Re: ‘Social justice’

Just a brief clarification on the overt message presented by Mr. Bergoglio regarding ‘social justice’ a short while ago. Emphasis Mine.

‘We know too that the consolidation of true peace comes through the pursuit of social justice, which is indispensable for correcting the economic imbalances and political unrest that have always had a major role in generating conflicts and threatening the whole of humanity,’ he said.

That has to be the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone ‘consolidating’ peace. Generally, it’s control which is consolidated.

‘the economic imbalances and political unrest’ were manifestly generated by the apostate system, particularly the Jesuits and Babylonian Kabbalists.

‘social justice’ is a sociopolitical engineering mechanism which uses sophistry and inconstant values to defraud and subvert the People.

As such it is not only eminently ‘dispensable’, but reprehensible and criminal both in man’s law, and in Divine law.

True ‘peace’, as I’ve stated clearly before, manifests as a result of the Choice for alignment with Divine Will and True Nature. Which is presumably why the apostate system hasn’t manifested it.

I did notice something accurate, if misapplied. From R█uters:

‘He said that migrants and refugees had rights and dignity ‘independent of their legal status’…

Just so.

…and that host communities should reject ‘all forms of discrimination and xenophobia’.’

Hmm, wait a second there. ‘host communities’? What about their original communities?

The apostate system evidently controls them both, and its their manifest quasi-organizational agendas which have made them migrants ‘in the first place’.

So rather than proselytize to restructure the values of ‘host communities’ it hasn’t fully subverted yet, it would seem that the apostate system has some Work to do getting their original communities to uphold Divine Will principles. Given that Rome and Babylon manifestly concocted Islam, they’d seem to have had plenty of literal ‘time’ to do so already. So it makes for yet another curious case example among many, in terms of a Divine Will basis or manifest lack thereof.

When I state a Divine Will-aligned position, and a major publicity figure for the apostate system issues overt ‘talking points’ which are directly in conflict with that, the result is an appearance that the apostate system isn’t taking Divine Will seriously.

Perhaps it can clarify that.

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