Active example of the vital usefulness of Divine Will principles and standards

When it comes to sorting out the rights-violating apostate system, it’s not always easy for novices among the People to see the vital usefulness of Divine Will principles and standards. With everything that’s going on, all the subversion, all the hyped agenda items, people tend to be somewhat ‘results oriented’, touting things like the need for ‘direct action’, ‘mass demonstrations’, ‘mass arrests’, ‘vigilante [in]justice’ and so on. They tend to look at Divine Will principles and organizational standards and, just coming off the ‘results oriented’ basis and mindset they’re used to, say to themselves, ’What is all this? Some weird hokey religious doctrinal thing, and a bunch of talking. We need action!’ And we do.

There is no control without self-control.

Common law and Divine Will principles are ‘process oriented’. They trust that by keeping fair and just principles throughout the whole process, the result will be in alignment with Divine Will and fairness. Figuratively speaking, you can’t violate the rules all the way through the process in order to get results, and have those results be anything fair or worthwhile. In fact the apostate system has manifestly been actively inciting the People to react in just such a manner, which practically guarantees that the results will be unworthy. The methods of ‘Antif█’[scism] are probably a good example of this, although we’ve seen other instances with Hong █ong and the ‘Yellow V█st m█vement’ quite recently, as well as the original French ‘R█volution’, so-called. A whole lot of vigilante [in]justice which either flubs the PR because people generally don’t want to replace the current scenario with some new thing which is at least as unworthy as what’s manifestly there already, or else merely effects an overt ‘regime ch█nge’ with the same apostate system controlling the new regime, and a bunch of manifest injustice to accomplish the transition.

So I thought I’d provide the People with another live example of how effective, useful and worthy the application of Divine Will principles is. How it’s applied to situations, produces worthy resultants, and even when viewed merely in strictly utilitarian terms, inordinately useful. If the People are going to put their effort into something, let it be something worthy and effective.

Let’s get to applying it then. Something presented itself to Me recently, I parsed the organizing symbolism in order to assess it as evidence, and what I was left with was rather curious. The apostate system tends to have ‘their’ personnel put out organizing symbolism in practically everything they do, with the result that both the corporate and the alternative media is now manifestly chock-full of their symbolism, advertising and non-overtly organizing their various agendas and efforts. Manifestly for the last few seasons for example, a show called ‘L█tterkenny’ has been practically devoting itself on the non-overt level to organizing various efforts and attempts to ‘resolve’ the situation with My effort, intimating various strategies and when those have been ineffective, replacing it with the new attempts. Season █ight was just released recently, and the symbolism it presents and what it amounts to is what I’m addressing here. For context, the show has quite a following and, from the symbolism, appears to be implemented and viewed predominantly by Knights of Malta personnel who’ve metriculated into Babylonian Kabbalism, using ‘inverted’ mode symbolism on both of those ‘layers’. The overt wr█ting is certainly entertaining, though the content is definitely below the standards of My “House”, but if you’re manifestly relegated to tr█cking the actions of a non-overt organization it’s necessary to process and evaluate their organizing symbolism. Needless to say the show has manifestly been demonstrating a counter-Divine Will basis for quite a while, as has practically everything else in the prevalent media, and this remains the case throughout season █ight. A definite pity; we can only speculate what kind of vastly more worthwhile content the brilliant creators would be presenting us with instead, if only they were Choosing a Divine Will-aligned basis rather than this.

At any rate, I’d been attempting to parse the organizing symbolism and found that I kept getting distracted by it: much of the symbolism presented, unlike that of other seasons, were things that I’ve become more used to parsing with entirely different meanings, due to the symbolism of My “House”. It happens occasionally anyway, various organizations using various definitions for the same things and so on, but this phenomenon just kept recurring beyond the realm of mere coincidental probablities. How curious. It eventually ‘clicked’ into context that this was apparently intentional. They were putting out symbolic content which appeared to be ‘talking’ both on the apostate system’s ‘layers’ of symbolism, and on that of My “House”, apparently by design.

I was left to consider what, if anything, they were trying to express by it. Why would they be doing it? And what even was the standard apostate system ‘layer’ messaging for the season? I hadn’t been able to sort that out, let alone the rest of it, which was definitely non-standard. Was this the telepaths and propheciers finally getting involved in some meaningful way? Starting to abandon the pretense of the existence of the apostate system, perhaps? That of course would be the only sane thing.

And then I revisited why I manifestly stopped ‘listening’ to them: I can’t, other than for manifest evidence of their wrongdoing, because they’re on a counter-Divine Will basis which is unworthy, of negligible loyalty, and inherently non-credible. That isn’t communication, and it certainly isn’t loyal or trustworthy. The apostate system manifestly uses a counter-Divine Will basis for non-overt communication and organization, yes, but the apostate system itself is manifestly on a counter-Divine Will basis and should never have manifested in such a position in the first place. The people self-identifying as members of it are valid, being Divinely-created, but not the organization itself.

