Statement of clarification regarding My own credibility

[General lay readers: This is ‘shop talk’, addressing a situation as part of good professional standards of conduct. While you’re welcome to read through it and are likely to learn from it, you can easily skip it without missing anything huge.]

I have a professional duty as part of Divine Will alignment and leader of My “house” to emit a statement addressing and resolving what at least appears to be a misapprehension under which the brunt of the apostate system, sans the telepaths and propheciers of course, appears to be laboring. I’m not even completely sure the misunderstanding exists, given the inherent non-credibility of their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, but I’ve seen what appear to be implied references to it recur enough times for there to at least appear to be a reasonable likelihood of it, so truth and clarity as per My usual. Whether it’s manifestly the case or not, displacing the possibility with certainty and plain, sincere communication is just good practice. [For the purposes of readability I’m going to relax in this statement My standard practice of using ‘manifestly’ to specify when something manifestly happened but wasn’t a valid expression of Divine Will; it would easily become redundant and I think it’s rather self-evident where what I’m going to describe inherently conflicts with Divine Will.]

It appears to involve some implied concerns as to My own manifest credibility from the ranks of the apostate system, with the exception of the telepaths and propheciers who know the truth of the matter quite well. If so, the concerns appear to have resulted from a misunderstanding approximately twenty literal years or so ago.

I had just been starting to encounter the apostate system’s franchises, and just beginning to notice their patterns of symbolism via literal s█ng lyr█cs. Specifically, ‘organized crime’ and the Knights of Malta, who each were making available certain products which had been made ‘illegal’ in the literal States via ‘c█lor of law’, despite it being victimless so-called ‘crime’ which per our common law was no crime at all. It was perfectly lawful within our common law, but the system of Roman Civil Law with which the apostate system had manifestly usurped against that has of course decreed all manner of perfectly lawful things ‘crimes’.

I was unaware at the time of the nature of the groups involved. I hadn’t known for example that they were ‘organized crime’ and the Knights of Malta specifically. I don’t accurately recall now whether I had then known that the same groups providing the product were involved with the same thing which had enacted the ‘c█lor of law’ that had purported to make them illegal in the first place. I think I’d had My first vague suspicions, but hadn’t enough familiarity yet to make that assessment. I was only just beginning to become aware, as I’ve mentioned, of symbolism and do█blet█lk whatsoever. And I was noticing that both cliques of vendors appeared to find themselves at odds with the other. I’d noticed that each was interested in whether their prospective buyers were purchasing the product of their competitor, refusing sale to those who were, and demanding some outlandish form of group identification as a precondition to doing them the grand courtesy of accepting their money and dispensing their product. It appeared to be some kind of phenomenally arrogant customer loyalty scheme, and distinctly uppity for what amounted to a basic mercantile transaction. I remember thinking, ’Who do these people think they are?’ It had not yet become evident who they manifestly thought they were, ie. supposed ‘gods incarnate’ with ambitions to rule over the People.

The information available [or at least accessible] to Me at the time was limited. I was left to make the best sense I could of the situation, and what was fair, by applying My understanding of My rights within the common law. That was certainly the foundational law of our land, and the best known and established basis for how rights worked, regardless of whether or not it was prevalently understood as the result of all the subversion from the as-yet-unidentified globalists who had subverted the Peoples’ collective familiarity with it.

Per common law victimless ‘crimes’ are no crime at all, so the ‘c█lor of law’ obstructing basic freedom of commerce was itself violating My rights. It was not within My available means to singlehandedly correct that, but here was a temporary ‘workaround’ which re-enabled My access to that right. However, that ‘workaround’ was provided conditionally, and if the conditions were not satisfied not only the globalists but these unidentified vendor organizations too would have manifestly violated My rights. That certainly wouldn’t be right or fair, and it was too much for Me to assume that these apparently innocent vendors who were doing, so far as I knew, nothing more than assisting the People to overcome spurious ‘c█lor of law’ actually intended and wanted to violate rights and participate in actual, genuine wrongdoing. It seemed most likely to Me at the time that no, what had happened was that the principals of these organizations were merely unaware of common law and how Divinely-conferred rights worked, as yet another unworthy resultant of all the subversion the unidentified globalists had been implementing. ’I should definitely make it a goal to get to know these organizations better; they seemed to want to do the right thing, yet be thoroughly unfamiliar with common law and Divinely-conferred rights. Wait’ll I find a means to alert them to it; they’ll surely find it fascinating and set about applying common law methods to actually shut down so much unconscionable stuff going on, yanking corporate charters and legitimately s█izing assets and racking up plenty in punitive damages. They’ll surely find themselves overjoyed to find out that they can make a lot more profit doing the right thing, and legitimately and openly!’ As the telepaths and propheciers can or at least could attest, those were indeed My thoughts at the time.

