Open public account: My recent experiences with the apostate system

I think it would assist the cause of the People and Divine Will to openly present a summary of My experiences with the apostate system during the last several months, and make it a matter of public rec█rd.

Having provided ‘their’ personnel with information regarding Divine Will principles, True Nature and how to realign their manifest position with those, I had quite naturally anticipated their complete Willingness and eagerness to do so. Nope. They continued to retain the infrastructure, assets, resources and personnel they’d infiltrated, subverted, coopted or usurped on their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, continued to use non-overt methods, continued to deploy a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to non-overtly organize their efforts, directed those efforts to various “absurd” efforts to attempt to get Me to either ‘opt in’ to their system, or to abandon My Divine Will-aligned, True Nature-aligned basis in order to oppose their organization on a non-overt basis, and even invested themselves even more in their illegitimate basis in attempting to make their efforts even less clear via their non-overt ‘inverted’ mode of communication. Keep in mind that their responses manifest were already, and remain, inherently non-credible due to their Choice to reject a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis. Without things like truth and sincerity, valid communication has been abandoned on their part, so efforts to make it even less comprehensible is primarily just an additional inconvenience.

Due to all this incalcitrance I came increasingly to the assessment that indulging their organization with extensive messaging was an inappropriate allocation of My resources, and told them as much openly and plainly. I’d also told them clearly, openly and plainly that it was wholly unjust to presume acceptance of whatever of their vapid schemes they happened to implement, particularly on a default basis, and that I just wasn’t interested and they had no claim on My literal time and effort. When more of their misbehavior resulted either in the loss of literal human lives in April, or in a contrived overt public fraud to that effect which left the People incapable of even determining accurately whether human lives were taken by their organization, it became clear to Me that despite My years of counseling them on Divine Will and True Nature their manifest basis remained substantively just as it had been, and that organizationally they were continuing to demonstrate a complete disinterest in realigning with a legitimate, Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, and consequently in doing anything genuinely worthy of the People, Me, or even themselves. I openly, clearly, plainly and publicly made it known that their manifest abject refusal to do anything worthwhile meant that My duty to Divine Will meant that My only valid recourse was to reapply My efforts to providing [Light], that is, literal education and exposure information of ‘their’ system, to the People themselves. Thus was surely approved of by those independents who’d been urging Me to do just that, arguing to Me that discourse with the apostate system was just an ineffective waste of literal time.

Over the next few months I put together the ‘Beginner’s Guide to the Babylonian Kabbalists’ in what availability I could manage, to provide free education and information to the People regarding what has manifestly been violating their rights, defrauding them, subverting their organizations, efforts, laws, economies, media and governments, and provided it to the People on a completely free basis. That’s providing genuine value to all.

During this time the apostate system manifestly had been organizing ‘their’ personnel on a non-overt basis [and on the inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will basis they’ve been manifestly using throughout], slandering Me by telling them that I had been opting into a counter-Divine Will basis of non-overt, and presumably unprincipled, resistance to their illegitimate system. To the best of My knowledge there is no evidence to support that slander. I was doing exactly what I’d told them I’d do, openly, publicly, clearly and plainly.

Why then did they seem to think it was so? By all appearances, they simply weren’t listening to Me or had just plain dismissed what I had told them outright, on an overt Divine Will-aligned, True Nature-aligned basis, while manifestly remaining on an illegitimate, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis on their part. That’s certainly a rather interesting formula. You see, on or about the juncture at which I’d had quite enough of their antics, they had decided to implement yet another hokey non-overt scheme whose inorganic and insincere nature was blatantly apparent to Me from the start. They non-overtly presented the appearance of some kind of non-overt coup against them, or personnel non-overtly claiming [and badly, at that] that their loyalties were now to Me and My cause, while still using the usual apostate symbolism, counter-Divine Will basis signifiers, and all the rest of it. Many of these apostate symbols were presented in somewhat nuanced ways that at least tried to imply some loyalty to My effort and cause. They still thoroughly rejected its basis and standards, and they still prevaricated as to whether their allegiance was to My cause or to the apostate system. As such it was obvious systematic fraud on a non-overt and inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will basis. This was accompanied by the overt Hong Kong riots, etc. which resulted in a greatly unworthy situation for those involved and affected by it, and of course the personnel involved in implementing the “absurdity” presumably weren’t even aware of the principles and the issues genuinely involved with My effort. It was just more blithe counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature order-following with the apostate system, with the now-standard unworthy situations that inevitably result from that. What a pity, given what actually Choosing Divine Will and True Nature and doing so plainly, clearly and openly naturally would have produced.

