Advanced trope exposure and correction: “A little faith” [aka “staring contest”]

Here’s where we separate the men from the boys, figuratively and symbolically. This trope deployment requires metaphysics both to accomplish and to dispel successfully.

Approximately a month ago now, the apostate system put a 'news' item regarding “st█len b█nsai tr█es” out. It was apparently intended to present the trope but translated into Asian dynastic symbolism, which they know I’m familiar with. Since the telepaths and propheciers have already tried that trope with Me and I’ve dispelled it with them, I ‘let it slide’ and waited to see if the apostate system would continue to invest in it. With the more recent [award-losing] items including “Mexican n█ghtcl█b sh██ting”, “Ethi█pia pla█ne cr█sh”, and “Lights o█t in Venezuela”, they’ve apparently continued investing in the trope. I’ll describe it for layreaders, then displace it with Divine Will principles.

’Ah! Satori, we’ve finally recognized and acknowledged your Divine Will-derived authority, and we’re handing the apostate system over to you. Fulfilling acts of Will is, after all, what we do! Of course, you have to demonstrate that you really, sincerely believe that your Will has finally manifested! So what we’ll do is, we’ll jumble up our non-overt signals [”H█ra” inversions and plenty of counter-Divine Will additional inversions to mix it up a little] and then it’s your job to see through all that, successfully interpreting us as loyally and dutifully acknowledging your Will and authority regardless of however manifestly deficient in enacting it we actually are. It’s a safeguard built into the system to prevent tyrannical authority figures from persecuting the poor rank-and-file for honest mistakes, because they’re only human and doing their best, and some authority figures can be phenomenally awful so-and-sos.’

I have a few responses to that, but as none are particularly ‘family-friendly’ I’ll get to displacing it with Divine Will principles.

The trope relies on the ‘you just gotta believe’ thing that’s such a major component of occultism and Willworking. And if I were just acting in capacity of My own Will, sans Divine Will principles and an emphasis on True Nature, chances are good that I would’ve accepted the trope with an innocent, awe-filled gasp of, ’Ah! Is that how it works? I understand now!’. Most occultists naturally would, despite the apostate system’s recently intensified of lapses in ‘tone’, and counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism. ’Never mind all that,’ I’d remark to Myself eagerly, ’I just can’t wait for My Will to be implemented by the system! There’s so much to do!’ And then I’d diligently strive to convince Myself that the apostate system was indeed serving My Will despite a slew of disrespect, grotesquery and lapses which would increase in intensity until it become completely and unavoidably self-evident that they were manifestly, in fact, doing nothing of the kind. In short, ’We’re serving your Will if you believe that we are! And if you don’t, it’s your fault for not believing hard enough!’

That’s about how it went with the telepaths and propheciers during My ‘training’ and what I eventually noticed was that what they were manifestly doing had very little if any resemblance to their own True Nature or Divine Will. The vital importance of a solid foundational basis in Divine Will and True Nature was quite effectively demonstrated to Me, so much so that I absolutely insist upon it and have made that plain throughout. Disrespect, and unworthy counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism, are what tends to happen when basic standards of Divine Will and True Nature alignment have gone lacking. As such, the manifest effort to produce yet another scenario in which they’re lacking is yet another attempt to ‘haggle’, which isn’t in alignment with their True Nature [or indeed, Divine Will] either. So we have yet another manifestly unworthy trope invested in, on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

Even if it weren’t self-evident from all the lapse of ‘tone’, and counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism, it would immediately become apparent from the resulting sense of futility, when attempting to get personnel to behave on their own recognizance with a best effort ‘good faith’ implementation of Divine Will and their own True Nature becomes ‘like pushing water uphill’. Sure, by shallow appearance there appears to be some fealty and compliance, but the underlying intent is continually undermined and defeated by feigned incompetence. When the major emphasis is on Divine Will and True Nature this becomes completely “absurd”, given that I’ve described them clearly throughout and upholding our True Nature and the Divine Will which conferred it upon us is literally the most natural thing in existence. And getting back to the “H█ra” inversion for a moment: when Divine Will and True Nature declare standards to be one thing, and lapses in those standards are ascribed to an ‘inverted’ mode of non-overt signaling that no valid authority has authorized, the result is ‘idolatry’, also termed ‘obeying a lesser authority at the expense of the greater’, which some contexts describe as ‘insubordination’.

So that’s what I mean with regard to separating the men from the boys. Occultists and Willworkers orbiting their own ego as the ultimate authority [which the apostate system has certainly manifestly encouraged] would ‘buy into’ this trope in a trice. But Divine Will-aligned individuals with a sincere desire to use authority to uphold Divine Will and True Nature? As the saying goes, 'I wouldn’t touch that with yours.’

So the easiest way I know of to dispel both this and practically all other tropes is to put their behavior side-by-side with their True Nature, and ask yourself whether the former is actually indicative of the latter. For example, is coming up with all this malarkey their True Nature? Indeed, is it consistent with Divine Will? Clearly not. Right they were: They're manifestly acting on an 'inversion' of their True Nature, and it's well outside of standards. As those in the literal 'U.K.' reply in such circumstances, 'I couldn't possibly.'

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