So things intentionally presented on a counter-Divine Will basis are inherently non-credible, of inconstant loyalty at best, unworthy and untrustworthy. That applies not only to the telepaths and propheciers, but everyone else as well. It’s the equivalent of starting with the phrase ‘Apropos of nothing…’, but in the most Absolute sense. Whatever, if anything, the show’s creators were trying to message on My level there, it was already invalidated and knowingly so, given the manifest counter-Divine Will basis demonstrated emphatically, particularly in this season. Also rather curious. Why go to all the effort to put an already-invalidated messaging layer in? ‘Cui bono?’

And then the apostate ‘layer’ content ‘clicked’ into context for Me. By all appearances, that was their effort this time: to attempt to get Me and Mine to ‘buy into’ the appearance of personnel that were deliberately being fickle and less than loyal, while they were still retaining an invalid [and untrustworthy] counter-Divine Will basis. And for Me to knowingly accept personnel who were supposedly on a deliberately less than loyal basis. Not only did the shows creators appear to be manifestly attempting to do it, but coordinating the effort by directing other apostate personnel to do it as well.

I can reasonably infer the intent on the creators’ part, because they’ve been self-identifying within the apostate system long enough to know that that kind of infidelity, when sincere, tends to result in either physical neutralization [as in the case of a certain U.S. President] or being caught up in a lot of spurious non-overt antics and maneuvering which is eventually designed to get the participants to knowingly [and visibly] abandon whatever moral standards they have left, or at least give them the proverbial r█naround long enough to cause them to fritter away their literal time, effort, concentration and other resources.

And if not for Divine Will principles, I and others could have ‘bought into’ that scenario. With predictable results. Heck, it’s manifestly standard procedure within ‘their’ Freemasonic and organized crime franchises to induce people to do exactly that, accept a counter-Divine Will basis which purports to be some kind of ‘resistance’, when it’s still the same thing by the same organizations.

Do I think recriminations, etc. are manifestly in order for the creators of the show? No. At least no moreso than for the telepaths and propheciers and the rest of those self-identifying as members of ‘the apostate system’ generally, manifestly dinking around investing their efforts into a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which is worthless, inherently non-credible, and has illustrated a propensity to transgress against rights and detriment quality of life. This appears to be the ‘Pelosi’ strategy all over again, or still. I’ve stated before, clearly, that efforts on a deliberately counter-Divine Will basis are useless except as evidence of manifest wrongdoing. So I thought putting them to some constructive use, as a practical dem█nstration of how important and useful Divine Will principles and standards are and how to apply them, would provide a constructive public service to the People. They could use the practice in applying those things, and it’s My honor to do something constructive, integrous and worthwhile. It appears to be an opportunity not afforded to those manifestly continuing to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and I’m sure I can’t begin to appreciate how tantalizing that must be for them.

Bonus: A refresher on counter-Divine Will symbolism usage standards and practices, and why

'Inversion' symbols and modes can't validly be used to 'invert' a counter-Divine Will symbol into a Divine Will symbol, as the season evidently purported to be trying to do. We can't 'make' a position which is invalid and spurious, valid and well-founded, merely by claiming that it is. It's a matter of Authority; the Creator has the Ultimate Authority, establishes the rules, and our individual will [little 'w', since in this case it wouldn't be Divine Will-aligned] lacks the Authority needed to revise them. In fact the effort to try to do so is self-evidently itself a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. The Babylonian system itself appears to recognize the same concept to some extent, with perhaps a different explanation: that the human mind and will don't validly recognize the concept of 'non-', 'anti-', 'not ', etc., because if I tell you not to think of something, you just did. Counter-Divine Will positions and personnel self-identifying with them are correctly referenced with a Divine Will symbol, and then an 'inversion' symbol applied to that. The overt equivalent is the term: counter-Divine Will. Because it's Divine Will and True Nature that's objectively real and true; their alleged 'opposite' states are not and though manifest abundantly, are inherently unworthy, non-credible and non-integrous. So generally when you encounter personnel who are knowingly proclaiming such a position, as far as I'm aware the only feasible options are to avoid them, teach them if they'll learn, expose them, try them lawfully, or some combination of those.

Me and Mine also have a standard of avoiding, as much as is reasonably practiceable, the use of counter-Divine Will symbolism and then 'negating' them with 'negation' symbols ["animals", for example] because we have a duty to maintain distinct and clearly expressed positions, and the apostate system would presumably, if it could, diminish standards to deploy what they use as counter-Divine Will identifiers in ways that My House would ordinarily 'negate', and just be less than clear on which house the personnel were loyal to. And clearly that's not good enough, so we take the extra effort to maintain clarity and distinction. We do this even when we're not out to use non-overt symbolism anyway, because other systems and personnel will tend to assume we are regardless, and we have a duty to keep our Chosen position of Divine Will-alignment clear for others to understand.

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