More parsing

The apostates, still communicating solely on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature, non-overt basis, appear to have been clarifying their intended implication.

Essentially, ’What we say on a counter-Divine Will basis we don’t actually mean, and should be disregarded.’

How curious. They’ve manifestly been investing in counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature agendas and efforts by organizing on such a basis. The results of those efforts manifestly violate Divinely-conferred rights, in all areas of life. Our literal currency has a fraction of the value it used to. Nearly half of what we do earn is manifestly taken by literal taxes, and much of the rest is taken through monopolistic practices. A system of ‘color of law’ and ‘color of authority’ has manifestly been established to supplant our legitimate common law system, with the result that rights are violated constantly. Literal lives are continually taken both domestically and abroad due to personnel in literal government positions who appear to be unaccountable to any legitimate system of laws, only to the apostate system’s edicts. Manifest species extinction as a result of the apostate system’s various methods isn’t an easy matter to ignore, let alone restore. The People manifestly endure a barrage of miseducation and disinformation, and a distinct absence of relevant truths, that their effectiveness in even knowing their own Will let alone implementing it is practically nullified. Interpersonal relationships of all kinds manifestly ‘fall apart’ due to investments in, and complications resulting from, the apostate system’s various agendas.

Clearly, ’Just don’t look at it’ isn’t the answer.

’It’s not right to invest in efforts on a counter-Divine Will basis’ seems more apt.

And there they manifestly are, still investing in various efforts on such a basis. Insisting in fact on an illegitimate counter-Divine Will, non-overt basis, and continuing to invest in only that.

Is there something about their implied argument here that I’m missing?

It appears to be a partial acknowledgment that it’s not right to do what they’re manifestly doing, while manifestly Choosing to continue to do exactly that.

An acknowledgement of default and illegitimacy, combined with an ongoing refusal to yield or even cease and desist.

And, consistent with what the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly been presenting to Me all along, all manner of implied non-overt messages made on a basis of [disrespect]+[counter-Divine Will]. Which common sense tells us is not qualitatively of the same value as respect for legitimate authority, on a Divine Will-aligned basis. It’s an ‘inversion’ manifestly made in deed rather than merely in symbolism, with the result that it manifestly becomes a Choice for wrongdoing rather than ‘doing the right thing’.

Thus, it appears to the best of My assessment merely a manifest Choice to continue to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature.

If that’s manifestly so, then My efforts are better applied elsewhere. Manifestly, there’s certainly enough to correct and the People could use My attention instead.

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