The more the manifest dissonance compounds between the apostates’ behavior and that which is in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, the greater the manifest dissonance between Myself and them becomes. It’s been only increasing, and recently has been increasing at a greater rate. I’m having to be even more Choosy with My words, lest I say things I’ll regret [and lose My ‘family friendly’ rating in the process] but it is rather beginning to seem like the most effective thing I can do with these communiqués after creating them is to immediately delete them, for all the effect they’re having. My effort is looking vastly better spent ‘educating’ the general public. For now however, probably the most constructive application of My increasing outrage is to calmly and reasonably explain why I’m encountering it.

I want Divine Will and True Nature manifest, derivative sovereignty under Divine Will for the People on an individual [and as a result, collective] basis, prevalent acknowledgement of sacrosanct Divinely-conferred rights, justice when they’re violated, and organizational legitimacy. These things are just standard; without them you merely have illegitimacy.

For literally years now the apostate system has manifestly refused to acknowledge the validity of My Divine Will-derived authority as superceding the illegitimate authority of the apostate systems’ hierarchy, retaining illegitimate control over practically everything manifest while knowingly, Willfully, avoidably and systematically flouting Divine Will and their own True Nature. Rather than just ‘get real’ and ‘get with the [Divine Will] program’, or even speak on an overt and credible basis, they’ve manifestly invested in non-overt efforts to offer Me this, offer Me that, offer Me all manner of things which are nothing like what I seek, and what I’ve told them clearly and plainly that I seek. What is more, they’ve been doing so on a basis which is directly at odds with My Will. Their manifest Choices cause ‘suckage’ and blasphemies to continue to compound, while I and the People generally subsist in a scenario in which we pay the costs of their illegitimate usurpation and ongoing cooption of practically all the infrastructure.

The apostate system apparently functions on a premise of gaining the acceptance of others by getting them to accept something in place of, and in contradiction to, Divine Will and True Nature. That is, to get them to value and Choose some form of ‘idol’ in preference of Divine Will and their own True Nature. Thus it can maintain a perception of legitimacy, or at least comparative legitimacy. With Me though, My Will derives from Divine Will. I want things precisely because they’re in alignment with Divine Will and with the True Nature it has conferred upon Me. So when I detail that openly, clearly, overtly and plainly, and demonstrate the manifest disparity between that and the apostate system’s position, do they acknowledge Divine Will and concede? Or do they only acknowledge Divine Will when it happens to align with their organizational agendas? For now it seems the latter, and that is absolutely outrageous. Here they encounter a valid, Divine Will-aligned authority figure and behave directly contrary to their Will for literally years, in so many ways. The apostate system could perhaps make an argument of fairness about this if that authority figure were to accept their terms at some later date, but right here and now it’s wrong and I can’t reasonably see that as a likely outcome regardless. So right here and now they’re wasting literal and symbolic “time” [context: My “house”’s symbolism] and retaining illegitimate control that was illegitimately gained, to the detriment of others including Myself. [And as common law tells us, ’Commodum ex injuri su non habere debet.’, or ’No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong.’, so the later argument would be spurious regardless.]

I’ve demonstrated clear alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, and directed the legitimate authority which derives from that to getting the apostate system on a manifestly legitimate basis. Conversely, their agenda under a manifestly illegitimate counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis has been to attempt to gain My acceptance of their basis. In other words, they’ve been manifestly setting aside My agenda and Will in preference for their own agenda. And that is clearly an investment in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis over Divine Will and True Nature.

In that kind of a scenario, I’d more effectively devote My addresses to the crowds than to the apostate system. This is the conclusion I’ve been increasingly finding, given the behavior of the latter. I’ve been trying to give the apostates every reasonable opportunity for voluntary correction, but if it’s refused there are other people out there who deserve fair recourse from their efforts too.

I’ve been trying openness and clarity, and demonstrating how much I value it. What do they do in return? Refuse to speak on an overt and direct basis, insisting on a non-overt basis and specifically a distinctly non-credible counter-Divine Will basis at that. Compound the hardship of an unfamiliar non-overt ‘language’ [unfamiliar because they’d kept it inaccessible to Me until recently, so that learning it wasn’t an option] with an even less-familiar ‘inverted’ “c█w” form of it, which practically guarantees miscommunications and misunderstandings between us despite My best efforts to keep things clear between us [though there shouldn’t even be a ‘between us’; that we haven’t managed to consolidate our positions is purely the result of their manifest rejection of Divine Will-derived authority]. The intensified output of ‘suckage’, grotesquery and blasphemies ‘their’ personnel issue because of applying said “c█w” inverted format is just another demonstration of their manifest Choice to prioritize their organizational agenda ahead of, and in direct conflict with, Divine Will and their own True Nature.

So as I’m attempting to sort the situation out, they appear to start getting the wrong idea about Me. I’m not certain what it is, and with their present even more jumbled presentation certainty has been in limited supply regardless. I try providing explanation and clarity well beyond the figurative call of duty, but the basis off which they’re Working manifestly appears to have increasingly less to do with the situation as it actually exists. Since context is everything when interpreting a non-overt format, and they’ve been manifestly insisting on a non-overt format, that leaves Me without much of an ability to clarify and resolve matters as the result of their own manifest organizational Choices.

