Asia events and the demonstration for the People of the need for a Divine Will-aligned basis

People occasionally ask Me, ’Satori, why do you make reasonable efforts to avoid their counter-Divine Will symbols?’

And sometimes, ’Why can’t we just take ‘direct action’ against all this stuff? Brute force, vigilante justice [sic], and so on? Anything else seems just to be needless delaying tactics to me.’

The recent counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature antics manifested by the apostate system have resulted in a good opportunity for Me to demonstrate to the People the practical importance of resolving the situation with healthy alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, and of maintaining a distinct position with some vital practices and behavioral standards.

I recently encountered a current events item which involved a brutal att█ck on a Kyoto animation studio which was almost certainly organized by the apostate system, and definitely hyped by ‘their’ personnel. Non-overtly, it was an expression using the symbolism both of Asian dynastic groups and of My “House” to suggest a response in Asia to counter the apostate system’s attempted takeover there. Both counter-Divine Will symbolism and the apostate system’s own symbolism were ‘stacked’ along with that, and literally thirty-four people were reported to have lost their lives as a result. Beyond noticing that the effort was inorganic in nature, almost certainly organized by the apostate system, and inauthentic, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the apparent deliberate use of My “House”’s symbolism. I privately acknowledged the inherent non-credibility of the symbolism due to the counter-Divine Will symbols involved and tried to ignore the matter as yet another manifest piece of ‘suckage’ enacted by the apostate system resulting from their continuing Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, “absurd” as that was.

Their effort appears to continue, with more reported loss of ‘life’. This appeared today, with even more of My “House”’s symbolism included, as part of an apparent effort to propagate the narrative.

Is there a place for ‘direct action’ and force? Regrettably, this is unavoidably so. As long as people manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, their actions will continue to result in violations of Divinely-conferred rights. Essentially, that’s ‘crime’ and needs to be addressed with more than just stern reprimands and chidings. However, when ‘direct action’ and force are implemented without upholding Divine Will principles and recognizing Divinely-conferred rights, the result is just self-evidently more ‘crime’. The substance remains the same thing to which we’re opposed, and only the appearance has been altered. It’s blatantly obvious that the solution to ‘crime’, which is the violation of rights, is not more ‘crime’. The application of force in alignment with Divine Will principles is called ‘fairness’ or ‘justice’, and that doesn’t happen through the indiscriminate application of force either individually or collectively. 'Vigilante justice' is a complete misnomer. It's also fraught with vulnerability to manipulation, infiltration and subversion by the apostate system precisely because of its inherently counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. The People clearly need something much better.

The apostate system manifestly utilizes a couple of major tools to accomplish what it does. The first is its cryptocracy, its ability to organize on a non-over basis not readily apparent to the general public. But the other is a pretense to a morally superior position. There is only so much of an argument they can make for that given their manifest organizational behavior, so to make their argument compelling they need the assistance of those outside their organization to diminish their alignment with principles and willingness to uphold behavioral standards, in order to make the apostate system look good in comparison. If we’re not upholding principles and standards, we’re actively assisting the subversive, rights-violating, treasonous, subversive, blackmailing cause of the apostate system. That’s at our own individual and collective expense. So we not only need to uphold those principles and standards, we also need to eschew those who refuse to do so regardless of whether they self-identify as personnel within the apostate system, or as outsiders and self-professing ‘independents’, or even as aligning with some group other than the apostate system.

I’ve stated before that I’m seeking to restore sovereignty to the People to manage their own countries and organizations again, their various systems voluntarily in confluence with each other because of a shared acknowledgement and Willingness to uphold Divine Will principles and their own True Nature. As such, insisting that Asia implement a common law system could be a bit too demanding given their diverse cultural background and heritage. So long as they implement a system which genuinely satisfies the duties and obligations which a common law system does, and upholds Divine Will principles, True Nature and behavioral standards, I’m unconcerned as to what specifically they will decide to implement.

But they’re not yet in any condition to do that. Abrupt demonstrations and incidents of the kind reported are certainly inorganic and inauthentic. The People there don’t prevalently understand what’s going on, nor do they recognize the need for ‘due process’ on the basis that fairness [’justice’] is the Divinely-conferred right of all. That’s why it is simply their ‘due’; what it is the duty of everyone to ensure.

They and many of those in the common law countries lack an understanding both of the situation, and of common law concepts like ‘due process’ and Divinely-conferred rights, as a direct result of the manifest subversion, infiltration, encroachment and usurpation of the apostate system, and its near monopolization of personnel and the media and educational institutions. And manifestly, we’re collectively living in the results of that ‘suckage’, as current events items like this amply demonstrate. So much for their claim to a position of moral superiority of position.

For the nonce, the Asian dynastic groups are inherently no more independent, Divine Will-aligned or credible than the organized crime franchises in the common law countries and for precisely the same reason: they’re manifestly, demonstrably collusive with the apostate system and its counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

The apparent manifest efforts by the apostate system to psychologically condition the People to associate their heinous wrongdoings with My “House”, as well as imply My acceptance and default on My Chosen Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position merely by a lack of response to their various antics is just more of a demonstration of the moral defectiveness of their manifestly Chosen position. Unlike the apostate system’s personnel, I don’t get paid to dispense prop█ganda and must actually earn My livelihood. Between that and their manifest continued monopolization of the personnel and infrastructure despite an obviously defective, counter-Divine Will basis on their part that doesn’t leave Me with a lot of disposable free time to respond to their antics, particularly in this ransacked economy.

But I did think it important to present the People with a good object demonstration as to why it’s so vital to uphold Divine Will principles and standards of fairness and behavior. The apostate system’s routine counterexample should make that self-evident for everyone, but it’s My honor to clarify the matter for the People.

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