So it would seem that the manifest error on the part of the apostate system was that they were just more focused on their projects and efforts than on what I’d openly, plainly, clearly and publicly told them in advance that I would do, and then did precisely that. This apparent disrespect was manifestly compounded by their seeming assumption that I’d ‘bought into it’. So when they didn’t hear from Me, their apparent conclusion was that I’d opted to participate in the whole vacuous scheme. My lack of response is to the best of My knowledge the only supposed evidence to support that conclusion on their part, yet they broadcast it non-overtly throughout ‘their’ personnel as though it were quite definite fact.

When My ‘Beginner’s Guide’ was released, they apparently began to issue a non-overt retraction, or at least what seems to pass as a retraction within a system that demands ‘their’ personnel remain non-overtly ‘on-message’, and of course by that the organization means their message rather than necessarily the facts as they actually exist. As near as I can tell, this marginal non-overt retraction was canceled after I’d added more information to it a week later, and they’re apparently back on their non-overt slander at present. Why they think it’s true, or at least claim to think so, or at least imply that they claim that they claim to think so, is anybody’s guess. I presented more exposure information openly to the general public, carefully redacted terms of concern in order to maintain a clear distinction between My position and theirs, and presented redacted media of theirs with carefully-redacted summaries helping to explain it. Since My effort is now predominantly overt, I’m able to apply the skills and techniques I’d learned on a non-overt basis to cite media items as evidence for the figurative ‘court of public opinion’. Guessing the answer to, ‘Boy Satori, now you’ve done it, you’re in trouble now! Do you know what you did?’ is not only an unworthy activity in which I’m not interested, it’s just plain disrespectful coming as it does from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position with an inherently non-credible basis, to a Divine Will- and True Nature-position of integrity and genuine, legitimate authority. If the apostate system were even partly as zealous about evaluating their Divine Will and True Nature basis as forming spurious conclusions about Mine, we wouldn’t find ourselves in this scenario. As they’re demonstrably on a manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which is inherently non-credible, illegitimate, and unworthy, organizationally they’re not genuinely relevant. They’ve manifestly Chosen an illegitimate counter-Divine Will basis; the only reason we’re still having to hear from it is that it’s commandeered the media. It seriously needs to cool it, and using slander to retain illegitimate control is something we had every reason to anticipate better than from them.

This is why I thought it would assist the People and the cause of Divine Will to present My experiences of the last few months with the apostate system to the general public. I think they deserve to know the kind of response pattern the apostate system has been demonstrating. If someone attempts to counter them on a non-overt basis, they’ll be disrespected, subverted and marginalized. When however someone addresses the situation openly, clearly, publicly, fairly, overtly and in alignment with Divine Will, they can apparently expect to get non-overtly slandered, disrespected and marginalized non-overtly so that nobody takes them or their cause seriously, and the prop█ganda will presumably be used eventually to justify a ‘counterresponse’ to a situation that never existed in the first place. The overt equivalent would be a government slandering an individual or group of them as ‘t█rrorists’, and then using that as a pretext justify doing whatever to them. If the independent responds to clarify the situation they waste their time and effort while gaining nothing, and the apostate merely replaces that effort on their part with yet another baseless effort that purportedly ‘needs clarification’, reusing and repeating previously-deployed efforts as needed when they can’t think of anything particularly fresh. If the independent eventually refuses to respond, the apostate system merely continues investing in their current effort, embellishing and elaborating on it until it takes on a kind of seeming psychological reality in the mindset of those who’ve been relegated to hearing it due to all the repetition. After enough conditioning, all that’s left to do is to implement ‘reprisals’ as though it were actually so. In this the apostate system appears to hearken back to historical instances of some of its most oppressive and overt behavior, but has merely added on a system of non-overt organization and slander to its basic formula. And I thought the People deserved to know what they can expect to encounter from the apostate system by the available evidence: a complete ‘no-win’ scenario regardless of what they do, because the apostate system is on an inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will basis.