Add to that an apparent sort of ‘confirmation bias’ situation, in which the apostate system uses their illegitimate control of the infrastructure to propagate some disturbing and perhaps conditioning imagery and allusions regarding Myself and My “house” to ‘their’ personnel, and those personnel interpret what I present to them in some of the most unworthy contexts [which now seem likely to them given what they’ve been hearing]. They dutifully report it, and voila: organizational confirmation bias. The apostate system has manifestly been doing much the same thing on an overt basis to tamper with jury selection for ages now: since they’re juries, it’s supposed to be the Will of the People, but they have the agents of the state ask all manner of personal questions to prospective jurors until they get the kind of jury they want, who will make the kinds of determinations the state wants.

So with apparent ‘confirmation bias’ going on over there, and definitely a manifest rejection of Divine Will and True Nature, and a comparative inability to resolve things with clarity with these communiqués, let alone have the apostate system enact My Will, there is manifestly a definite increase in outrage and dissatisfaction over here.

Now let’s consider more apparent geopolitical maneuvering on their part to establish globalism, in direct contravention of My Will as stated clearly to them numerous times. Compounded with the insult to My ‘intelligence’ that’s involved in trying to ‘sell’ Me on the idea that it’s a ‘b█rgaining incentive’. Yes, it’s the ‘regime change’ and ‘snap elections’ narrative.

As hyped: ’We’re so interested in getting you to ‘sell out’ to a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis that we’re offering to have ‘our’ media go on about how much public discontent is going on with the various politicians in office, put all manner of disrespectful, abusive and unpeaceful imagery out about them, and even push for ‘snap elections’ to get them out of office in accordance with your anti-Establishment message. France, the ‘U.K’, the Ukraine, T█rkey, every major political leader in office must go!’

For contrast, here’s an excerpt from an article put out at the end of last year:

‘Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year: Le Pen and Corbyn will win'

‘(22 December 2018) – Have you noticed how the political scr█pt is showing both Macron and May in deep tr█uble going into 2019? This is part of the setup for a Peace [Strategy] option next year. Should the globalists opt for the Peace [Strategy], Tr█mp and Putin will survive through March, and they’ll be joined by Le Pen and Corbyn. This will turn the P5 board all green…

‘And once all the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are pro-Putin, they’ll allow the UN to be ‘reformed’ to be str█nger and ‘more representative’ — to become the New World Order’

In other words, it’s yet another maneuver to establish globalization, as well as part of a long-term effort to coopt religious prophecy faux-fulfillment via Putin.

We find the same thing with the Ukraine and T█rkey in a recent update:

UKRAINE: The West-aligned current President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, appears to be headed for a presidential election loss against Volodymyr Zelensky, who may soften Ukraine’s h█stile stance towards Russia. The second and decisive round of the election will occur on April ██. So according to the script, the ‘Ev█l W█st’ / ‘Deep State’ have only three weeks to do something to save their p█ppet regime in Ukraine, which is k█y to their supposed assa█lt on Russia.’

T█RKEY: Erdogan’s party suffered losses in T█rkey’s biggest cities, po█nting to a weakening political position that may become untenable when [or] if the T█rkish economy crashes. It’s also n█table that Binali Yildirim, who had some prophecy scripting support as a possible replacement for Erdogan in either the Dajjal or Mahdi role, resigned his national political position in February to focus on his failed bid to become the mayor of Istanb█l. This increases the likelihood that Erdogan will be scr█pted as the ‘defeated Dajjal.’’

Figuratively speaking, ‘get out of here with that stuff’. Religious fraud is offensive to Divine Will, efforts to defraud Me are disrespectful, and globalization efforts are in direct conflict with My Divinely-derived Will and authority. The apostates’ True Nature is Divinely-conferred and much better than that. They should behave accordingly.

I’ve previously shown them just what I want, and why. They’ve been manifestly offering things of negligible value, and in direct, abject conflict with that. And then, it seems, they’ve been ‘just assuming’ that because I’m not sure what they’re on about and haven’t rejected their unworthy ‘offers’, that I must have accepted them by default. And then just evidently ‘gone ahead’ with whatever counter-Divine Will globalization agendas they’d already intended anyway. No, and even more no.

I’ve also been noticing intimations from ‘their’ personnel that their intent has been, paraphrased: ’To make the apostate system look as unworthy as is reasonably possible in order to give you the PR advantage. In which case you’ll have accepted benefits we’ve provided on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and opted in!’

If this is accurate they manifestly err again. What I want is Divine Will and True Nature, manifest. The more they manifestly defy that, the more they diminish value and quality of life for all of us. The disparity between My “house” and theirs was manifestly happening regardless, and as I Choose in alignment with Divine Will and True Nature the disparity only begins to get resolved when they do as well.

‘Offering’ Me things which are in direct conflict with My Will, Divine Will, or their True Nature is unworthy, the non-overt equivalent of ‘j█nk ma█l’. They’re additionally offensive and objectionable, and I again officially make objection and protestation against them. They’re not thinking clearly if they present things which are in conflict with My Will and then ‘just assume’ that I’ll find it worthwhile, or even inoffensive. ‘Offering’ them is wrong; ‘just assuming’ is still more wrong.

They’ve been directly and manifestly defying My Will and Divine Will. That is not a method for establishing a flourishing relationship.

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