[c█rona] symbolism and Divine Will principles evaluation

I trust I haven’t missed the trend of seemingly everyone who’s ever lived tripping over each other to present their ‘take’ on the [c█ronavir█s] event.

As usual RedefiningGod has presented an effective analysis and critique of the overt part of the scenario, which saves literal time and leaves Me to analyze and critique the non-overt part of the formula.

For quite a while the apostate system has manifestly used these sort of unwellnesses symbolically, ostensibly as a symbol of rebellion, while a somewhat more thorough analysis shows it to be a standard counter-Divine Will position identifier, owing to the hypothesis during the Middle Ages that these things were proliferated via, er, less than benevolent, counter-Divine Will metaphysical entities aligned with the Christian ‘Adversary’ figure, which were so minute in size as to be visually undetectable.

More specifically here, [c█rona] etymologically is a reference to a [cr█wn] or [wre█th]. These [c█ver], [c█ntain] or [obstr█ct] either the [third eye chakra] or the brain symbolizing the mind, with either a [c█rcle] of [m█tal] indicating a counter-Divine Will basis, or a [Tiam█t] shape which amounts to much the same thing on a non-overt basis. I suppose there’s also the [B██l-H█dad] symbol if you want to get especially arcane with it, but I think we’re fairly safe equating symbols of the idol [B██l] with a counter-Divine Will basis also.

It appears to be a counter-Divine Will-based strategy which involves clearly and technically accurately saying one thing [or rather implying it, since it’s on a counter-Divine Will basis let’s remember] non-overtly, while simultaneously making a great investment of effort and attention to create the impression in the listener that something altogether different was the concept that was desired to be expressed. Technically, the speaker hasn’t [aside from the whole counter-Divine Will basis in the first place] said anything which was inaccurate or untrue. They have however made great efforts to ensure that they would be understood incorrectly, by investing themselves into presenting quite another pattern of thought altogether.

As further evidence for the organization of this effort, ‘Welc█me to N█ght V█le’ has made passing use of the symbolism by a slightly varied method in their recent episode ‘Alph█’, so we can be reasonably sure this was indeed the method the apostate system had in mind throughout.

In addition, the telepaths and propheciers had manifestly been increasing the degree of their telepathic encroachment recently to again include what I suppose we’ll term literal ‘dre█m sending’. On the most recent occasions they appear to have made considerable effort to ensure that the content was quite pleasant, though this manifestly hasn’t always been so, and relied on the rather obvious interpretation of the content afterwards in a state of greater lucidity. I should again reiterate that such violations of the right to privacy, what with rights being Divinely-conferred, are manifestly in direct conflict with Divine Will and as such, demonstrate a distinctly and rather blatantly counter-Divine Will position. As mentioned already, the investment in manifest Choices which are counter to Divine Will and ones’ own True Nature are the manifest Choice to reject the Divine Will which confers and sustains ones’ life and health, and therefore the manifest problem is of course one which eventually provides its own solution, but it’s always good to make these things quite clear in order that better Choices can be made while the situation allows.

Throughout all this I’d also been encountering quite a significant amount of instances where apostate personnel had been investing in presenting their symbolism in a format apparently designed to at least give the impression of a manifest event some tw█ dec█des plus ago involving ongoing harassment of Myself both directly and non-overtly in the corporate media, complete with ‘cause st█lking’, noise harassment and so on, which had apparently resulted from My being, as the only means of which I’d been aware to prevent My Divinely-conferred rights from being encroached upon, less than totally clear regarding My customer affiliation with multiple franchises of the apostate system. As mentioned I had contrived to present My symbolism and imagery in such a manner that each of the tw█ involved franchises, since their personnel were both deploying symbolic ‘inversion’, would apply that ‘inversion’ in their interpretation to assume My affiliation with their franchise rather than that of the supposed competition.

While that last was certainly greatly implied recently, it was of course not directly stated outright. That is just as well, as it averts the necessity of My having to address the rather conspicuous correlation between My efforts at that juncture with the [c█rona] method as currently presented by the apostate system. Regardless, I’ll present a Divine Will-based evaluation of the distinction between My effort and that demonstrated by the apostate system, because it’s nice to have these things made clear in an open and public format.

