Apparent ‘erroneous positive’ and trope exposure: “serenity”

Alright, lets open with what appears from here to be another ‘erroneous positive’, though I’m not certain there’s even any concern about it. Over social media, a literal friend I haven’t seen in years mentioned getting out of an unsatisfying situation and ‘going home’. I clicked ‘Like’ to overtly demonstrate support and encouragement. Later they posted again on the same topic, but appeared to load it up with all manner of unsettling symbolism. They followed that up with some posts on the topic of ‘betrayal’, and the next thing I knew the ‘n█ws’ was going on about ‘almost incredible’ things and ‘sotto voce hints’. If the apostate system is somehow laboring under the misapprehension that people are organizing elaborate non-overt ‘c█ups’ against them via the react buttons on social media, it’s My humble privilege to be able to relieve them of it absolutely gratis.

I suppose it’s just barely possible that we could have a problem with inadvertent ‘jury bias’ here. Consider: The majority of personnel don’t at least appear to be cognizant of Divine Will principles, and don’t seem to be familiar with the position of Myself or My “house” either. They have however been non-overtly hearing plenty about the figurative specter of less than honorable behavior on My part, and evidently been asked to seek it out. So when they’ve been conditioned to make formalized, loyal and systematic use of a non-overt basis and then given a pattern of behavior into which to contextualize something, basic human nature says we’re going to encounter instances of them seeing it despite that having not been intended whatsoever. And that’s aside from a ‘jury’ on a manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which intrinsically lacks ‘good faith’ in the first place, or at least comes with no guarantee of it.

Is it fair or right that someone on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis should find their lives, their perceived credibility, and the perceived honor and legitimacy of their “house” fraught with difficulty in ordinary human interactions by those on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis? Hardly. Until we can find a ‘jury of peers’, that is, a jury of those upholding a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, I’m not sure the apostate system’s implied cause of action can legitimately be addressed without a ‘mistrial’. The concern might be fair [or indeed, not], but the implementation seems to be on an ad hoc and kludgey legal basis, so to speak.

Since those in recognized authority positions are certainly well aware of Divine Will principles, I suspect they’re already fully aware of the manifest conflict with Divine Will in attempting to enact fairness on a basis which is intrinsically unsound, and suspect they’re likely ‘having Me on’ here on this matter. Or at least investing in a lot of needlessly unsettling scenarios on a counter-Divine Will basis purportedly to ‘teach’ Me about ‘how their system works’, but more accurately to present another trope, to whit: “serenity”.

By now it’s become an obscure little trope, not frequently used. We most often encounter the reference used with regard to monarchs or the papacy, and it’s used to refer to their alleged “sereneness” as having resulted from the fact that they understand and appreciate Divine Will principles enough to feel secure that anything that appears untoward or against their regime is actually a mere inadvertent misunderstanding, or gaffe, and certainly not sincerely intended. It’s the natural state of affairs when a system is actually operating on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis. However as we know and I’ve repeatedly established, the apostate system manifestly fails to operate on such a basis, as any remaining Huguenots, Palestinians, First Nations peoples, Third World peoples, ‘L█urel C█nyon’ victims or endangered animals could readily substantiate were they indeed able.

Instead, to the very best of My knowledge, what the apostate system manifestly does is make a showy presentation of operating on Divine Will principles while keeping the brunt of their underhanded methods out of the history books and off the media, or at least ascribing them to outside groups or lower-order franchises which they later relegate to the discard pile once they’ve dutifully served their purpose. The “serenity” which the apostate figureheads demonstrate rather appears to be the confidence that a combination of their numbers, military capabilities and tropes have furnished them: confidence they can manifestly continue with sufficient perceived credibility to enable their quasi-organization to persist indefinitely. In essence, that they’ve successfully convinced the People that despite their demonstrable manifest behavior they can nevertheless retain all the seeming legitimacy of a “house” which is legitimately operating on a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis.

In place of Divine Will principles and their own True Nature, the apostate system appears to have substituted a rigid set of non-overt symbolism and an internal ruleset. The latter is designed to perform sufficiently like a system of honor, integrity and Divine Will principles for the nonce until they’ve consolidated control so as to keep the public uproar to a minimum. When ’Don’t get caught’ appears to be the major rule, public reputation becomes critically important. As such, the system can manifestly be relied upon to perform with a semblance of integrity and honor when not doing so would result in a PR-losing boondoggle.

This is quite sincerely My best understanding of the manifest operation of the apostate system based on their manifest performance throughout their quasi-organizational career. It’s not relevant to their actual True Nature of course, but then manifestly they self-admittedly haven’t been acting on that basis for pretty much ever. Just as with Roman Catholicism finding it strategically useful to purport to be some version of legitimate Christianity [indeed, the only version, to hear them tell it], the apostate system finds it a major strategic expedient to present a counterfeit semblance of Divine Will alignment. If I’m manifestly in error in My assessment here I’m absolutely open to proof to the contrary which takes into account the various atrocities they’ve manifested throughout their quasi-organizational lifespan, or else retroactively ‘undoes’ them. I hasten to add though that that’s not an invitation to violate My Divinely-conferred rights under the auspices of ‘teaching’, as their presentation of the “serenity” trope appears to have been used as pretext to do.

Moral: All the ‘lofty’ talk of Divine Will principles tends to fall flat when they’re manifestly being directly and blatantly contravened, which presumably accounts for all the ‘suckage’ and unworthy symbolism and imagery that’s been manifestly coming out of the apostate system while they’ve been presenting this trope. I understand ‘their’ Roman Catholicism systematically uses the same method in terms of non-overt symbolism: all the apparently Divine Will-aligned imagery and symbolism you like, provided that they’re always accompanied by some counter-Divine Will symbolism to clearly, if discreetly, negate it all.

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