The apostate system purports to ‘their’ personnel to use the counter-Divine Will symbols they have as ‘inversion’ symbols, because they’re supposedly ‘actually Divine Will-aligned’ organizationally. That supposition is mutually-exclusive with what the organization has actually, manifestly done throughout its career. We’ll know they’re on a credible basis when they divest themselves from it and Choose a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, and they can’t do that as the organization and franchises they’re in now because the apostate system has manifestly amassed what it has for itself by implementing efforts on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. So while they’re still identifying as Babylonians, etc., they manifestly remain on a counter-Divine Will basis regardless of what symbols they deploy. And that’s inherently non-credible.

As for their implied conclusions, it would be so easy to think that this was just a matter of mere error or misinterpretation by those currently recognized as the authorities within the Babylonian system. Except of course that I’ve demonstrated how everything from Babylon on down is necessarily controlled and directed by the telepaths and propheciers; the same telepaths and propheciers who’d trained Me in Divine Will principles, for that matter. For them to sincerely misunderstand the Choice of position and agenda on My part is quite “absurd”, given that they’re still violating My privacy and peering into everything I’m thinking, let alone doing. Babylon can only be their franchise, just as Rome is a franchise of Babylon, and they’re manifestly on a counter-Divine Will basis [despite any sincere motive to do so]. So the kind of irresponsible silliness I’ve been encountering from Babylon must therefore be quite knowing and intentional, and the unsafe ‘no-win’ scenario it appears to present the result of the counter-Divine Will basis they’ve been manifestly Choosing.

Result: A demonstration of how unsafe anyone is while an organization continues to Choose a counter-Divine Will basis.

As best I’ve been able to discern from pattern recognition [and it’s not particularly easy since, it being a matter of contrivance on the part of the apostate system and wholly sans basis, it lacks a factual context against which to evaluate and compare it], the invented faction supposedly uses these properties: an ‘inverted’ version of My “house’s” symbolism [although this could presumably vary], a counter-Divine Will basis [the utter audacity], and a tendency to use the symbolism of Rome and Babylon yet subtly nuance it to seem as if it were being repurposed. It’s less than reassuring that this is evidently the same non-overt basis used, evaluating from the symbolism of his quotes, by the literal JFK. I’ve also noticed a recurrence of the [r█se] symbol, with its connotations of reb█llion against Babylon and Rome on a non-overt and counter-Divine Will basis, and recall distinctly that J█ckie was given [r█ses] immediately before the event. ‘N█wshour‘ recently made quite a big todo about being on location in Dallas, come to think of it. ‘Stay classy, apostate system.’ I’ve also noticed the repeated use of the symbol [d█vet█il], by personnel who identify as Babylonian and are using an inverted symbolic basis. So that would be the [white] [d█ve] of [J█no], with its associations of [pe█ce] inverted into [w█r], with an [interl█cking] or [j█ining] symbol and an inherent [Tiam█t] symbol indicating both a non-overt basis and a counter-Divine Will position. So that appears to be slander, or at least would be if anything implied on a counter-Divine Will basis was credible in the first place. It’s not of course, but the apostate system appears to have been training its acolytes otherwise.

