A few updates and additional thoughts occur.

In apparent response to My presented account, the apostate system has been non-overtly implying ‘don’t worry!’ and various status update messages in symbolism. That is definitely a classy intent. It’s as inherently unreliable as the counter-Divine Will basis upon which it’s predicated however, and that all reduces to blasphemy and a rejection of True Nature, which the apostate system’s codebase appears to pardon through its hypothecated symbolic ‘inverted’ mode of symbolism. Beyond that My lack of clarity as to their internal position about this was due to a lack of familiarity about how specifically their internal protocol was applied to counter-Divine Will symbolism when it was used with symbols that refer to ‘acceptance’. My system dismisses counter-Divine Will symbolism as inherently non-credible. The apostate system at least implies to ‘its’ personnel that it’s used as an ‘inversion’ symbol. But in the context of someone ‘joining’ or ‘accepting’ such a status, or at least being claimed to have, it wasn’t clear whether counter-Divine Will symbols were intended to be parsed as ‘inverted’, or as not. Certainty about their proprietary format there would’ve required seeing it in usage and being familiar with the actual situation to compare it with, and in My own case I wasn’t sure whether the messaging actually corresponded with the genuine situation. But in the proliferation of status confirmation messages it at least appears that they deploy counter-Divine Will symbolism as ‘inverted’ symbols in that context as well. I’ve been noticing instances of [counter-Divine Will symbol] with [in fr█nt of] symbols, including [f█ce] which is a derivative of the [m█sk] symbol. Thus, the available evidence at least suggests its continued use as an ‘inverted’ symbol. It’s all well outside of My standards and those of My “house” of course, but it becomes manifestly necessary to keep aware of what’s being presented to the crowds.

Another apparent result appears to be the apostate system deploying ‘their’ organized crime franchise to tempt Me with: a non-overt barrage of messages implying baseless calumnies against the apostate system, and various applications of counter-Divine Will symbolism presented as instructions to personnel not to use counter-Divine Will symbolism as that’s below My standards. Both of these apparent efforts are quite new and My evidence of them is cursory. There’s also something new involving [b█tting], perhaps some kind of attempted financial temptation. Indifference on My part to all counts, of course.

So it seems what I’ve been encountering is the apostate system’s method of preventing anyone from adopting a position that: is on a counter-Divine Will basis, is on a non-overt basis, purports alignment with the apostate system, while seeking instead to reject it. In the case of a certain literal President I’ve mentioned recently [I’d rather avoid using the name unnecessarily given the current manifest situation and the propensity for concern due to some of the implications there] it appears the apostate system upon establishing this is so is quite willing to use force to take the literal lives of whoever does this. There appear to be some flaws with that strategy.

Apparent hypocrisy, for one thing. Surely that’s exactly the position of both the apostate system and ‘its’ personnel. They’re on a non-overt basis, purporting alignment with various overt nations, literal religions, organizations, causes and efforts, while instead actively seeking to infiltrate, subvert, coopt, deprecate, outmode and shut them down. In the case of nations and governments for example, they’re traitors presenting fraudulently as overt patriots. And the organization has demonstrated throughout human civilization that it’s quite willing to use a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to accomplish its empire-building. Even now ‘its’ franchises still non-overtly declare themselves on a counter-Divine Will basis, and the parent group’s position is necessarily no better than the low standards it’s willing to tolerate from the least of its franchises. Even the Babylonian Kabbalists proper use an adm█xture of [white] and [bl█ck] to accomplish their organizational goals, and that certainly isn’t Divine Will-aligned. So the preventative method criteria as used by the apostate system appear to apply just as well to ‘their’ organization and all ‘their’ personnel. It seems to Me that if they genuinely honored those criteria, they’d have forcefully taken their own literal lives by now. ’It’s alright for me, but not for thee.’ is a basis which gives some legitimate cause for concern.

Then there’s the matter that the symbolism used by the apostate system has become so abundant that practically anything can be interpreted as intended symbolism, even when it isn’t. This becomes particularly interesting in situations where individuals are genuinely unaware of their non-overt symbolism, or as in My case for quite a while unaware of its various layers and even its counter-Divine Will symbols. This becomes a cause for concern if those unaware of these things [and I encounter them frequently] were to be misconstrued by the apostate system as satisfying those criteria and force used against them. Those learning about the apostate system primarily through My work, take notice! It becomes particularly important to avoid counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature symbolism, and group identification symbols of the apostates’ various groups, in order to retain a clearly distinct position and ensure your literal lives aren’t deemed forfeit by it. This is a large part of why their counter-Divine Will symbols are among the first things I made publicly available; we need to keep a clear and distinct position from all that. If nothing else, to preclude more subversion as well.

So if all goes well the apostate system appears to be non-overtly implying to ‘its’ personnel that it intends to cede to My Divine Will-aligned authority. If of course manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature-based personnel within a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature-based organization successfully conclude judgement of a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned representative such as Myself. [How that’s supposed to work, as a counter-Divine Will position is inherently non-credible, I’m not clear on.] And after having manifestly invested themselves in all manner of unworthy other activities and efforts as well, while making actually realigning their system and ‘their’ personnel with Divine Will and True Nature regardless of what position I have ‘Priority None’. And of course after having laid on all manner of subtle and in many cases unsubtle disrespect due to their manifestly-Chosen counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and various symbolic layers, ‘inversion’, and just plain deprioritization. What better ‘tell’ could exist of a handover scenario intended to be less than sincere, and very clearly declared as much at the onset?

It would be quite in keeping with the manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis of the apostate system to openly provide such a clear ‘tell’ of a lack of sincerity there, then present such an apparent handover, and upon My anticipated acceptance of it discreetly proclaim to ‘their’ personnel, effectively, ’See? There you have it. He’s accepted an impure counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature package de█l.’ and then do what they’ve manifestly always done: Establish some new non-overt basis of symbolism and begin the subversion process all over again. It wouldn’t of course be in keeping with Divine Will or their True Nature, but we’ve already established that’s become standard from an organizational perspective.

We can see intimations of this with the October [22] [enthr█nement] ceremony of Japanese Emperor Naruhito [a [post█rior] reference indicative of disrespect plus counter-Divine Will basis], and with Kim Jong Un’s recent and very symbolic and ceremonial exc█rsion up M█unt Paektu on a pale h█rse. The symbolism of these does appear to corroborate the theory.

The telepaths and propheciers could of course resolve all that with a retroactive ‘undo’ that put the organization and personnel on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis right from the start and throughout. [Conspiciously] absent that, I’d presumably have to reject any such handover. There’s no trusting a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and they’ve been manifestly demonstrating it [with some piecemeal exceptions] throughout. That just leaves continued exposure.

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