Additional: Feasibility

What I’d stated in My last remains so. However, a few more thoughts occur with regard to the apostate system’s implied query of, ’If we give ourselves up immediately, will You grant us indemnity?’.

Were the entire apostate system, including the telepaths and propheciers, fully and legitimately to align with Divine Will and True Nature, and consistently and systematically uphold those values, the manifest sequence of events throughout human civilization would have occurred very differently, and vastly more worthy. There would be no ‘apostate system’, or at least it would not have retroactively been in ‘apostate mode’. A great many things would manifestly have improved significantly, and there’d be nothing in that sense from which to seek indemnity.

Were the entire apostate system minus the telepaths and propheciers to do so the retroactivity would not occur, at least not via that method. But consider the feasibility of implementing the common law jury system and trial I’d mentioned, under the current manifest conditions. It clearly wouldn’t be implementable at the moment. Due to the manifest actions of the apostate system to date, restoring that common law jury system and then implementing and enforcing any verdict from it would require significant teaching and organization by and for the People as a necessary prerequisite. That would take a fair amount of literal time, by which the currently-recognized authority figures within the apostate system [and likely great swaths of the currently-living personnel] would presumably no longer find themselves in an incarnate position which is susceptible to a jury trial among men.

In that scenario, were the apostate system [minus the telepaths and propheciers] to have genuinely repented, and as demonstration of same made atonement, voluntarily ceding ‘their’ system to Divine Will under My stewardship, those sociopolitical restorations would presumably happen much sooner than they otherwise would have. In those circumstances an intensely compelling, and more importantly honest, argument could be presented to the People regarding the repentance of the currently-recognized authority figures within the apostate system.

With genuine and sincere repentance, and alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, all worthy and fair things become possible.

While the span which literal Christianity refers to as ‘Probation’ remains open at least, we’re never so estranged from Divine Will and True Nature that the Choice cannot be made to realign with it meaningfully. We still have an ‘out’, though perhaps not as comfortable an ‘out’ as we’d prefer. Worth considering, presumably.

To the best of My knowledge, that span of ‘Probation’ doesn’t close until an antitypical manifestation of an event called ‘the st█ning of Stephen’ occurs, presumably as the result of some presaged bold quasi-organizational Choices on the part of the apostate system.

While those prophecies don’t appear to bode particularly well regarding the matter of the apostate system’s Choosing to realign with Divine Will and True Nature, it’s worthwhile to recognize that the Judeo-Christian system including its prophecies appear to have been predicated on what it terms ‘original sin’, and what I’ve been referring to as the manifest Choice of the telepaths and propheciers to act contrary to Divine Will and their own True Nature. If the Choice which manifestly causes the problem is retroactively displaced by a worthy Choice, things like the close of ‘Probation’ and even the need for it retroactively cease to have manifested as well. To the best of My knowledge everything temporal is conditional, and thus necessarily are prophecies too. Even Scripture has presented scenarios in which prophecies of greatly undesirable outcomes have been precluded merely by a ‘timely’ and sincere Choice to realign with Divine Will and True Nature.

In the current manifest scenario, the apostate system has yet to make such a Choice. Greater than any material influence it can effect on an organizational basis, are the effects its personnel have latent with their ability to make that single, “vital” Choice.

For all My effort, I can only clarify and where righteous, seek to assist. They must Choose it for themselves.

Though unsolicited counsel is generally unappreciated, I’ve noticed that they’ve manifestly tended to place their confidence in the outcomes of their own efforts. Occultists generally tend toward this; it’s quintessentially the standard basis the ‘ego’ uses, and as we’ve established the ‘ego’ is a misperception of ones’ own True Nature. Placing their confidence solely in Divine Will could be a very good figurative ‘place to start’. It’s a very different system, and authority structure. To do your best to do right by Something whatever happens, and to be able to trust that It will do right by you as well. And for the ambition and the agenda of that Something to be the manifestation of a situation that’s worthy of, and desirable by, all involved and everyone it affects.

My own transition from occultism was facilitated greatly by at first using the increased sense of ‘ego’ it had cultivated to confront the very situation that I’d been Choosing: ’If there’s something vastly more worthy and satisfying out there, what on earth would ever cause Me to want to reject it? Metaphysics has established that I can indeed have My Will; it’s all for naught if I merely spend My life Choosing something unworthy. I know I deserve much better, and so do we all. Ultimately it’s just not in Me to Choose something less.’

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