Upon cursory examination they appear the same. Certainly the method used in both instances is quite similar. But is the method itself the only meaningful basis of comparison? I think otherwise, and Divine Will principles appear to confirm the assessment. A method is analogous to a literal tool, and such a tool’s application and the value, benevolence and indeed occasionally lawfulness depends invariably on the motive and intent for which it is used. For example, the Babylonian symbolism tells us that their [c█rona] method is properly categorized as a counter-Divine Will derivative. Was My reinvention and use of a similar method also practiced with a counter-Divine Will motive and intent? Surely not. My intent, My Choice, just as stated, had been in an effort to uphold My Divinely-conferred rights in a situation in which they would otherwise have been encroached against, and so little other recourse has been known to Me that I had been compelled to [re]invent the proverbial ‘third option’. Common law indeed tells us that, ‘An act done by me against my will is not my act’, and commercial law is solid in its precedent regarding duress. There are occasions in which being less than totally clear on matters of information which someone else has no legitimate right to in the first place can and does uphold Divinely-conferred rights and thus reaffirms Divine Will. And in which the violation of their Divinely-conferred right to privacy by others is clearly and distinctly a counter-Divine Will action. My, how we do seem to keep finding ourselves reminded of that same basic principle, particularly given the manifest propensity of the telepaths and propheciers to encroach directly and, it would seem, continually.

But is that the only context in which that unworthy manifest scenario of some tw█ dec█des plus ago could find some relevancy here? It is not.

It could instead be construed to imply that the apostate system’s whole response to Me itself had been merely non-overtly implied, via that [c█rona] method, rather than officially and actively implemented. That is, that from the ‘cause st█lking’, the overt and non-overt harassment, the near-continual noise harassment, the surveillance, and of course yet again the telepathic encroachment, all of those violations of Divinely-conferred rights and many more were merely greatly implied, rather than actually sincerely meant and intended. Surely that would be quite reassuring, however I’m still manifestly living in the aftermath of it having happened, presumably pending a retroactive ‘undo’ from the telepaths and propheciers who, along with the rest of the apostate system, are manifestly still Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. More’s the pity.

Of course, were they Choosing a Divine Will-aligned, True Nature-aligned basis, the apostate system could presumably discuss matters by having an actual civilized conversation with Me, rather than with non-overtly implied disrespect, Divinely-conferred rights-violating telepathic encroachment, and the like. While they manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, we can only trust to our Creator that the apostate system doesn’t intend to deliver any particularly lengthly speeches as the ‘collateral damage’ and expense does tend to rack up somewhat. Which I suppose is just a wry means of recognizing yet again that a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position inherently invalidates whatever messaging is purported to exist on such a basis. It’s only a pity that we manifestly and currently have personnel self-identifying with an apostate system on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis willing to act on such a basis and regard it as valid.

While I’m addressing the [c█rona] method, and evaluating the distinction in application between Divine Will-aligned motive and intent, and that which is counter-Divine Will-aligned, it occurs to Me that in this manifest scenario we have what appears to be some other instances of it as well.

For example, the ‘training method’ by which the telepaths and propheciers ‘p█ggybacked’ Divine Will principles information, and at least for a while professed loyalty to My Divine Will-aligned effort and cause. And for another, the whole multi-layered structure of non-overt symbolism used by the apostate system and its various franchises, often referenced in the modern era with the symbol of a [skyscr█per]. Layer after layer of implied communication, with the multitudes ‘at the bottom’ receiving only implied messages calculated to misdirect them, and the supposed ‘elite’ ‘at the top’ aware of what’s going on at all the levels and able to interpret ‘the genuine’ intent of all the non-overt messaging. All of it continuing until the multitudes have been manipulated and degraded sufficiently to accept the agendas of those ‘at the top’, whereupon they’re kept estranged from it only inasmuch as is necessary or convenient organizationally to allow selective individual promotions.

Rhetorically, which is ‘the genuine’ messaging? If it’s defined by superior numbers, then it would appear to be the messaging format used by those ‘at the bottom’. If it’s defined by manifested organizational ambition, then a compelling argument could be made for it being the layer of symbolism as used by those ‘elite’ ‘at the top’. If it’s alignment with Divine Will, then outranking both of those would seem to be that of the telepaths and propheciers, who at least appear to some extent to want to Choose to promote the understanding of Divine Will principles that humanity can live based upon them. Much like currency, I suppose it all depends on what commodity is Chosen to supply the backing for the whole thing.

It looks from here like the apostate system manifestly has managed to implement a [div█sion], as they would presumably symbolize it, upon the whole effort of communication itself, in their organizational effort to establish a tot█litarian cryptocracy. And done so on a systematic basis, multiple times, throughout the vast majority of human civilization. Not for Divine Will, but apparently for a purpose in direct conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature; for personal and collective ambition only, and with the continuing violation of rights for that cause. I’m certainly open to correctional information credibly and confirmably provided if this is somehow in error; I seek fairness to all involved.