Additionally they appear to be implying the use of ambiguity [’This possibility OR that’, but not specifying which] intended as a sort of bogus ‘reb█l group identifier symbol’. It’s not of course, it’s a pure [sic] Babylonian group identifier symbol. But it started trending immediately after I’d recounted My experience literally dec█des ago now with the apostate system, and the position of ambiguity I’d used then. ‘This symbol now has this other new implied meaning’, appears to be an example of the Babylonian symbol of the [sp█der], with all its accompanying indications of the [F█tes]. Meaning that if someone’s on a counter-Divine Will and non-overt basis, they’re presumably going to be manipulated rather deftly according to the schemes of the apostate system. And supposing that they aren’t, what then? I suppose we’ll find out.

I’ll describe one of the more galling parts of this situation, as if all this weren’t enough. I semi-recently had some personnel in media non-overtly imply to Me, ’Satori! Don’t let on about what we’re doing, to the Babylonians! It big seeeekrit!’ using perfect symbolic mode they had used during My training. When of course I’d learned that it’s silly, ineffective and self-defeating to invest in such efforts when what I actually want can be done quite openly and is vastly more effective for it too. But what’s peeving Me about this particularly is that the spurious ‘big seeeekrit!’ faction was Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis just as the Babylonians manifestly are, and rejecting My standards just the same. Yet the Babylonian-identifying personnel have been manifestly, non-overtly implying that ’If Satori were actually doing the right thing, He’d be assisting us by now by exposing our ’big seeeekrit!’ hypothecated faction to us.’ It’s less than clear under what strained model of principles and morality someone Choosing a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis is deemed obligated to serve one counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature aligned group against some other counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature aligned group, whether hypothetical or manifest. From My position, they’re substantively interchangeable and it would serve no worthwhile purpose. They’re both illegitimate, they’re both non-credible, and they’re both only as manifest as the effort, personnel and resources which have been manifestly invested into them. In short, they’re both spurious and lack any worthwhile or substantive basis.

Which neatly segues to My other p█int: that everything from the Babylonian Kabbalists on through to all of ‘their’ franchises are only as manifest as the effort, personnel and resources which the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly invested, or caused to become invested, into giving them influence. Anything on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is ultimately and fundamentally both arbitrary and spurious, not to mention unworthy. So on what basis is someone Choosing to remain on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis compelled with thre█ts of force to set aside their constructive and worthy efforts in order to clarify yet another contrived and inorganic scenario invented as the result of those Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis? Forced servitude implemented with thre█ts of vi█lence is certainly an interesting thing to encounter from a system which purports to recognize both the inherent authority of Divine Will and the rights it confers. [In manifest practice of course, it still has yet to recognize and concede to either.] The manifest behavior of the apostate system continues to blatantly demonstrate its counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. [Ah,’ they seem to imply, ’If we actually were on a such a basis, we’d have already done much worse than this!’ Terrific, a fluctuating piecemeal morality that is whatever they decide it is, not unlike their baseless and increasingly valueless paper currency. That’s not upholding Absolute principles nor rights.]

The spurious behavior of those self-identifying as Babylonian personnel appears to have been non-overtly organized back in January with the symbolism in, and the various personnel antics regarding, Tr█mp’s ‘State of the Uni█n’ address. Particularly the symbolism of [the w█men █n white] and the ridiculous non-overt presentation of factionized personnel immediately during and afterwards. I even recall that Pelosi had been described during the incident as having “pr█mised to be a th█rn in Tr█mp’s side”, thus more with the [r█ses] symbolism and non-overtly committing to the effort via the apostate’s [F█des] symbol. And then of course there was all that about the snide [cl█pping], symbolically representative of promoting the effort of various franchises of the apostate system appearing to cl█sh against each other. How nice, the People even get a sizeable chunk of study material for symbolism out of all this, all in out there in the public record and self-evidently not just concocted by Me. So there’s that, I suppose.

It rather looks as though I was able to get some Divine Will-aligned symbolism exposure of the apostate system accomplished with clarifying all this regardless.

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