Reaffirmation, clarification Re: ‘Assange’, etc.

I’ll start here by clarifying that My Choice remains to align with and to uphold Divine Will and True Nature.

The apostate system at least appears to have desired clarity on that, due to some manifest events resulting from their apparent Choice to continue with their globalization agenda particularly in regard to their recent actions regarding ‘Assange’. While I don’t currently have certainty on that, what they’ve so far presented is of concern.

They appear to have invested quite a bit of effort to use ‘their’ illegitimately coopted international media and political officials to continue to defraud the general public as part of a greater effort for globalization. ‘Assange’ is of course ‘their’ asset, and likely an ‘int█lligence’ asset at that. By investing in an effort to present the new government of literal Ecuador as collusive with the nifferous ‘Deep State’ where the previous government was not, and supposedly giving ‘Assange’ over to ‘the Deep State’, the apostate system perpetuates its ‘good guy insiders versus the Deep State’ massive public fraud. With ‘Assange’ signaling during the incident to release his supposed ‘ins█rance files’, which then were released, we appear to find the apostate system manifestly continuing to invest in the globalization effort via the public fraud, and facilitating the ‘patriot military and their mass arrests of the cabal of corrupt banksters and politicians’ fraud whose ambition of course is to establish their globalist formula and defraud the People into eventually thinking that ‘all the globalism has been all sorted out now!’, enabling the apostate system to continue with business as usual.

Public sympathy for ‘Assange’ has been induced partly as the result of the apostate system corporate media hyping that he’s been in that embassy throughout those long years, when that seems rather unlikely. Literal, actual ‘L█ndon’ is full of ‘t█nnels’ which have supposedly been abandoned, with the nearest being apparently a ‘bl█ck’ away from that embassy. Presumably that was the reason the apostate system had selected it.

As not to expose this once it came to My attention would have been counter to Divine Will and True Nature, not to mention truth and justice, I then did so. I Chose My words with great care to avoid concerns of counter-Divine Will symbolism wherever feasible, and redacted terms of concern [as I’ve done here] where using them was otherwise unavoidable.

Via the current ‘N█wshour’, the apostate system appears to have made consistent efforts to make allusions to this, as if askance. It’s not clear to Me whether this is deliberate harassment or sincere concern. As such, I’ll remind them that while manifestly and demonstrably on a counter-Divine Will basis it’s mere presumption to consistently make critiques of someone manifestly on a more Divine Will and True Nature-aligned position than themselves; such concerns remain ’outside the scope’ of their Chosen position. To supercede they must do better in terms of Divine Will and True Nature alignment, just as I’ve manifestly done with the apostate system. A counter-Divine Will position lacks the legitimacy to be “heard”, and I make a response out of My own desire for clarity and some amount of literal indulgence. It’s good to have everyone clear on how the superceding policy works.

Divine Will requires truth and justice, which must be satisfied. It also requires making a clear distinction between the Choice for a Divine Will-aligned position and a counter-Divine Will position, which must also be satisfied. While not mutually irreconcilable, efforts to satisfy both those sets of requirements does require increasingly more thought and consideration the more the manifest situation is out of alignment with Divine Will and True Nature. Nevertheless, a sincere ‘good faith’ ‘best effort’ is all that’s required. Careful avoidance and minimization of terms of concern wherever feasible, redaction of terms where that isn’t, and an ongoing effort to expose the symbolism and quasi-organization to the general public would appear to suffice there.

Self-evidently, truth and justice would be left unsatisfied if the standard were total avoidance of mentioning and exposing counter-Divine Will efforts merely because their methods of implementation involved counter-Divine Will symbolism. To do so would be to commit the ’unspeakable’ fallacy, and common sense tells us that we’re precluded by Divine Will to give immunity to counter-Divine Will efforts as the result of them being on a counter-Divine Will basis. To do so would be to passively enable injustice, and that would clearly be a Choice against Divine Will and True Nature both. Nor alternatively could we enact truth and justice while abandoning standards of clear distinction between Divine Will-aligned and counter-Divine Will, lest we also enable counter-Divine Will efforts by refusing to maintain a standard of distinction. So careful wording and redaction appear, given the manifest circumstances the apostate system has Chosen and continues to Choose, to be about the only remaining option which satisfies Divine Will on all counts.

Were the apostate system manifestly Choosing in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, I think they would quite naturally recognize that. Then again, were the apostate system manifestly Choosing in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, the vast majority of these ’incidents of concern’ would never have occurred. Their manifest refusal to align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will and their own True Nature has resulted in a less than ideal situation for us all.

Speaking of, I’m currently assessing some preliminary findings about yet another trope from the apostate system. Nothing conclusive yet, I’m still getting a sense of what precisely they’re Choosing to imply with it. Currently it appears to be a sort of “tw█n” [context: Babylonian] presentation, something on the order of: ’Either we’re manifestly in alignment with Divine Will and just don’t seem like it, in which case it’s unfair of You to argue that we’re on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, or else we’re manifestly not in alignment with Divine Will, in which case You’d better say that we’re in alignment regardless if You know what’s good for You.’ Needless to say, neither the ‘tone’ nor the “tw█n” presentation are consistent with Divine Will or their own True Nature. But as I say, this is preliminary and as yet inconclusive. Supporting evidence includes some of the intimations made regarding the ‘Assange’ removal, remarks by Mr. Bergoglio recently to the Sudanese officials, and the recent presentation in Ipsw█ch of an “animated” “childrens’” “animal” “cartoon” [context: My “house”’s symbolism] in which graphic and disturbing adverts for other features were presented immediately beforehand. Also quite a number of references from ‘N█wshour’ and ‘The N█ws Quiz’ a few ‘d█ys’ ago.

As I’ve mentioned, the apparent presentation of a “tw█n” scenario with regard to whether the apostate system manifestly is or is not in alignment with Divine Will certainly is well outside of tolerable standards, and itself not a good demonstration of Divine Will alignment. It appears to be a ‘side issue’ regardless: My efforts to uphold Divine Will and True Nature will of course continue until either I’ve succeeded in manifesting it or they’re manifestly precluded by the apostate system. That is to say, the apostates will either get with Divine Will or encounter the resultants of their own Choice to reject it. The more demonstrably they manifestly Choose to reject it, the more demonstrable the resultants.

There is I suppose a more charitable means of interpreting their intended meaning here, at least some parts of what they’ve presented. That’s that: ’Our use of force is proportionate. We obviously have to uphold our own interests as an organization against those with less than noble methods, and that’s what you’ve been seeing throughout manifest history.’ As inherently non-credible as anything presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis I suppose, but let’s address it for the general public regardless. Such an explanation would hardly account for their manifest organizational history, which used phenomenal amounts of brute force and only gave that up [in part] when it found that this wasn’t having the desired effect. Since then they’ve manifestly preferred a more nuanced approach, at least in some regions, but their organizational prioritization self-evidently remains just as it manifestly had been. What is more, although the current regime has certainly demonstrated an internal, proprietary ruleset, it not only manifestly refuses to uphold Divine Will [it does in parts, only in the parts it Chooses, and that isn’t upholding Divine Will], it also retains the control and resources, including influence, of a quasi-organization which as acquired all those things through counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature methods. By retaining those things, it necessarily accepts the basis and Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature on which those things were acquired. So that’s a pretty clear and plain case, made easily and succinctly.

In presenting My preliminary findings early, I seek to better equip the apostate system to clarifying their own intended implications there.

Though of course, what they manifestly still haven’t been doing is uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature, and cede and yield to a greater authority, so it’s more or less moot to tarry with implications made on an inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. This is, as I’d stated, indulgence and a desire for clarity.

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