I’ve been reviewing the manifest scenario of the past month or so, in the context of the pattern described in My ‘Alert’ communique.

The apostate system manifestly began implying, on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, complaints against Me for bizarrely minor things, intimating that I was demonstrating a Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I clarified and resolved. These implied complaints kept recurring.

Eventually I additionally provided more detail about the pre-existing evaluation policies and criteria of My “house”, and why occasional grace is provided in accordance with Divine Will. My assessment was and remains that not to do so on occasion would be an overly limiting application of Divine Will-derived authority, in ways that would transgress against Divine Will and True Nature.

Immediately thereafter, the apostate system commenced systematically to make ongoing, multiple uses of counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery which was even more outside of the tolerance levels and standards of My “house” than they manifestly already were. And they apparently tried all manner of things which would, ultimately, make a case against Me and My “house” for non-overt infiltration and subversion. Which did not succeed, and were manifestly exposed by Myself openly, publicly and directly.

So it looks from here like the various items of implied concern, implied on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, were truly of no genuine concern to them at all. That they’ve merely been investing on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and compounding their knowing, Willful and avoidable investments in same.

Particularly when taking into consideration the overt efforts into which they’ve manifestly been investing themselves, and the imminent likely juxtaposition of both their planned overt and non-overt narratives.

I continue to Choose to align with, affirm and uphold Divine Will and True Nature. And part of that includes ensuring that My use of Divine Will-derived authority for My personnel continues to respect their reasonable freedom of speech within certain tolerances, precisely *because* I’m upholding Divine Will, rights, and authority within appropriate parameters. Like all greater authorities, Mine is Divine Will-derived. My application of it must remain consistent with that, and should.

So the more the apostate system manifestly invests in all their recent misbehavior, the more they merely compound and intensify their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. And implying claims against My “house” while manifestly on such a basis is clearly beyond the scope of that basis, and non-credible as well.

Some among the general public will notice this pattern on their own, and presumably all of the telepaths and propheciers as well.

The very nature of the disparity of legitimacy and authority has to do with the apostate system manifestly investing in efforts and methods which are in violation of their own True Nature and Divine Will.  Refusal to resolve that manifestly exacerbates their untenable situation.

Nor does it facilitate their public credibility.  It would likely discourage others from addressing their concerns openly and publicly, relegating them to other methods of recourse.  Their ultimate recourse of course is Divine Will, which will ultimately manifest precisely because it is the Truth, and is the "Light".

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