Even the training of the telepaths and propheciers, with its multi-layered nature and their presumed control of the apostate system and their manifestly-Chosen counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis appears to attempt to ‘serve tw█ masters’. The Babylonian system would presumably describe such a position as an instance of [Gem█ni] or [tw█n], implying in one capacity to recognize and uphold Divine Will and in another, an agenda which is mutually exclusive with it. And since a paradoxical basis as that is by its very nature the Choice not to recognize and uphold Divine Will, it too is invalid for that reason.

Which I suppose leaves only ‘little old Me’.

And an international apostate system in control of the vast majority of mankind’s resources and wielding much of its clout, which has been for the last month or so busily telling its rank-and-file personnel how they can best fritter their literal time away indoors while addressing none of the major, substantive and urgent matters of any validity.

The Divine Will alignment and legitimacy over here, and the manifest control, influence, loyalty and resources over there. Surely a less than perfect scenario.

Surely a state of existence in which the relevance, and the People, are co-aligned would make a lot more sense.

To put it gently, the apostate system to date has manifestly not been able to achieve that.

As little more of My thoughts on that matter are likely worthy of public review, I suppose I’ll finish My evaluation of the non-overt [c█ronavir█s] strategic implementation.

I’ve been encountering no small amount of instances of [P█n] symbolism, as in [p█nic] and [p█ndemic]. [P█n] of course symbolizes the half-and-half, ‘naughty and nice’ concept so typical of a system which lauds an impure state of ‘both’ an ostensibly Divine Will-aligned basis and its supposed opposite. As in for example a seemingly ‘friendly’ and extraordinarily well-endowed counter-Divine Will figure who was typified as alluring innocents out into the wilds, only to ‘take lib█rties’ with them in ways which are not appropriate for a general audience. A good example of [p█nic] would be the state of mind I was evidently intended to be in upon receiving the various [c█ronavir█s] hype, which was extremely likely to be misinterpreted as allegations from the apostate system that I’d been attempting to spread non-overt [reb█llion] on an illegitimate basis and that My cause was therefore deemed illegitimate, which was presumably deemed very likely to prompt an overreaction on My part that would indeed diminish the legitimacy of My cause and My Divine Will and True Nature alignment as well.

Alternately, the ‘naughty and nice’ concept appears to have been attempted in the opposite implementation: with the general apostate system behaving atrociously, but with the telepaths and propheciers and a limited subset of other personnel attempting to gain My trust and favor despite their obvious manifest counter-Divine Will basis, which would presumably also diminish the legitimacy of My cause and authority for a lapse in continuing to Choose a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis.

And when neither apparent effort succeeded, the reserve option to imply that it was all designed merely to teach Me about their [c█rona] symbol and method was apparently intended to alleviate the onus of such maneuvers, despite them having been intended to increase the likelihood of misinterpretation of My part.

Things certainly looked ‘off’ enough, and My sense of reserve was sufficient enough, to prompt a careful and attentive evaluation of their efforts before committing Myself to an unconsidered response. That only speaks to some amount of acquired skill and experience with the situation.

My true saving grace was of course the knowledge, already firmly established, that nothing from a counter-Divine Will basis makes much sense ultimately. It’s invalid ab initio.

Another example, readers, of how absolutely vital is an understanding and application of Divine Will principles on a continual basis.

The public lack of which is what has largely allowed an apostate system on a manifestly counter-Divine Will basis to proliferate as it has today.

Divine Will principles are the ultimate strategic asset while strategy between a Divine Will-aligned and a counter-Divine Will position is manifestly needed.

When that is not the manifest situation, Divine Will principles are merely the ultimate asset.

