Trope exposures: ‘Tutorial mode’ and ‘Subtler disrespect’

The apostate system manifestly continues its misadventures in ‘knowingly, Willfully and avoidably behaving in abject conflict with Divine Will, My Will, and their own True Nature’ with somewhat rarer tropes which I’ll diligently and clearly explain for the general public.

The first involves ‘subtler disrespect’ under the pretense of compliance. This appears to fall under the category of ‘physical disability’ which they’ve propagated recently, and appear to have been ‘teaching’ it hither and yon to the rank and file so they’ll know how to do it. This presents as respect but with subtler nuances of disrespect and psychological abusive implications. I’ve particularly noticed it from ‘R█uters’ ‘news’ ‘service’ currently and yesterday, particularly in the items regarding ‘North Korea’, but it’s been throughout ‘their’ coopted and misappropriated reporting media.

Next, ‘Tutorial mode’. This stratagem involves, while still manifestly refusing to align with, to uphold and to affirm Divine Will and their own True Nature, efforts to expose their own stratagems and imply they were merely presenting them as ‘teaching’ examples for Divine Will principles material. They then imply that in doing so, they’ve offered benefits, privileges, considerations etc. [”food”] and that by learning, the subject has accepted them and is therefore ingratiated to them. So to give a summary review, they manifestly defy My Will, Divine Will and their own True Nature in the first place, then attempt to ‘haggle’ about it, and if the ‘haggling’ is rejected they claim that they’ve successfully provided a ‘training’ benefit. Contrast that with what they’d be doing if they were in manifestly alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, ie. aligning with, affirming and upholding Divine Will, their True Nature and presumably My Will as well. The contrast is fairly stark, as is the manifest disparity in value between the resultants. It’s quite simply not in their True Nature attempt to ‘haggle’ on matters of Divine Will.

So the manifest pattern of knowing, Willful, avoidable and systematic conflict against Divine Will, True Nature and My Will continues, and having established that it does indeed satisfy those criteria I continue exposing the apostate system to ‘teach’ the general public about it, neutralize it, and get the People in manifest alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature while seeking justice and a society which genuinely upholds rights. The position which the apostate system has manifestly taken is ‘adversarial’ in nature, though with increasing subtlety, and of course there’s no legitimate cause for them to take that position let alone seek to compound it with subtlety. Thus, I’m manifestly relegated to ‘teaching’ the general public Divine Will principles while exposing the apostate system, and using My tutelage as a sort of ‘force multiplier’ by recruiting the general public to the good cause. It’s essentially how the literally rich become literally rich in the first place, by using the assets of those around them. The distinction between Myself and the apostate system there is that My efforts utilize their assets and efforts via what’s recently been termed ‘voluntaryism’, which is just the latest term for ‘freedom’. The natural human tendency is to promote freedom; that’s just part of their True Nature. We naturally desire what is more worthwhile. Thus, when the apostate system implies that it has coopted personnel under its spurious authority, though the claim appears impressive it’s naturally and intrinsically baseless. A good approximation is probably the overt law term ‘color of authority’.

For lay readers, Divine Will principles can be thought of as a metaphysical version of Natural Law. Because Natural Law is just how things work, built into the nature of everything, part of the inherent structure of the True State of Creation and of course our True Nature, applying these principles upon situations like this becomes quite naturally effective. A significant proportion of the apostate system’s manifest efforts have been expended in an effort to make these principles less than clear to the general public. Those efforts are comparatively inconsequential; restore the information to the general public and they can simply crowdsource a continual refinement of their understanding and their application of these principles. Sovereignty under Divine Will is something that happens en masse; it does no good to strive to keep a monopoly on this stuff.

The current manifest scenario is much like a patriot applying precepts of Natural Law in a court in which a rogue judge is striving to contrive spurious edicts and baseless arguments to refute the patriot’s sovereignty under Divine Will. The patriot’s job is to apply principles of Natural Law and Common Law to keep the judge’s behavior within the scope of the law. It’s just that here, Divine Will principles are the most relevant area of Natural Law. Ultimately of course, the judge’s behavior is well outside his legitimate scope of authority, merely resulting in massive amounts of ‘constructive law fraud’, subversion and treason. Since we’ve established My alignment with Divine Will and the authority which derives from that, and the manifest knowing, Willful, avoidable and systematic ‘criminal intent’ of the apostate system’s effort, exposure before the ‘court of public opinion’ of the general public becomes valid and I’m left with no other recourse under Divine Will. Open ‘public education’ will enable others to figuratively pick up en masse wherever I leave off, and that’s the collectivist and egalitarian strategy inherent naturally in “growth”-based efforts oriented towards promoting the public good.

Lay readers should also know that in reading these communiqués is much like reading one side of a two-sided conversation, the other being from the apostate system via the international media using symbolism which is getting exposed on an ongoing basis. Encouragingly these communiqués retain the date of emission, enabling the People to refer back to what was in the international media reports at the time. This is useful for understanding the manifest positions taken by the apostate system, and particularly when they’re ready for overt evidence in a court of law once we get those restored. In other words, the apostate system is ‘on public record’ throughout, and as the symbolism is exposed and the general public can understand the apostate system’s responses, it adds credibility to My effort. Ultimately of course, while the apostate system manifestly remains on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis they haven’t genuinely ‘said’ much of anything; the basis is not inherently credible. But in manifestly rejecting Divine Will and their own True Nature, they’ve established ‘criminal intent’ in doing so ‘knowingly, Willfully, avoidably and systematically’, and we quite simply cannot have an international megalithic order which manifestly seeks to control everything yet is accountable for nothing. Let alone which rejects Divine Will, their own True Nature and the Divinely-conferred rights of the People.

Minor item: I’ve noticed apparent recent investments by the apostate system into presenting semi-relevant material on the ‘Freemasonic’ layer of symbolism. It appears to be intended to catch My attention, but the results of that are negligible given that as I’ve just described, while they’re manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis they haven’t said much of anything since it’s inherently non-credible. I have noticed alliteration of “p” recurring quite a bit; that would seem to be “z█ro” and “█ne” together with their “tw█n” symbol of counterfeiting, and “m█sk”. That suggests a recent apostate effort to seek to gain acceptance of yet another faux-duality position. This is likely part of their ‘tutorial mode’ trope, particularly coming as it does with their casual and needless propagation of counter-Divine Will symbolism presented in combination with symbols which, in ‘Freemasonic’ symbolism, purport to reference a non-overt mode of speaking.

I’ve manifestly set a standard of aligning with, upholding, and affirming Divine Will and True Nature, and the apostate system continues to present to Me in return a “catalog” of alternatives to Divine Will, My Will, and their own True Nature. Which certainly isn’t their True Nature to do, and each of which efforts are in direct conflict with Divine Will. Meanwhile, the manifest assets they’ve misappropriated [including personnel] continue to violate Divinely-conferred rights, diminish Divinely-conferred quality of life, and cause unconscionable behavior towards animals up to and including massive ‘species extinction’. I therefore cannot look kindly upon these manifest, needless “delays” and coy refusals.

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