Re: International justice

On a non-overt, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis the other ‘day’, the apostate system appeared to make an effort to allude to a desire to seek to arrange what they referenced as international justice. I’m not certain whether the word ‘international’ was meant in an overt or a non-overt sense, as “international” tends to have a meaning in the symbolism of My “house” as roughly ‘on a non-credible basis’, due to the multiplicity of “languages” used typically being a derivative of the “babbling” symbol. But as the implication appears to be there, it costs nothing for Me [but literal time and focus] to provide a courtesy response.

Summarily, it’s My best understanding of Divine Will principles and True Nature that genuine ‘justice’ in man’s law is not tenable without a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned position. Manifest literal history shows us this plainly: when a People abandon principle, their society’s administration of justice invariably diminishes. Likewise, interpersonal relationships and even good, healthy, effective communication tend to become likewise unfeasible when one or more of those involved are knowingly, Willfully and avoidably on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. As with My situation regarding the manifestly apostate system for example: I can’t even know with certainty whether some message is genuinely intended, or if so whether it’s sincerely meant and in ‘good faith’. As such, I’ve been relegated to making a ‘best guess’ determination.

Without a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis we can still attempt to approximate justice, but the results are usually subpar. We can attempt to be fair and even generous, but as literal Scripture mentions there are no truly good men. We need Divine Will, and without it we manifestly diminish as well. When someone is manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, such as those in the apostate system have manifestly been doing, they can nevertheless make a sincere effort to be fair and impartial, kind and generous, but the guarantee of sincerity or consistency is just inherently lacking, and it’s never certain whether their apparent efforts are sincere or merely done as a matter of expediency and for public relations resultants. Or indeed whether the interpretation that I’m meant to infer from it all is their genuine intent, or if rather there’s something else completely that’s being implemented on some other ‘layer’ of symbolism. The apostate system has manifestly acquired much through the jettisoning of alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, and subverting communication has been among their major implements of Choice for that effort. So efforts to communicate with them to resolve the manifest situation have manifestly been complicated by this; attempting to show them better and to address their concerns becomes a matter of having to guess whether those are actually sincere concerns on their part.

All this on a basis of them manifestly Choosing knowingly, Willfully and avoidably to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature. As mentioned, it’s not easy to think of a scenario in which an authority figure would Choose to remain Divine Will-aligned and yet condone such counter-Divine Will behavior on the part of ‘their’ rank and file; a principal is accountable for the actions of his agents. For literally years now the apostate system has continued to reject an alignment with Divine Will principles and their own True Nature, and My having indulged them on such a basis has enabled them an opportunity to present all manner of non-overt tropes which aren’t genuinely indicative of either.

The recent item involving ‘Obrador’ seeking an ‘apology’ from Mr. Bergoglio seems to allude to the general situation, although the symbolism of the item suggests that it too is on a non-credible counter-Divine Will basis. In an effort to hold that in abeyance for the sake of courtesy and ‘instructional’ communication, the major phrase of import in response appears to have been ‘[the prior acts] cannot be judged in the light of contemporary considerations’, or as the media had paraphrased it, that the standards of “the present” could not have been used “in the past”. Massaging the symbolism a bit and accounting for the apostate system’s apparent current ‘inversion’ mode, it seems just remotely possible that they could have meant to suggest that the apostate system could not have known about Divine Will principles when it manifestly committed the various kinds of atrocities to which I’ve been making careful mention.

This seems counter intuitive though, as the telepaths and propheciers surely knew. And the apostate system has amply demonstrated not only a knowing, Willful and avoidable Choice to manifestly reject Divine Will and their own True Nature in the cause of manifest expansion and gains, but also their familiarity with Divine Will principles in their deft and nuanced efforts to ‘subvert around’ them. So the idea that ’We just didn’t know’ doesn’t seem to apply here, and perhaps was not intended.

