis which has been the problem here.

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