Trope exposure: “B█llf█ght”

As of literally ‘yesterday’ or so, the apostate system [manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis still] has been investing themselves in an effort to explain what they’ve manifestly been up to recently. The “[un]limited potential” Tr█mp referenced in his ‘address’ has supposedly lapsed, and they’re now attempting to non-overtly explain themselves on a basis which remains manifestly unworthy, disrespectful, insubordinate, and non-credible.

It’s a somewhat more advanced strategy they occasionally use when more conventional efforts come to naught. For laymen, the idea is essentially to contrive various non-overt misunderstandings and miscommunications on a non-overt basis in an effort to provoke the subject into an overreaction that would provide them with justification for a forceful response under the auspices of ‘public safety’. Recently for example they appear to have been using the symbolism of “H█ra” to co-ordinate a supposedly ‘inverted’ mode of non-overt speaking, particularly “c█w” and ‘India’ in which they’re regarded as “sacred”, and the “expl█sion” symbol which, again for readers unfamiliar, refers to “potential en█rgy” or more clearly, ideas like ‘possibility’, ‘ mayb█’, ‘perhaps’, ‘iffiness’ and so on. So the general scheme was manifestly to present what appeared a most non-benevolent appearance.

What they manifestly weren’t doing was affirming, upholding and Choosing to align with Divine Will, My Will, or their own True Natures. So, they were manifestly wasting their literal, figurative and symbolic “time”, b█having disgracefully, and losing what remained of any ‘grace’ they had as a result. They also provided a good example to the general public of why the People cannot have a globalized system ‘performing’ on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, as nobody needs the ‘stress’ nor the disrespect. As mentioned, this is a basis which they manifestly continue to Choose [as is their supposed ‘inversion’ mode, for all that it matters given that it’s manifestly on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis anyway].

I Chose My words with great care earlier; the manifestly unworthy and unacceptable problem with the apostate system regards its counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis, regardless of which specific permutations and implementations of that basis they present. Eminently rejectable it self-evidently remains.

I’ve likened manifest interactions with them to those with incalcitrant ‘Goet█c entities’ and ‘dj█nn’, and it remains accurate. Their manifest basis remains counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature, noncredible, unreliable and nonfunctional. Their Divinely-conferred True Nature however is and always has been congenial, benevolent, loyal, cooperative, virtuous, constructive, and immensely worthwhile. Their manifest Choice to continue presenting such an “absurd” duality when only the genuine article truly exists is rejectable with contempt in the clearest terms available, precisely because their True Nature is so worthwhile that nothing less is anything like acceptable.

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