Trope exposure: ‘Just don’t look at it’, ‘Just give me some excuse’, and ‘No-win scenario’

I recently took a reasonable precaution against the manifest potential for misuse of the apostate-subverted overt court system, ‘color of law’, and the prevalent misunderstanding of what rights are and how they work that the apostates have manifestly propagated among the general public. Without getting into too much detail for reasons of My own privacy, this involves a minor item that’s misconstrued in modern society by some as a rights violation but which in fact is victimless. Even without the apostate system it still would have been a reasonable precaution, and I’d been meaning to do it for a while regardless.

As I continued researching evidence, I noticed that the apostate system, manifestly still on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, had been recently investing in an effort of making non-overt implications which had been specifically designed to cause Me concern about the matter. This manifestly happens sometimes when others present concepts in a non-overt format, depending on the specific type of presentation. Evidently I’d noticed the pattern on a literal ‘subconscious’ basis, and the thought occurred to Me what appeared to be spontaneously and naturally as a result. Consider My dissatisfaction when I then noticed the manifest apostate effort had been to deliberately inculcate the idea, and no small amount of concern along with it.

I then noticed that they’ve manifestly also been apparently investing in it as part of a non-credible “█lamp” or “p█ncer” effort, in which they present different subsets of misappropriated personnel as ‘scary’ and ‘assistive’. The manifestly usual faux-dualism routine, with threats implied by the former and ‘diligently exposed’ by the latter. They must have been organizing that effort before I’d addressed that same unworthy kind of formula when I addressed their ‘Tutorial mode’ trope, but it’s manifestly disappointing to notice them continuing to invest in an effort which invests in committing the same error again.

The implied narrative seems to suggest, alternately, either that, ‘It’s all an elaborate effort to teach you that things implied on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are inherently non-credible and that you therefore don’t need to listen to them’ [ie, ‘suckage’ manifestly presented as yet another implementation of the ‘Just don’t look’ trope], or that, ‘We’re just trying to get you to accept for value something presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, at which point we’ll be able to justify taking forceful action against you’. Both implied narratives are spurious, neither in keeping with either their True Nature or Divine Will, and they seem to be making an effort to present them both simultaneously [a la their “tw█n” strategy].

Every knowing, Willful and avoidable investment in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is manifestly, by definition, ultimately insincere. And wrongdoing. Divine Will-aligned systems would never tolerate it, and the manifest sequence of events throughout the organizational lifespan of the apostate system demonstrates that they have indeed tolerated just that. So to misrepresent, ’We shouldn’t act on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis’ into ‘Just don’t look at it or you’ve accepted it’ is a manifest investment in not only fallacy but in disrespect as well. And every reasonable precaution should be taken against not what the apostate system ought to do, which it clearly and manifestly hasn’t been doing, but against what they could. At least until they manifestly restore a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, presumably retroactively.

This concepts becomes effectively self-evident when we examine some of their overt counter-Divine Will investments. I’ve recently been studying ‘L█urel C█nyon’ and the manifest, deliberate, systematic and massive fraud upon the general public to concoct the ‘hipp█e’ social trend as part of an organized effort of Babylonian Kabbalists, Jesuits, Freemasons, Rockefellers and organized crime folks. The apostate system, in other words. The general public were unaware of what had been presenting itself to them, which would certainly seem to satisfy the ’Just don’t look’ criteria of that fallacious trope. They were manifestly then defrauded and greatly influenced by, and subsidized, the effort. A significant number of people manifestly lost their literal, actual lives as a result of that effort, many of them innocents, and that includes very young ‘children’ in some quite unconscionable ways. ‘M█Gowan’’s literal research on the subject has been quite enlightening. I suppose those innocent young ‘children’ would also satisfy the criteria of the ’Just don’t look’ fallacy, no good did it do them. So the “absurdity” becomes self-evident, as does the manifest nature of the apostate system while it continues to reject Divine Will and True Nature.

So let’s review the manifest situation. We manifestly have:

  • The telepaths and propheciers continuing to invest in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis

  • They generate franchises, which also invest themselves in such a basis

  • Those generate more, and those still more, etc.

  • They subvert practically everything both overt and non-,

  • They still refuse to yield to a Divine Will-aligned authority when it presents itself clearly and overtly,

  • They refuse to speak overtly or on a credible, Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, muttering non-overtly instead,

  • Add implied disrespect and threats to that,

  • And then compound the matter with ‘iffy’ presentations of ‘uncertainty’, ‘perhaps’, ‘choose your own narrative’, and so on.

Each of those things individually are manifestly a violation of a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, let alone collectively.

They also seem to have been making an effort to repeat an apparent symbol of “garb█ge” and similar frequently. I seem to recall that they manifestly use it as an indicator not only of a counter-Divine Will position, but within that context as a symbol for ‘prop█ganda’. Then again, from My perspective it’s unworthy to use or even have to encounter that kind of imagery precisely because, on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, it’s unworthy of any of us to give or to receive it.

But consider: ‘Prop█ganda’ is something which is untrue. While it’s manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, the apostate system has done little else but invest itself, its misappropriated resources and personnel, and its efforts into manifesting whatever regardless of however untrue it is. It manifestly occupies that invalid, non-credible position and then seeks to enact and manifest it. Ignoring or disregarding a system that’s manifestly behaving like that not only is unfeasible and an unreasonable expectation, it’s a manifestly unconscionable wrongdoing to do so and thus passively enable it in the process, if only by inaction.

Their Divinely-conferred True Nature remains a constant of course, but manifestly it certainly doesn’t seem to have been showing itself in any meaningful capacity. Perhaps they manifestly intend to present the apostate system as a “fr█ctal” of so much counter-Divine Will investments, reiterated and compounded upon each other, until the People can’t help but Choose allegiance to a Divine Will-aligned system because the “absurdity” of not doing so becomes unavoidably self-evident. But even that scenario would require the apostate system continuing to Choose to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature when they can and should just ‘do the right thing’, and it additionally requires them to presuppose an authority counter to Mine and to Divine Will, and continue to implement agendas from it. So it’s just more of the same, and unjustifiable.

Regardless I’ve provided clarity, explained and disproven the tropes for the general public here, and it’s back to more overt exposure. Not because these franchise quasi-organizations are genuinely legitimate or ’ultimately real’, but precisely because since they aren’t, they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to manifest unworthy, rights-violating scenarios for people. We all deserve better, per Divine Will and our True Nature, and when people just disregard that humble fact they’re manifestly Choosing a non-credible, unsafe, unworthwhile and spurious basis. If Divine Will principles made it that easy for Me to see and prove that, the general public having the information ought to enable them to collectively recognize it too.

[Edit: For My own evidence purposes, and for layreaders seeking to 'learn' how the 'organized crime' quasi-franchise of the apostate system uses symbolism to depict their current efforts, the current episode of 'Welc█me to N█ght V█le’ entitled ‘Pi█neer D█ys’ is useful as a good ‘learning’ tool. This is the kind of unworthy situation the apostate system has manifestly been investing themselves in.]

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