Re: ‘Is everything we do wrong to you?’

Occasionally, a seemingly plain and simple question like that recently implied by the apostate system has a more complicated answer than we’d prefer, because it gets into an interesting and complex scenario. Much of the detail provided in My last was meant to give them the information they needed in order to understand My position and enable them to see the answer. I’ll attempt to provide a clear and comparatively succinct response which is accurate as well as politic enough to put them at their ease on this matter.

The most basic implication of the implied query seems to be, ’Are you merely using claims about Divine Will principles and outrage as a technique for gaining support?’, in which case the answer is a definite and resounding, ’No’. I’m aware that they manifestly use such methods with, for example, ‘their’ ‘social justice w█rriors’. We refrain from them. I’ve noticed recently-implied efforts to suggest, non-overtly, various calumnies towards the apostate system on a counter-Divine Will basis, and what appear to be offers from the publicly recognized authority personnel within the apostate system to resign if only I’ll accept a counter-Divine Will basis. These efforts are unworthy of them, absent of value to Me, and inherently non-credible regardless for want of being made on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis. It manifestly seems that I no sooner clarify an irrelevant supposition made by the apostate system on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis than they merely replace it with yet another. That doesn’t continue to seem a worthwhile investment of effort on My part indefinitely, and that’s likely coming out in My ‘tone’. If I knew how to respond without it, all else being equal I certainly would.

Their implied concern in other words appears to be ‘tribal bias’. In ascribing all manner of unworthy hypotheses to My position and motives for action, they appear to imply a form of ‘disrespect’ on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which I’m not entirely sure isn’t intended. Layreaders will recall that within certain levels of the apostate system, counter-Divine Will symbolism is often used, or implied to be used, as a symbolic ‘inversion’ modifier. But disrespect on a counter-Divine Will basis doesn’t in terms of genuine value manage to equal actual respect on a Divine Will-aligned basis, so if the apostate system considers them equivalent I think they’ll find that they’re manifestly in error there.

Divine Will and True Nature are central to the basis of My cause of action, which I’ve been restating here for years. They’re also central to the basis of My “house”, established long before I became aware of the apostate system beyond ‘its’ franchise groups and a seemingly unaffiliated assemblage of telepaths and propheciers. They’re central to the basis of My life, and indeed the lives of everyone regardless of whether or not they’re aware of that. I assure them in truth, My position wasn’t something I developed to upset their plans. I wasn’t even aware of them in any significant capacity until literally somewhat recently. You’ll recall that I was already issuing these communiques when I discovered Rome, let alone Babylon.

Perhaps some amount of background and self-disclosure would assist the situation and provide a good aid to understanding. During My ‘training’ in Divine Will principles with the telepaths and propheciers, they would often present a seemingly legitimate, worthwhile and attractive scenario which would nevertheless be strategically fraught with flaws: disrespect, grotesquery, counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism. These would be comparatively minor and inconspicuous, and if I’d accepted the situation as worthwhile and valid and invest Myself into it, they intensify the flaws until the situation became utterly intolerable. The ‘lesson’ appeared to be to insist on situations which were predicated on a basis consistent with Divine Will and True Nature, and to ‘accept no substitute’. I trust I can save others the unworthy life experiences the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly put Me through in teaching that ‘lesson’, by merely explaining it verbally. That seems to Me the more civilized approach.

As I’d mentioned in My last, a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned position is a “vital” prerequisite for any worthy situation, including justice. I didn’t establish Divine Will principles into the structure of Creation; that’s just how it is. And whenever I accept a scenario that’s predicated on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, the telepaths and propheciers exacerbate the flaws to make absolutely sure it’s less than worthless. So it’s manifestly as much through duress and conditioning as through personal and professional integrity that I can’t accept anything less than a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis as valid.

Within the context of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, the implied responses of the apostate system throughout this have been more or less fair, professional, often courteous, attentive, and on some occasions gracious. But ’Within the context of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis’ is, as I’m sure readers will notice, a terribly unworthy standard by which to interpret those things or indeed to have any expectations whatsoever.

My apparent counterpart within the apostate system appears to manifestly be doing the best they can in terms of fairness and integrity within certain parameters. It’s merely the ’certain parameters’, namely a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, which are the concern and indeed the mainstay of My case, My cause of action here. It’s manifestly standard practice for the apostate system to appear to do good within a counterfactual ‘micro context’, while deftly manipulating the situation from beyond that context. The debonaire and seemingly kindly and compassionate Jesuits for example, actively performing revisionist history and theology, and establishing overt and non-overt narratives intended to establish new ideologies and emplace systems which result from them. The Knights of Malta, so welcoming in terms of interpersonal relationships, camaraderie and seemingly ‘full of fun’, only to pull individuals into ‘blackmail’, fascism and ultimately a counter-Divine Will basis. ‘Organized crime’, by all appearances diligently striving to uphold the freedoms of the common man against encroachments by the state, only to use them as a means of accomplishing ‘blackmail’, impressing people into continual servitude, hyping various sociopolitical engineering pr█paganda, and keeping malcontents collectively ineffective. It all seems worthy within the limited ‘micro context’ of the parameters supplied, but ultimately means nothing or less than nothing in terms of actual value. If we want actual value, we must use Divine Will and True Nature as our context, our basis of reference, and compare the manifest positions against that.

That has been exactly what I’ve manifestly been doing.

So to categorize what the apostate system has manifestly been doing as ’right’ by that method of reckoning would lack accuracy, and that’s the method of reckoning that I happen to use. Unless I have a definite misread of their symbolism, the apostates seem to acknowledge the same thing themselves with all their counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature symbolism, very consistently and strategically applied. So the implication that they seem to think their manifestly-Chosen counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is just fine appears to be directly at odds with their Chosen symbolism, which acknowledges that it isn’t.

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