Reaffirmation and strategy exposure: “m█ther”

So we’re all clear, I’m reaffirming My Choice to align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will and the True Nature that it confers upon Me.

A few minor items, and something particularly encouraging I’ve received.

I recently associated to something I hadn’t reviewed in a while and went to review it. In the symbolism of My “house” its symbolic content [sans the counter-Divine Will stuff I’ve learned about since] reads approximately: ’The behavior pattern you’re manifestly demonstrating is grounds for a demotion.’ So appropriate in these manifest circumstances, given an assemblage of rogue telepaths and propheciers who’d agreed to Work with Me on a basis of Divine Will and True Nature, and who’ve manifestly been investing in all manner of counter-Divine Will schemes of the apostate system instead. When I went to obtain an instance of it, the ‘m█sic video’ was available. Since I’d never seen that I got it, only to find it loaded up with up to the moment symbolism from the telepaths and propheciers apparently designed either to make My cause look as illegitimate as possible, or at least to cause Me unease because it would appear that way to others. At least they’re remaining manifestly consistent in their usefulness, I suppose. Naturally the media let alone the format was so unworthy as to be unusable as symbolism even if I had wanted to, so I refrained. I’d otherwise likely cite it here for clarity, and evidence.

I’ve gathered more samples of Jesuit and Babylonian symbolism presented in situ for ‘study’. If I’m going to expose something, I have a duty to apply ‘due diligence’ and make reasonable effort to gain a good working familiarity with it, including context and usage.

Which reminds, I’ve added the “F█des” symbol to My ‘educational’ area.

Admittedly, I’ve spent more effort than I would have preferred attempting to sort through the apostate system’s various non-overt and non-credible intimations on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, rather than invest that attention to ‘instructional’ efforts. Though everything on a knowing, Willful, avoidable and systematic counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is inherently non-credible, the apostate system itself manifestly operates on such a basis and it’s important to Me to make a ‘good faith’ effort to at least try to ascertain where they’re figuratively coming from and what their concerns are. I can then assess whether or not they seem genuinely and sincerely held. As stated, their ‘investigation’ trope appears to lack that particular muster; they surely understand the “absurdity” not of the cause itself, but of attempting to seek it while manifestly on such a basis. The apostate system, though manifestly predicated on a counter-Divine Will basis, nevertheless is at least aware of Divine Will principles and has demonstrated this well.

The encouraging item came literally recently. I’ve put so much effort into determining what, if indeed anything, was the manifest position of the apostate system and what it has been seeing to achieve, and encountered a predominant and likely intentional manifest lack of clarity there. In amongst that, I found a ‘new’ investment of their efforts [again on a non-credible and unworthy counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis] to attempt to use ‘their’ ‘organized crime’ franchise to present as sympathizers to something at least vaguely resembling My cause. That is, implying no small amount of resentment towards the apostate ‘investigation’ trope, doing so on a blatantly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and then seeking My approval of their efforts in an effort to gain apparent succor from the supposed ‘bad guys’. Of course that’s tremendously unworthy, that which is manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is necessarily in abject conflict with My interests as I’ve made so very clear before, and so on. What I find encouraging is that something familiar begins to emerge from all this: the apostate system manifestly continuing to seek My acceptance of something on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Amidst a disconcerting lack of clarity and having invested sufficiently into setting the ‘tone’ of the narrative, they’ve nevertheless managed to get to the purpose of the effort: seeking to elicit the desired response from Me, attempting to get Me to relinquish a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis. That makes their manifest position much clearer indeed.

Honestly, all that effort could and should have gone to projects which were Divine Will and True Nature-aligned and -affirming instead. We’d all be much better off. Every moment’s a Choice to invest in one basis or another, and it’s unworthy and inappropriate for them to invest in counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature efforts and agendas at the expense of something Divine Will-aligned. They’re mutually-exclusive positions, and what’s manifestly invested in one is manifestly denied to the other. And only Divine Will and True Nature are worthy of that investment in the first place.

While I’m on the subject, a bit of ‘instruction’ for layreaders. In depicting Babylonian Kabbalism as disturbing and untoward, and ‘their’ ‘organized crime’ franchise as supportive and comforting, they manifestly appeared to deploy a standard Babylonian strategy which they call “f█ther, m█ther, ch█ld”. The “f█ther” represents their official authority base, and is depicted as severe, harsh and stern. The “m█ther” figure, in this instance ‘their’ ‘organized crime’ franchise, presents as unofficial but comforting. The “ch█ld” [ie., the typically inexperienced innocent they’re attempting to defraud] is expected to use their own sense of agency to Choose to accept the “m█ther” figure in order to gain the support apparently needed to fend off the efforts of the “f█ther”. Of course both “m█ther” and “f█ther” are in it together, and the whole objective of the effort was to gain the acceptance of the “ch█ld”. [Edit: And get the dissenting "ch█ld" to Choose a less overt basis, where their behavior is less blatant and more easily influenced, marginalized and controlled.] This appears to have been the intent of the recent "Th█iland royalty" item recounted in the international media which depicts this strategy.

This is of course a good juncture to remind all readers that efforts to manipulate via fraud encroach upon peoples’ sense of agency, which is an encroachment upon their Divinely-conferred ability to make a Choice. I’ve often heard it said that the best definition of literal ‘bl█ck m█gick’ is that which encroaches against the ability of people to make a Choice; let the Babylonian Kabbalists learn from that as they will, it’s presented absolutely freely.

[Edit: I'd meant to include another item as well. Recently I've been noticing an error from the apostate system that's been showing up in many places, including the international media. Since rights are Divinely-conferred, only individuals have rights. Governments, by contrast, have no rights whatsoever. They have authorities which are delegated to them by the People, although this becomes manifestly less than clear in countries which abjectly refuse to recognize this concept. And corporations have permisisons and privileges ['licenses' and 'ch█rters', which includes the permission to exist whatsoever] conferred upon them by governments. I've been hearing so much about 'rights' that governments supposedly have, good civics prompts Me to correct the apostates on this matter. Indeed, much of My own efforts have been in My private and personal capacity precisely because of the current manifest unfeasibility of obtaining delegated authorities from the People in their current status as defrauded 'minors'.]

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