Trope exposure: ‘This or that’

The apostate system had non-credibly been investing in a trope or fallacy that’s familiar to Me because the telepaths and propheciers had presented it too.

Multiple options, counter-Divine Will symbolism presented along with them, and Me left to Choose between them which is accurate and which is meant as supposedly negated by the counter-Divine Will symbolism. Much like the recent ‘pick a side’ bit, in which ‘their’ misappropriated personnel non-overtly present, variously, as either supporters of My effort for Divine Will, or loyalists to the apostate system. It’s generally a metaphor for ‘magick’ or ‘belief’, and I’m expected to Choose ‘the good option’ because I know that Divine Will and True Nature are the genuine article and therefore truth.

I rejected it when the telepaths and propheciers tried to ‘teach’ it to Me, and I reject it now for the same reason: precisely *because* I know that Divine Will and True Nature are truth, and that neither manifest option is the genuine article. They’re both varying degrees of knowing, Willful and avoidable ‘suckage’, and the manifest scenario as a whole is on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

That’s the major distinction between Divine Will and ego-based Willworking: Divine Will already is, doesn’t require your ‘belief’, and the only Choice you get to make is whether or not to come into compliance with it. Which they still manifestly aren’t.

If they were manifestly Choosing to align with and uphold Divine Will, they wouldn’t systematically use counter-Divine Will symbolism, nor non-overtly self-identify with a quasi-organization that was spuriously generated by the telepaths and propheciers and clearly on a counter-Divine Will basis.

So both options are unworthy, and the scenario of presenting them rather than just ‘doing the right thing’ is manifestly insubordination against Divine Will and My Divine Will-derived authority. Which also certainly isn’t their True Nature.

Alright then, with that trope displaced by Divine Will principles it’s back to putting together exposure, since they’re still manifestly rejecting Divine Will and their own True Nature after literally years. I think I’ll start by presenting Divine Will principles, since the People will need those the most. Then the non-overt symbolism of the apostate system, which will make the need for those principles clear to them. Particularly after they’re able to verify that the symbolism is in use from so much apostate deployment of them throughout the international media for so long. Would that I didn’t have to, but this manifest scenario is self-evidently thoroughly unworthy. And it’s not in the nature of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to provide anything worthwhile; that would be antithetical to its nature.

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