At that particular juncture however, I had a free Divinely-conferred right to participate in basic mercantile transactions that would have been violated if these vendors’ criteria weren’t satisfied. And My group loyalty and exclusivity to one of them would have precluded mercantile transactions with the other, for some then-unknown reason, which would have resulted in a violation of My rights irrespective of which of them I’d Choose. So there was no known course of action I had available to Me which wouldn’t result in their violating My rights, however inadvertently. I was only just learning the symbolic lingo and lacked the means to address such a complicated law and rights-based situation with them, so explaining the problem in order to resolve it was an option I also lacked. [Relevant maxims: ’An act done by me against my will, is not my act.’ ‘An act does not make a person guilty, unless the intention be also guilty.’ ‘No prescription runs against a person unable to act.’ ‘No one is bound to do what is impossible.’ Also relevant is the commercial law principle that c█ntracts, o█ths and agr██ments made under fraud, duress, coercion or unconscionability are void from the start.]

How then to address the situation fairly, without having My Divinely-conferred rights violated? I evaluated the situation carefully. The situation appeared to be that we had vendor organizations which were either ignorant or unaware of how rights and common law worked, and as a direct result had thought nothing of implementing these overly intrusive customer loyalty programs, which would have a propensity to come about as the result of sincere mercantile competition and the profit motive, and of course no comprehension whatsoever that the practice was violating rights. And the majority of their customer base couldn’t alert them to it, because the place had been manifestly subverted by the globalists to the extent that most of them didn’t know about it either. It was as though a couple of overt corporations had gained an unconscionable monopoly over all the sales of retail consumer products, and then demanded their customers fill out an absurdly intrusive census demanding their personal information as a precondition to sale. How unconscionable; they had no right. But presumably, I’d thought, were unaware of that fact due to all the subversion.

Alright, if they had no right to that information in the first place, that was the crux of the problem. Denying that information to them in the second place was perfectly sound policy. It would be essentially the equivalent of filling out that non-legitimate, impertinent and personally intrusive corporate questionnaire or census with bogus information. They’d have no legitimate basis to complain given that they never had a right to it, and the only alternative on My part was having My own Divinely-conferred rights violated. Surely if they’d only been aware of the situation they’d understand, and would be as reluctant to violate My rights as I was to have them violated. Individuals have God-given rights; organizations are merely hypothecated creatures of man.

So using their symbolism, I began mildly implying alignment with both vendor categories, so well as I’d understood what those even were, using symbolic ‘inversion’ and careful wording so as to allow the listener to decide for themselves which item of symbolism was intended to be inverted. Presumably each listener would parse the symbolism in their native context, assuming what seemed normal for them, and invert the unfamiliar symbolism as extraneous. It was the non-overt equivalent of telling these vendor organizations what they wanted to hear, which from a rights-based perspective was all they deserved when it came to personal information in the first place. Entirely victimless, and it was My only known recourse to prevent them from violating My rights.

As it happened, I needn’t have worried on their account. The attempt was efficiently detected by their personnel and I was made the subject of massively rights-violating ‘g█ng st█lking’ or ‘cause st█lking’ from both vendor organizations which lasted for approximately tw█ years. This included being f█llowed, having near-constant noise harrassment at My literal home, non-overtly implied de█th threats towards not only Myself but someone close to Me throughout the media as well as locally, timed h█licopter flyovers, tel█phone and digital surveillance, every single literal house in our immediate neighborhood filled with personnel who were complicit with the whole thing [even when it required moving existing the renters out to accomplish that], and so much new literal tr█ffic added to our corner house that the c█ty eventually had to install a literal ‘Yi█ld’ s█gn there in what had been a quiet suburban neighborhood. This started in about n█nety-seven if memory serves, and the old media of those years is still replete with all manner of signals involving this stuff, including just about every tel█vision show on at the time dwelling on the subject of “pr█gnancy”. What was said in our private home was somehow audible to, and frequently responded to by, the local personnel, and even somehow visual behavior; they could apparently observe us through the w█lls.

So I have to summarily dismiss the implied claim by the apostate system that they ‘seek to uphold Divinely-conferred rights’, even merely on the basis of direct personal experience alone.

It never became entirely clear to Me how much of all that was the work of these vendor groups themselves, or rather of the telepaths and propheciers whom I’d learned about later. But the telepaths and propheciers are still doing it, invading privacy and violating My rights, and I’ve already proven that they’re all part of the same apostate system.

It also means of course that the globalists who violated rights via that ‘c█lor of law’ were the same as the franchises who’ve been massively profiting from it, both financially and in terms of loyalty and social n█twork building. [Common law: ‘No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong.’ ‘A contr█ct cannot arise out of an act radically wrong and illegal.’ ‘Force and wrong are greatly contrary to peace.’]

