Evaluation of recent trope: ‘investigation’

The manifest investment of the apostate system in implying various things over the last month or so has become somewhat clearer, and a thorough evaluation is probably due.

It’s all been on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis of course, which leaves it on a non-credible basis. However, as that is also the manifest basis of the apostate system and they’ve manifestly been refusing any other, that’s been the best we’ve been getting from them. That in itself is inherently wrong as well as non-credible, but it’s precisely because investments on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis represent wrongdoing that they need to be tracked, assessed, evaluated, addressed, exposed and presumably brought to justice. Efforts on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis nearly always are, or result in, injustice and that can’t be left unconfronted.

So let’s start with their implied narrative, which has become somewhat clearer and more well-defined in the interim. Here’s what I’ve been getting:

’Satori, yes you say your effort is to align with, uphold and promote Divine Will principles and True Nature. If so that’s commendable and does indeed leave a manifest disparity of legitimacy of position between your own and ours. But is that really what you’re doing? We’re not certain. Suppose for example that despite your good message and emphasis on a legitimate, clear, open and overt basis, you’re nevertheless using that as a good will pretext for less benevolent non-overt efforts. It certainly wouldn’t put us at our ease to find, for example, that you’ve instead been investing in non-overt efforts to organize less than civilized agendas for reprisals against us or our personnel. That would certainly be disconcerting and disappointing. It would encroach against our interests as an organization, violate the rights of our personnel, and the illegitimacy of such an approach would certainly need to be exposed to the “neighborhood” which would cause your own PR and perceived credibility to diminish, as would be only appropriate in such an instance. So here’s what we’ll do. We’ll present a non-overt scenario in which the rank-and-file personnel make it less than clear to which structure and authority their loyalty resides, ours or yours. We’ll also carefully adjust how we present ourselves on a non-overt basis, with some especially disconcerting signals which are in fact quite benevolent, merely presented on an inverted “c█w” basis, to attempt to provoke you into taking some non-overt action. Simultaneous with this, we’ll have put out the alert to ‘our’ personnel to inform us if they perceive you as taking any untoward non-overt action toward ourselves, to determine whether you’re organizing anything unworthy.’

That last part appears to be what they were implying with their use of certain non-overt “pr█gnancy” symbols and the like. Generally those reference more significant and rights-violating efforts by a quasi-franchise towards an individual, which were quite a concern. Instead, this apparent lesser use would appear to not in and of itself violate rights. Though as we’ve seen, it does have a propensity to generate spurious positives where none exist.

My assessment of the credibility of the whole thing is marginal at best. That which has is presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis inherently has no credibility guaranteed. But as manifest history has shown us, investments of resources into efforts on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis despite lacking credibility have nevertheless manifestly resulted in some massive wrongdoings and that is the manifest position of the apostate system. Manifest examples of these would appear to include things like the decimation of the Huguenots, the entire ‘L█urel C█nyon’ scene, the ruthless dominance of a certain political regime in Germany via the Jesuits and Knights of Malta, and so on and so forth. Manifestly, that is the caliber and basis the apostate system has demonstrated. It’s certainly not a basis which is aligned with Divine Will and True Nature.

But the implied concern itself? Though it’s unlikely to have been sincerely and genuinely meant, I find that concern valid. Determining whether someone is making an effort to violate Divinely-conferred rights or behave in a manner which is less than ‘aboveboard’ and legitimate is typically both relevant and valid. That’s just fairness.

How it’s been applied is quite another matter.

When a system has manifestly been on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis throughout most of recorded human history, and someone comes along with a cause of action against that system for it, and not only does that system continue blithely operating on the same basis for years, uses that same non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to attempt various non-overt stratagems, efforts and tropes which come to naught, and then seeks its own cause of action, that’s wrong. And I’ll detail why.

A manifest ongoing dereliction of duty to address and remedy the first cause of action is inherently wrong in any event, whatever happens.

Using an implied second cause of action in an effort to forestall remedying the first is also wrong. That would be using a pretense of justice merely as a means of perpetuating an existing injustice.

Even if it weren’t and the implied second cause of action were meant purely in ‘good faith’ and with sincere and benevolent motives, it takes more than an unfounded concern about a possibility to make a case. I’ve built My case against the apostate system, complete with plenty of evidence. This implied second cause of action appears to be merely an implied investigation on a non-overt basis founded on a ‘what if’ scenario, for which [if the non-overtly implied efforts of the apostate system are to be accepted] they’re seeking evidence. In essence, they haven’t yet built a case for their implied concern, merely stated a ‘what if?’ scenario. And it’s surely an injustice to halt addressing an existing cause of action for mere ‘what iffery’. To put it simply in more colloquial terms, ’Sure, alright. Let Me know if you find anything. But until then, what about the rest of it? That’s still on and you appear to be ignoring it.’

For My part, I already know they’ll find nothing of concern that’s significant, relevant and genuine. So do the telepaths and propheciers, and as I’ve stated and the apostate system has repeatedly demonstrated, the rest of the apostate system is manifestly a multilayered franchise of quasi-organizations under the authority of the manifestly rogue and apostate telepaths and propheciers. So the apostate system already knows better, if perhaps not the rank-and-file. But for lesser franchises and the personnel who self-identify with them them not to know something isn’t generally wrongdoing on their part, so it doesn’t seem right from here to consider them accountable for that. The manifest situation, unworthy as it is, for all of us is that we’re laboring under various limitations over which we have little or no control, and that’s hardly our ‘fault’ because it’s hardly our Choice. Fair is fair, we tend to ‘let that slide’ due to compassion for others, and give some amount of grace in situations where there’s a reasonable manifest ‘possibility’, though no absolute certainty, that they’re manifestly laboring under such limitations.

