Advisory: The [Nem█sis] protocol

let us consider this one a freebie; just looking out for innocents.

Ordinarily I put these public briefs out to better educate the People, or to hold the apostate system accountable for its various activities. Much PR capital is easily made in the process, given the intense disparity between how the apostate system has been doing things and a Divine Will-aligned system does them. This announcement’s objective is rather distinct from that, at least as regards this particular ostensibly planned event, because in this instance there is certainty lacking that it’s even something the apostate system genuinely seeks to implement. That’s important to emphasize, because I’m averse to knowingly making baseless accusations. There has manifestly been plenty of non-overt and even overt arrangements made by the apostate system about the apparent effort[s], all of them on the counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis it has been manifestly and routinely Choosing. In all honesty I deem it very unlikely to be something, at least in this particular instance, that the apostate system genuinely intends to implement. Much of the organizing symbolism for example has been rather suspect in terms of its veracity. But given the unconscionable results it would have on the off chance it’s something they’re actually seeking to implement, clarity seems the best policy here. I’d feel awful if people were left to endure a vastly unworthy situation merely due to a translation error on My part. So let us consider this one a freebie; just looking out for innocents. (There's automatically PR capital to be made whenever Divine Will-aligned and counter-Divine Will systems are contrasted, but that's not My intent this time.)

Perhaps it’s best that I just present the scenario as I’ve been able to make it out. I should emphasize that My confidence is minimal.

[begin scenario]

On some day in the literal States in the near future, likely at the behest of ‘influencers’ via social media, active Tr█mp supporters and hyperliberals both attend a protest counterprotest event in the same area, possibly organized ‘spontaneously’ and without much public notice. ‘Influencers’ from each contingent are present to start with, as well as plenty of underc█ver law enforcement. As the event continues and the crowd size builds, apostate system personnel set off physical conflict between the contingents. As it spreads and intensifies this becomes a ri█t counterri█t. Possibly, a backp█ck or p█ny n█ke is set off nearby, causing what’s been passing for ‘law’ enforcement personnel to wh█mp d█wn on both ‘sides’ like a t█n of br█cks. It’s only then that the bottom-rung ‘influencers’ and the great swaths of innocents caught up in the event realize that it’s they for whom the Insurrection and ‘Patriot’ Acts were meant. This event could potentially become the catalyst for similar 'law' enforcement efforts nationwide.

[end scenario]

This scenario comes with an additional component, which uses the above as a convenient pretext and overt topic with which to organize this non-overt component:

[begin component]

The apostate system ‘discreetly’ intimates to Me that yes, it has indeed recognized My Divine Will-aligned authority and has begun what it terms ‘a smooth, peaceful transition of p█wer’. Part of that ‘necessarily’ involves ‘getting rid of’ bottom-rung personnel who’ve already illustrated that they’ll ‘sell out’ for practically anything, and whose trustworthiness is therefore suspect and by definition ‘a sec█rity concern’ for the new authority figure. So as a matter of ‘sincerity’ and practicality, the incumbent perceived authority figure within the apostate system implements their by now standard [Nem█sis] protocol, which involves purging and generally physically er█dicating malcontents and disloyalists on a non-overt basis via arranging scenarios which cause them, and frequently plenty of innocents along with them, to get caught up in a carefully-arranged situation which was specifically designed to do so, yet which was so elaborate that they couldn’t see it coming until it was already upon them.

[end component]

There are some potential additions to this component, such as supposedly deeming My tacit acceptance to that unconscionable, counter-Divine Will based strategy unless I deliberately objected to it, and that this could be used as a stratagem useful to encourage Me to accept a counter-Divine Will basis and thus jettison My own Divine Will-derived legitimate authority. Or perhaps, if I did object, to supposedly be n█utralized by some apostate system malcontent or intermediary of remnants of the ‘old gu█rd’, as a direct result of My rejection of proper sec█rity me█sures. ‘Hey,’ the apostate system could then retort, de█dp█nning to the rank and file, ‘We tried. You heard the man, he refused proper sec█rity precautions.’

We’ve seen that the apostate system recruits widely, usually on a non-overt basis, and systematically encourages its franchise personnel to adopt an increasingly depraved and degraded position. When a subversion effort against a group is nearly complete, a franchise has eventually outlived its usefulness, or an external group of malcontents has become susceptible to apostate system calculated misdirection and enough of a degraded position that a compelling argument can be made for it, these t█rget contingents are generally manipulated into situations or circumstances where overwhelming physical force removes them from the formula altogether; that’s what the strategies and the auspices of their [Nem█sis] idol are about.