As stated, My actions were not immoral, unlawful, nor did they victimize anyone. Under common law they’re no crime, and under the Roman Civil Law which the apostate system has made efforts to replace it with they’re well outside the bogus ‘statute of limitations’.

Eventually, I encountered someone who appeared to be a participant in an ostensibly separate Asian dynastic group. They appeared to assist Me with the harassment and so on, and I remember them mentioning overtly at some juncture that [paraphrasing from memory]: ’If you were to look up your scr█ll [that these organizations have on you], it says that you’re [not a truthful person]’ I didn’t know what to make of that, or how to respond to it given the various audacities these organizations had demonstrated against Me, let alone their business model. Both as it appeared then, and the more perfected comprehension of it that I have now.

But it’s obvious that given the circumstances I’ve reacquired My ability to communicate overtly and plainly regarding all this, and that has enabled Me to provide a clarification ‘for the r█cord’.

Apparently common law and Divinely-conferred rights were so conceptually foreign to the lower-rung personnel within the apostate system that the only conclusion they’d been able to form was not, ’Here’s a guy fairly upholding his rights against some absurd encroachments’, but rather, ’This guy must just say whatever he likes, to whomever, about whatever, utterly lacking honesty and integrity’. Misestimations do tend to happen when people are operating some completely different basis. The substitute basis was brought in by the apostate system as part of their subversion efforts. Obviously, it's neither right nor just that an organization should benefit from its own wrongdoing, nor that someone distinct from that organization should be detrimented by it.

As I’d mentioned though, the telepaths and propheciers knew what I was about all along. Since they do appear to demonstrably be the recognized principals of the apostate system, it becomes entirely inappropriate for that system to retain the erroneous perception. Particularly as the counter-Divine Will basis they’ve been Choosing is inherently non-credible itself, and they’ve been refusing to give it up. It’s disappointing to apparently have My credibility non-overtly disparaged, and moreso by an organization that continues to make a knowing, Willful, avoidable and systematic Choice for a position themselves which is inherently devoid of credibility. As I appear to be the only person here Willing or able to talk in cleartext, I suppose not only the initiative but the duty to clarify the matter is Mine as well.

But given that the apostate system, including the telepaths and propheciers, are manifestly Choosing to operate on an inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will basis, for all I know this implied concern regarding My credibility is just another manufactured contrivance of ‘suckage’ on their part. As in, ’Oops! Yet another undeserved bummer has manifested for you, purely due to coincidence and the best of intentions on everyones’ part! Sucks for you!’. Then again, it could’ve been the massive organizational attention during the ‘cause st█lking’, combined with My own righteous position, however misunderstood by the rank-and-file, that attracted the attention of the telepaths and propheciers to Me in the first place. Or indeed, the years-long escapade of ‘cause st█lking’ merely another contrived bout of ‘suckage’ courtesy of the telepaths and propheciers, who never had a reason to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position in the first place. The closest thing I've gotten as an explanation [of the 'suckage', mind you] from the telepaths and propheciers has been fraught with counter-Divine Will symbolism itself, leaving it self-evidently less than credible. Which is hardly worthy of Myself or them.

While they manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, presumably neither they nor the apostate system as whole are able to establish credibly and reliably what’s going on from their perspective in any event. Divine Will is the only certain thing I know, and that tells Me this whole manifest temporal event sequence will get revised out of existence anyway for being mutually exclusive with it. And that will happen either with or without the manifest support of what we’ve come to know as the apostate system. I’m continuing My efforts to help manifest that via exposure to the People, and the apostate system manifestly remains in no worthy condition to presume to speak to Me while insisting upon a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis [let alone to legitimately defy My expressed Will, such as with efforts for globalism, regardless of whether or not I'm deigning to keep ongoing communications open]. I just thought a clear and open public statement resolving the implied concern was in order.

[Additional: While I’ve been drafting this, I’ve noticed what appear to be recent non-overt intimations from the apostate system to the effect that, ’No, you’re totally free to access at least one of our vendor groups!’ Either they’ve somehow ‘legalized’ the products while I wasn’t looking, or I’m left to take it on ‘good faith’ that in doing so I wouldn’t be putting My freedom and My life at risk for having done so, given the inherent non-credibility of their Chosen counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and the subversion effort they’ve managed on our system of laws.

Also, Divine Will and True Nature require Me to remain separate and distinct from an organization Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis as well, so it rather appears that My rights will continue to be violated merely as a result of maintaining a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned position.

Additionally, there’s the matter that My money would be subsidizing who-knows-what unconscionable activities indirectly were I to do so. It rather appears that the Divinely-conferred rights of the People are obstructions to their business model, or put more accurately their business model directly encroaches against the Divinely-conferred rights of the People.]

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