Now let’s address the interests of the apostate system in such an implied second cause. The apostate system has manifestly rejected Divine Will and True Nature throughout its organizational lifespan, as is evident in both many of its unconscionable overt projects and its careful and greatly skilled usage of overt and non-overt sophistry and rationalizations that were crafted by very nuanced misapplication and skewed misrepresentation of Divine Will principles. [In other words, they understood these principles well enough to misapply them for their own manifest gains, much as an overt lawyer or politician tends to understand genuine law well enough to carefully talk their way around it and thus subvert it. In doing so they demonstrate that they certainly know the subject matter, they’re just knowingly, Willfully and avoidably violating it with precision.] So when you manifestly have an individual or quasi-organization whose career history has been a matter of routinely and systematically Choosing to reject the law [Divine Will principles] knowingly, Willfully and avoidably, compounding each such Choice upon the next for the brunt of recorded human history, what you manifestly appear to have is an ‘outlaw’. In overt law, can an outlaw suddenly take up a cause of action against someone in a courtroom? No, they cannot. Their whole basis has been a rejection of law; they’ve by their own Choice knowingly, Willfully and avoidably rejected it. They’re not free to suddenly become a ‘fair weather friend’ to the law, taking it back up again when it’s convenient to them. At least, not without Redemption, atonement and restoration. Law, rights and Divine Will are not ‘sometimes things’ which we can leave off and then take up again whenever it’s convenient for us. Manifestly, we’re either ‘in law’ or ‘without the law’. It’s not like a social media status that we can set and unset according to our personal whim, mood or current inclination. Implying that it is is not only spurious, but manifestly impertinent. So if the apostate system desires to take up a legitimate cause of action in law, it needs to manifestly be in alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, and make restitution as best it can for its manifest violations of rights, Divine Will and True Nature. In other words, to validly ‘pursue’ a cause of action in law, the apostate system first needs Redemption. When it manifestly jettisoned Divine Will and True Nature [and as it manifestly continues to do so], it also jettisoned its ‘st█nding in law’ including authority and all interests and holdings. The People just haven’t noticed yet, but I’m certainly Working on that. I neither caused the apostate system to make such a manifest Choice, nor did I establish into Creation the Divine Will principles that have relevance and resultants here. Colloquially speaking again, ’Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.’ I’ve been attempting to Work with the apostate system to manifest Redemption for them, but I haven’t been able to accomplish that without their consent.

Since I’ve manifestly been [edit: un]able to gain the consent of the apostate system to rejoin a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, I’m left to expose and mentor the People and seek a jury verdict, whether in an overt, formal common law court or merely in the proverbial ‘court of public opinion’. I’d love to have us manifestly all together, but those self-identifying with the apostate system have manifestly been Choosing to be on ‘the wrong side of the law’, ie. Divine Will principles and their own True Nature. Without the apostate system’s Choice for a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, this is the best implementation of a “Light”-based approach I’ve been able to come up with. And I’m duty-bound to do something.

I think that completes My assessment of their implied cause of action for now. If I’ve missed something, I can provide it later. Summary: A fair concern regardless of whether or not I find it sincerely-meant or credible, but currently an unfounded speculative hypothesis rather than a case, and misapplied at that.

More recently, the apostate system [again on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis] appears to have been making efforts to non-overtly imply, essentially, the following: ’Satori, don’t you know that none of this has been sincerely meant? We’ve given you all the proper signs and indicators to demonstrate that. It’s been on a counter-Divine Will basis, which we’ve reiterated multiple instances of just to make sure that was apparent. It was presented on an ‘inverted’ “c█w” basis, which was yet another degree of separation from what was actual and factual; it was presented in a fictive ‘mini-context’ that was only convincing provided that you Chose to interpret things in that context. And it was presented with plenty of grotesquery and ‘suckage’, meaning that however you decided to interpret it all, it would still be readily evident that it wasn’t legit.’

If this has been their intended gist, it certainly hadn’t escaped My notice. As mentioned, the entire apostate system has manifestly been on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis throughout the majority of recorded human history. I’ve yet to encounter some means of interpreting their many overt atrocities, such as the ones I’d mentioned as examples in the fifth paragraph of this communiqué, that brings them suddenly into alignment with, and acceptability to, Divine Will and their own True Natures. That the apostate system has manifestly been on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis throughout its quasi-organizational existence has been the mainstay of My cause of action against it. As such it can hardly be interpreted on a Divine Will-aligned basis, discounting anything and everything that isn’t. They’ve merely gone from predominantly overt to predominantly non-overt at about the era in which the Roman Empire became Roman Catholicism, and more recently been more cautious about the tangible effects, or at least about keeping them off the literal media or blaming them on a lesser franchise. Manifestly, it ‘sucks’ just as much to have an organization that’s unaware of Divine Will principles as to have an organization that’s aware of them but refuses to uphold them. In terms of rights, quality of life and other manifest resultants there is no meaningful distinction between them.

There is however a huge distinction between their Divinely-conferred True Nature and the basis upon which they’ve manifestly been predicating their actions. And that is always important to keep in mind. It’s certainly been a major contributor to My ongoing Choice for ‘civility’.

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