The manifest organizational gains of expansion, usurpation, subversion and acquisition were made on this basis, and not forfeited. The apostate system manifestly continued to present Divine Will symbolism made less than “pure” with counter-Divine Will symbolism, by all appearances making great efforts to emplace itself as a counterfeit Divine Will authority establishment. However, comes now Myself bringing a cause of action on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis. When confronted with a legitimate Divine Will-derived authority, the apostate system manifestly continues to attempt to occupy the usurped position. It then spends literal years investing itself in nearly all manner of efforts to influence and illegitimatize the legitimate, Divine Will-aligned authority. During that time it defies that authority’s Will to join Him on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, and continues to retain control of the organization and ‘its’ usurped resources and personnel through fiat, still on a counter-Divine Will basis. The manifest result is that the general public, predominantly ‘minors’, then encounter seemingly ‘two’ mutually-exclusive authorities, on mutually-exclusive bases. Their media, and thus their ‘first impressions’ of this unfamiliar authority figure, are thus controlled and influenced by the apostate system on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Meanwhile, personnel throughout the apostate system manifestly invest themselves in a series of efforts on a counter-Divine Will basis which come to nothing, systematic grotesquery, blasphemies and other unworthy imagery and symbolism, and for want of a better example spend more literal years hyperfocused on an unworthy mode of living in which an undue emphasis on non-overt interaction predominates their lives.

For My part, media source after media source which had been demonstrating allegiance with the telepaths and propheciers on an ostensibly legitimate and Divine Will-aligned basis instead jettison that in favor of apparent loyalty to the apostate system on a quite unworthy counter-Divine Will basis. What is more, familiarity with the symbolism of Rome and Babylon then depicted them as having knowingly been doing so all along. Upon having deduced that the apostate system was being run by the telepaths and propheciers, the entire apostate nature of their manifest position, including the various ‘layers’ of franchises, demonstrated themselves to be an investment which had its manifest origins in the Choice by the telepaths and propheciers for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position. In other words, utter and deliberate contrivance on their part from start to finish. Yet they’ve manifestly been continuing to invest in such “absurdities”. A manifest Choice on their part to which I take manifest exception, and which results in manifest dissonance. In sum, to even encounter an ‘apostate’ system is unworthy of all concerned, and appears to be quite deliberate on their part.

I should probably clarify why I’m depicting all this. My apparent counterpart within the apostate system appears to have been making efforts to imply or allude to, essentially, ’Have I not been fair with you? Consider this courtesy I’ve extended, that act of grace, and so on.’ Yes of course, no argument there. But understanding and living by a basis of Divine Will and True Nature requires a basis in the Absolutes, which frequently means getting a larger sense of scope than merely the immediate context of, say, an ‘investigation’ non-credibly and non-overtly implied which presumably wasn’t sincerely meant in the first place. Or a ‘multi-layered’ quasi-organization which has manifested purely through the Choice of the telepaths and propheciers to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature. Or a People and the vast preponderance of infrastructure that’s being used to serve counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature agendas rather than worthy efforts to uphold and to affirm Divine Will and True Nature.

It’s precisely because I reckon in terms of the Divinely-aligned True Nature of all involved that I’m so dissatisfied with the manifest situation. If I thought we couldn’t do so much better, I wouldn’t find all this so manifestly disappointing. It’s precisely because I do know we can that I so often expect better. So I attempt to do better, starting with Myself. I provide ‘instruction’ and council on Divine Will principles, and seek to assist people with whatever manifest limitations they’re encountering which prevent them from achieving better. Even when sometimes that means having to make a ‘best guess’ as to whether they’re indeed actually encountering them, or merely implying that they do. And by striving for courteous and professional behavior which demonstrates and sets a better standard.

But I did think an alluded-to interest in establishing some form of justice was a constructive interest, and as such likely deserved a response. From My perspective, Divine Will and True Nature are the prerequisite to pretty much everything. It doesn’t seem practical to want justice yet reject the principles which provide it. And since Divine Will and True Nature are the prerequisites for everything else, that seems to Me that aptly summarizes the manifest state of interrelations between the apostate system and Myself, and why we’ve manifestly been unable to achieve ‘common ground’ from systems with mutually-exclusive ‘foundations’. [Which itself is a major “absurdity”, given that in truth everything derives from a basis of Divine Will.]

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