Additional [with ‘G█lan H█ights’ also]

A few more elements occur regarding the ‘investigation’ trope.

Some I’ve mentioned already, such as the error of ‘scope’ involved with having personnel and quasi-organizations on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis make reports and profess to pass judgement on someone like Myself, who is aligned with Divine Will and True Nature. All on the implied pretext of doubt regarding whether or not I have actually Chosen a Divine Will-aligned basis, and merely haven’t stated as much. That would enable a quasi-organization on a less than legitimate basis to contrive sophistry and then use it as a rationalization for pre-emptive reprisals, which of course would be neither fair nor good.

I should definitely add that despite their clearly-signaled Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, they’ve more or less behaved quite fairly thus far. Manifest exceptions would appear to include things like figuratively clinging to authority on a counter-Divine Will basis and refusing to concede, as well as disrespect and grotesquery presented under the auspices of their ‘Willworking’ symbolism [as in, ’We’re trying to get [this result] to happen’, indicating that it has not manifest]. And of course the various non-overt tropes and stratagems, which have been less than effective. Beyond that, they appear in this matter regarding Myself at least to have been quite fair. But those manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis guarantee no certainty in that regard nor can they, hence the cause for concern. Trust is necessarily commensurate with the Choice to align with and uphold Divine Will and True Nature.

It also occurs that their whole presentment of the ‘investigation’ trope appears to be an effort to present, on a non-overt basis, My very cause of action towards them on a very neatly ‘roleswapped’ basis, with My position represented as their manifest position, and theirs as mine. Sort of a ‘mini model’, as if to present a concept for consideration, and no small amount of non-overt indicators suggesting that it’s ‘pr█paganda’, or a less than accurate depiction of the situation. Which perhaps has some application elsewhere.

Specifically, the apostate system has appeared to organize a spurious public fraud of purporting to, er, ‘neutralize’ Tr█mp [along with a few other major political figures] and then ‘bring them back’ for an international political narrative with some less than genuine prophetic fulfillments of some of the major religions. They appear to have been organizing this numerous times, complete with preparatory media ‘pr█paganda’ for the event and plenty of international political narratives to explain it away, only to pause or delay implementing their scheme. The non-overt implications of their actually implementing such a maneuver, with particular regard to Myself, would presumably then become vaguely interesting. At first glance it would seem to reference designs on their part towards Myself which hardly would put Me at My ease. Then again since the overt figure would of course survive the incident, although that wouldn’t become public knowledge immediately or perhaps ever, perhaps it wouldn’t carry the non-overt significance either. It’s a less than clear scenario, which seems the most likely motive for their having presented that ‘mini model’ I’ve mentioned. Sort of a pre-advisory, intended to mitigate concern on that matter, though unlikely to have been interpreted successfully due to the nature of events let alone credibly due to the counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis on which it was presented.

That appears to become relevant due to the recent overt media preparatory narrative presented regarding the ‘G█lan H█ights’ recognition by ‘Tr█mp’. As RedefiningGod has put it [redactions Mine]:

‘(21 March 2019) – The Tr█mp ass█ssination tr█gger was added today: Tr█mp has signaled that he’ll officially recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the G█lan H█ights when he m█ets with Netanyahu on Monday. According to the scr█pt, then, the only way for the Iranian alliance to stop this move is to h█t Tr█mp at Mar-█-Lago this weekend or at the AIPAC Conference in W█shington, D.C. on Monday.’

This would of course get a number of the apostate system’s globalization plans and efforts started, including a less than authentic narrative regarding literal ‘Ir█n’ [at least for now, until it was attributed to other culprits] and one or more spurious Messianic ‘fulfillments’ of religious prophecies.

As such, clarity requires Me to reiterate that implementations such as those would be efforts for globalism, in direct conflict with My Divine Will-aligned authority, and the apostate system has still not resolved My cause of action.

As clarity is quite constructive and beneficial, particularly in advance, the apostate system will presumably find this communiqué well meant indeed.

Incidentally, the apostate system appears to have brought out their “v█w” symbol, referencing a new effort committed to by ‘their’ personnel, regarding the ‘G█lan H█ights’ item, as a brief search for recent articles on the subject clearly demonstrates. They nearly all reference the symbol, and usually in the article’s title. The symbol is of course a reference to the Roman idol ‘F█des’, with the whole ‘pantheon of supposed gods incarnate’ patterned off the Babylonian template, so this would appear to be standard procedure for them. Except of course that I don’t recall having delegated authority for any such new effort, and their own has manifestly been outranked and countermanded by Mine.

So this from them too is less than clear. I’m keeping the accusations to a minimum, but some explanation from them does seem to be in order.

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