We all find ourselves manifestly in a scenario in which ‘form follows function’, with the function being an upholding of Divine Will and those literal blessings which it confers: True Nature, rights, fairness, and so on. Of course things which uphold, affirm and are in alignment with Divine Will and its derivatives can take implementation in any of a vast selection of forms, so long as it serves that function. Which form specifically, is more or less a matter of individual or group preference, a philosophy which accommodates a wide range of ‘diversity’ and free expression while still approving only that which is in alignment with Divine Will. Disputes against an implementation are pretty much made on the basis of them transgressing against that function, against some element of Divine Will or its derivatives. A common law court case is a particularly good example of this: practically everything which is not precluded by the existing model of law is deemed acceptable and lawful, and when someones’ Divinely-conferred rights are deemed violated the matter is publicly disputed to assess whether that has manifestly been the case. The amount of freedom this method provides for is quite remarkable, all while still upholding what it should. All the common law model and ’form follows function’ philosophy does is acknowledge that we’re all under the jurisdiction of the Ultimate Authority, of Divine Will, and that to be valid disputes must be made on the basis that someone or something manifestly transgresses against Divine Will or some literal gift of it. It applies for individuals as well as groups, franchises and what have you, and it remains true regardless of whether or not we recognize and uphold that, or manifestly lapse in our recognition of it and transgress, with less than worthy results.

People frequently notice My eagerness for Divine Will and True Nature alignment and make automatic, inaccurate assumptions about My personality, usually involving various prevalent stereotypes in that genre. ’You’re big on Divine Will, so you must therefore be intensely Puritanical, anti-this, anti-that…’ and so on. Not generally, no. Provided the fundamentals are in place, i.e. that Divine Will and True Nature, rights, fairness and so on are being upheld, everything else is effectively optional. In fact My best assessment is that a lot of that stereotype of ’dowdy Puritanism’ was manifestly fostered and actively encouraged by the apostate system itself, even among those actively seeking a religious basis, specifically because it allowed for a major strategic advantage by the apostate system’s efforts to subvert, by making the subversion effort appear ‘fun’. I genuinely suspect that by deliberately inciting the religious folks to become needlessly strict and overbearing, just as with the Pharisees and Sadducees, they could cause the People to not only ’miss the message’ and hyperfocus on trivialities, irrelevancies, and priorities which were just plain counterproductive, they could also encourage the general public to just stop listening or particularly heeding that segment of the demographic. It appears to have been quite a clever bit of strategy, which we manifestly encounter so often from the apostate system.

My “House” doesn’t put an undue amount of emphasis on specific forms as such, provided that the foundational values are recognized and upheld. Where they’re manifestly not has been the mainstay of My communiques for years. With disappointing frequency, we manifestly find for example that things which present the form of religion lack the actual substance and in many instances attempt to work directly contrary to it. We’d rather have that substance than the mere form of it, and where the substance exists the form is sometimes, but not always, required or even appropriate. Practically anything can be done in such a way, and with such motives and intent, that it upholds and exalts Divine Will and True Nature, just as the apostate system has manifestly shown us that nearly anything can instead be subverted and degraded. Divine Will and True Nature enhance the value of the forms and patterns already manifest. Seeking new manifestations is generally not something with which we’re preoccupied, other than in cases where the existing manifestations are in conflict with Divine Will or are otherwise somehow dissatisfying. Quality is valued as greater than quantity, perfection rather than acquisition. Practically anything can be made more worthy when it’s in better alignment with Divine Will and its own True Nature so long as the willingness is actually present; the specific attributes are generally incidental.

As the People learn more about Divine Will principles and True Nature, I suspect that knowing that will help them significantly. It should unburden them of the notion that they must strive to emulate a specific form, pattern or stereotype in order to have Divine Will alignment, an effort which usually only leaves them in conflict with, or rejection of, their own Divinely-conferred True Nature in an attempt to ’get it right’, which of course is directly counterproductive. Alignment with Divine Will principles equips and enables us to be the most worthwhile, unique, best versions of ourselves. We tend to leave the mass production to the literal factories. Alignment with Divine Will isn’t about ’a look’; rather, it’s about how worthwhile everything should look. How people who’ve prevalently become used to a superf█cial basis of, say, ‘identity politics’ are going to get used to a qualitative basis instead is likely going to get particularly interesting, but their True Nature dictates that they’ll be naturally more desirous of genuine value when they encounter the option for it.

A society which recognizes the Ultimate Authority of Divine Will first, and derivative authorities as comparatively minor resultants from that, is genuinely able to ‘get along’ with each other and live in tolerance of any distinctions which are not in conflict with Divine Will, True Nature and the resultants of those things. It’s the only genuine ‘Un█ty’ of which I’m aware, and the literal tolerance and diversity which it provides for equips us all for the ultimate in a healthy and worthwhile freedom. So long as the fundamentals are in place, the incidentals are precisely that: incidental.

[It should be self-evident that making every reasonable effort to keep our Divine Will and True Nature-aligned position clear and distinct from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position in terms of symbolism remains a requisite, because it's a function of the duty to our Creator, and to others to keep meaningful distinctions clear.]

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