Open public notice regarding Qasem Soleim█ni

Duty requires Me to present the People with open public notice of the apostate system’s apparent manifest direct violation of, disregard for, and transgression against, Divine Will-aligned authority.

I had previously given open, public notice to those self-identifying as members of the apostate system that it would be a transgression of My Will and authority for them to continue any efforts for implementing globalization while I remained Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned and they manifestly were not. To do so would demonstrate to the People a general and direct disregard for the Ultimate Authority of Divine Will, and illustrate clearly that their quasi-organization was deliberately on a counter-Divine Will basis, just as it manifestly always had been in eras in which their activities were more… pronounced.

To some extent the apostate system had been heeding this notice. New strategies and efforts were evidently devised, ‘their’ personnel organized to implement them, and then kept in abeyance or canceled at the proverbial last minute, for reasons which presumably were less than clear for those unaware of the notice I had given the apostate system. Those efforts were then replaced by new efforts, which were also paused or canceled, and so the sequence had continued. This and ‘their’ coopted personnel continuing to hype already-extant narratives and deploy now-familiar strategies [the ‘climate’ nonsense being most noticeable among them] were themselves strictly out of bounds, and I’d again provided notice of such, but the apostate system continued implementation. Perhaps due to a logistical necessity in terms of what to do to keep the rank-and-file in order pending resolution of the larger matter of Divine Will and superior authority. Perhaps due to a manifest tendency by the apostate system to recognize and uphold Divine Will only by halves, which in a practical and meaningful sense means not at all. With the cause less than clear, I was reluctant to press them further about it and used it as an opportunity to provide some measured amount of grace.

The recent manifest events with Qasem Sol█imani however appear to directly transgress against My plainly expressed Will and Divinely-derived authority, clearly, distinctly, and avoidably.

I’ll summarize for those unfamiliar.

RedefiningGod presented a fascinating exposé, with evidence and analysis, of the apostate system’s maneuvering to inorganically establish Qasem as fulfilling Islam’s ‘Imam al-Mahdi’ figure, as part of a major effort to fraudulently establish bogus ‘spiritual’ credentials for some of ‘their’ major sellouts, including Donald Tr█mp, Xi Jinping, potentially Narendra Modi, and others. The effort would parley their subversion of international politics into the establishment of an order in which, again, Babylon would wield the clout of both the state and of perceived unquestionable religious authority. It would also misappropriate perceived credibility from the prophecies of many of the world’s major religions by usurping them with inorganic ‘fulfillments’, defrauding the People on any genuine prophetic meaning as an added bonus. ‘Ste█ling prophecies’ if you like, much like an overt and elaborate jew█l heist.

By all available evidence, Qasem has been selected to present as Islam’s ‘al-Madhi’ and maneuvered to inorganically appear to fulfill the prophetic criteria for same. We could see organizing taking place for Erdogan to appear to ‘ass█ssinate’ Qasem, as preparatory setup for a later hyped ‘mir█culous resurrection’ which would create the appearance of establishing Qasem’s supposed ‘avatar’ credentials. The scheme was noticed on RedefiningGod in [2016], and Qasem then began accumulating attention from the apostate-aligned corporate media two years later.

And then nothing. I presented exposure for the public on the matter at the time, and it disappeared from the n█ws cycle just like the rest of their newer efforts.

Until today, or thereabouts. Look at practically any corporate n█ws media outl█t, and many alt-media outl█ts, and there’s Qasem. Narratives vary, but if there’s one thing we’re all intended to learn from all that reporting it’s that Qasem Sol█imani is confirmed to be no longer breathing.

Which successfully places him ‘in reserve’ so to speak, ready to produce again on a moment’s notice for his ‘mir█culous resurrection!’ and present to the public as the supposed ‘Imam al-Mahdi’ figure, who according to the Babylonian-concocted religion Islam will appear along with Jesus to thwart the spiritual ‘bad guys’ at the very last minute and make everything utterly splendid.

While Qasem was ‘at large’, publicly considered still breathing, it had averted the propensity. Now it could happen at any time, and the People have no assurances that it will not.

Because the preparatory setup for the scheme had been something in which the apostate system had been investing ‘its’ efforts and resources in throughout, as part of efforts for globalization.

All it took was jettisoning any claim to recognition of Divine Will authority, by Choosing to come into direct conflict with clearly-stated Divine Will-derived authority.

It’s possible that the ramifications didn’t occur to the apostate system until after the fact, which would account for the transition of the media reporting to an emphasis on ‘a major strategic miscalculation’. But vague allusions to this obviously do not correct the matter.

I’m at a loss as to how the apostate system could do so, having now placed Qasem ‘in reserve’. I suppose overtly and officially announcing a misidentification would serve the purpose; although the Pent█gon, Tr█mp, and Iranian state television have ‘confirmed’ it, misidentifications do indeed happen occasionally and it appears, as RedefiningGod has noticed, that the identification was merely based on a literal r█ng which was w█rn. So the apostate system is left with at least one ‘out’ if they Choose to take it, and doubtless ‘their’ strategists can devise several more options. It’s not as if they’re wanting for coopted resources or manp█wer.

So the situation remains salvageable for them, and I and the general public will see clearly whether the apostate system intentionally Chose to jettison all claims to acknowledging Divine Will, or if this was merely a miscalculation which is certainly recoverable.

Of particular concern is the symbolic connotations of that [r█ng], along with the proliferation of the [F█des] derivative symbol “v█w” which has generally accompanied the reporting of the incident. As we know, [F█des] symbolism is used by apostate-identifying personnel to indicate commitment to implementing a strategy or plan, and given the supposed ‘al-Mahdi’ nature of the scheme it appears fairly evident to what they’re publicly committing.

Speaking of, as regards supposed ‘recriminations’ implied by the reporting media, as in My last, the clarity for the People, the resulting PR loss, and criminal liability, or in this case alternatively a correction of the wrongdoing, is sufficient for Me. In My experience people tend to be more competent and effective when matters of physical safety are well-established in advance, and I also prefer to have My own position very clearly stated to enable everyone to have certainty on such matters. I maintain the view that the quality of life afforded by that kind of certainty is something that everyone should have. Due process, surely, is everyones’ ‘due’, and the right to it provided by Divine Will.

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