It’s of course a counter-Divine Will basis to forcibly and non-consensually t█rminate a human life without a ruling from a Divine Will-aligned jury unless there are no means available to assemble one (’Lex non cogit ad impossibilia.’ ‘The law requires nothing impossible.’, Bouvier’s), and the apostate not only certainly have it within their means to do so, they have manifestly and systematically become the principal reason such juries no longer exist. Additionally the right to counsel and presumed innocence until guilt is proven are indeed Divinely-conferred rights which every human naturally possesses. The [Nem█sis] protocols systematically violate those, and it therefore becomes self-evident that they are predicated on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

Additionally, lacking a recognized Divine Will-aligned authority, the apostate system lacks the legitimate authority necessary to keep authorizing and implementing its various tropes, narratives, schemes and plans including this. That remains so regardless of whether ‘this’ is a genuine implementation of its [Nem█sis] procedures or, more likely, a systematic effort to merely present the appearance of same in order to, say, assess My reaction to it. Indeed, the counter-Divine Will based disrespect for My legitimate authority qualifies as the very ‘disloyalist’ positions which the [Nem█sis] protocols were devised to el█minate.

Given that the idol and its accompanying strategies and efforts are inherently on a counter-Divine Will basis, it seems peculiar that the “me█suring” involved never does seem to apply to itself; only to those around it. Our People have widely learned that tendency as well, and I rather suspect they have learned it from the apostate system’s organizational personality traits.

Everyone from the apostate system’s corporate and social media prop█gandists to its telepaths and propheciers have made quite an effort to establish the context for this apparent effort to Me, including by all appearances more literal ‘dre█m inv█sion’ by the latter. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and dismissed it due to the counter-Divine Will symbolism which it contained. Rightly so, I think. They made certain to make plain the moral incongruency of the position, so that I could hardly avoid noticing it when the context later became more apparent. They effectively attempted to ‘translate’ the concept into My more native system of non-overt symbolism, which was to a certain extent rather effective. And they appear to have implied that the [Nem█sis] protocols were roughly analogous to My own system’s [gr██n] protocols.

I have to disagree with that apparent implication, and I suspect they know quite well the reasons. In fact I’m certain they do, now that I’ve not only thought about them but have made them part of an open, public statement, and this means they already knew them then as well. But clarity is constructive, so I’ll continue. My own system’s [gr██n] protocols respect Divinely-conferred rights, and [Nem█sis] violates them. My own system’s [gr██n] protocols act upon the source, origin and principals which produced the error[s], putting the stopping force where it can be applied most effectively, constructively and with a minimum of effort. [Nem█sis] appears to have been designed to blameshift onto the very lower-rung personnel who have been systematically influenced, affected and degraded by the efforts of those principals, and then removes the lower-rung personnel by force, thus allowing the principals to continue the same kinds of processes and degrade still more people. In sum, [Nem█sis] appears designed to enable the def█ctive formula to continue, using slightly diff█rent methods and presentation. My system’s ‘equivalent concept’ actively upholds Divine Will; [Nem█sis] seems designed to perpetuate its active rejection.

But they know this. And thus, so does the apostate system.

It’s because the manifest behavior pattern of the apostate system clearly shows them to have been organizationally Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis that I do not trust simply thinking these matters over, making decisions and determinations about them, and leaving it to the telepaths and propheciers to notify the rest of the apparatus. Those Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are necessarily, and by definition, Choosing a position inherently unworthy of trust, more's the pity.

Therefore, stating these things openly and publicly seems best for all concerned.

We all deserve a system in which Divinely-conferred rights, and our Divinely-conferred True Natures, are upheld routinely and systematically as a matter of standard practice.

On the off chance, unlikely as that is, that the apostate system indeed had genuinely intended to implement [Nem█sis] protocols, I hereby systematically reject those practices and would t█ke great offense were they to be implemented, particularly in My name. But with this clarity provided, they would have the organizational ability to withdraw any such ‘efforts in process’, with the result that an unconscionable planned event would merely have never happened.

Consistent with Divine Will, it’s My intent to have this become the case with all the unconscionable events, retroactively.

I eagerly anticipate us all, every single one of us, to have lived our lives in vastly more worthy circumstances. But for now I felt I could at least attend to this matter here in the present.

My 'troother' addition to The Rhetoric Factory ought to be out in early M█rch. Offers from the apostate system to assist with that, made on their manifestly usual counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, are politely declined.

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