Clarification Re: Telepaths and propheciers

It would seem that the apostate system is manifestly having Me on.

It was as I was giving fair deliberation to the implied trope of ‘public education’ and thinking to Myself, ‘How out of it does someone manifestly have to be not to recognize “Home” [i.e., a “house” that’s in accordance with Divine Will and True Nature]? This ‘public education’ trope purports to have them upholding Divine Will but they manifestly aren’t, and it’s manifestly costing all of us in terms of quality of life and our rights. The manifest fallacy here that needs correcting is that in truth, when someone is knowingly, Willfully and avoidably Choosing to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature they’re manifestly on a non-credible basis. In fact, My “house” has kept that as a standard policy for years and even has symbolism to demonstrate it.’ that I started thinking in terms of symbolism in order, as I’ve described before, to better assess the Divine Will symbolism of the manifest situation, to get at, expose, and correct the fallacy. You’ll recall that I specifically built the symbolism of My “house” to express and teach Divine Will principles, so it’s useful for evaluating life situations. There are a few symbols of My “house” which tend to indicate, ‘An overt mode of speaking, all else disregarded’, including all deprecated counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery, but most of those would have alternate connotations. The most relevant would be counter-Divine Will symbolism, which is deprecated for obvious reasons, or “black”, which depending on context can mean either ‘speaking overtly’ or reference a person or position which is manifestly non-credible due to a manifest absence of “Light”.

So it’s as I was evaluating the principles relevant to the situation, and ‘free associating’ to “black” things, and contemplating how “absurd” it was for someone not to recognize “Home” and a valid application of Divine Will principles from a non-valid application, that a moment from a piece of media I grew up with occurred to Me. Immensely entertaining, given both the overt and the non-overt relevance to the situation. I considered the media item, and noticed that the symbolism would’ve been greatly appropriate in the current manifest context. It would’ve been great as a non-overt Divine Will principles ‘teaching’ means, except that we’ve transitioned our emphasis to predominantly overt methods, however overtly entertaining and non-overtly instructive it was it wasn’t in accordance with standards of behavior, was likely to give the wrong idea if presented, and of course the apostate system was already well aware of the manifestly non-credible nature of their counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. As for media not being in accordance with healthy standards, that’s a situation that’s manifestly been, er, standard. As such, pretty much all media is unworthy for the purpose and is only useful, occasionally, as mere entertainment and occasionally as an internal means of focus on a situation via symbolism. [This due to the manifest Choice of the telepaths and propheciers not to uphold a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis.] Therefore, it was essentially only useful for enjoyment and My own internal focus as I evaluated the situation. Indeed, even the “black” symbol the item was based around essentially precluded it from referencing much of anything else, and the rest of the item more or less demonstrated that.

Then it occurred to Me, that I had just got done saying in a communique something to the effect that, ‘If I wanted to collude with the telepaths and propheciers, I wouldn’t have to do or say much of anything; they could just pick it up directly, you know.’ So now, by merely internally processing something by means of this media symbol, I was doing something that was likely to give the wrong impression. That is, by thinking and evaluating with it but not acting on it, only I and the telepaths and propheciers would know that I did so, the rank-and-file would not, and that was awfully close to a scenario that might appear untoward. I debated about it for a while, and concluded that the fairest thing to do would be to review the item of media. That would at least make it openly done, but still private and personal use, and I wouldn’t have to get into applying something unworthy in an inappropriate sense, or give others the wrong idea. Interestingly, when I reviewed the media item I found that it, throughout effectively the whole thing, it appeared to symbolically reference the current manifest situation in terms of Divine Will principles in the symbolism of My “house” and that of a few others, with a few exceptions, and in terms of the manifest approach from the apostate system via their symbolism. Interesting stuff, as many would regard it, given that it was manifestly produced about three decades ago. But it was familiar and comfortable to Me, having grown up with the thing. I reasoned that if the telepaths and propheciers wanted to put covert symbolism into it that would eventually appear, but due to their manifest Choice for a basis lacking in Divine Will and True Nature by no means be guaranteed, relevant to the current situation, that wasn’t My doing. I certainly was unable to rely on its accuracy or validity, on precisely the same basis as I’d just mentioned to the apostate system’s quasi-franchises: Trust is commensurate with the Choice for Divine Will and True Nature. So after having reviewed the media item, I privately chuckled at the overt entertainment, noticed the consistent lapse in standards throughout, lamented both its unusability and the manifestly Chosen position of the telepaths and propheciers and the apostate system as a whole, dismissed the thing and got on with the rest of life.

And then I noticed people in current media apparently starting to make references and non-overt allusions to it. On a recurring basis. As though I’d Chosen it for official, non-overt use. ‘How nice,’ I thought. ‘More apparent rights violations, and people being disappointing because they’re not Choosing Divine Will and their own True Nature. Spiffing.’ But I’m hardly responsible for the Choices and actions of those manifestly not of My “house”, so I just privately downgraded My estimation of their manifest position and set the matter aside. But now that the apostate system has manifestly invested so much in this ‘inquisitorial’ scenario, I suppose it could manifestly become a relevant-seeming cause for professed concern. So I’m doing essentially the same thing here with this and the telepaths and propheciers that I did with the apostate system’s attempted ‘roleswapping’ hypothecated non-overt layer: openly describing and exposing it, and thus neutralizing any cause for professed concern. ‘Honesty the best policy’, and so on. I could I suppose name the item of media if they insisted, except that it’s not within the standards of My “house” and the whole objective here is to ease any manifest concerns; presenting it could be misconstrued as making symbolic reference to it.

In all seriousness, I didn’t find it a genuine cause for concern and don’t find it easy to accept as genuine the idea that anyone else does. But then, the manifest imperfection to this whole scenario is that the apostate system, telepaths and propheciers included, manifestly are Choosing a non-genuine basis and investing thoroughly in it. So their manifest behavior tends to be off. I recently noticed an instance in current media which seemingly implied, ‘Now we’d like to know whether you’d side with the telepaths and propheciers against us, if they Chose to act against us.’ But as I’d described, the apostate system’s manifestly on a non-credible basis which lacks the necessary prerequisites for trust, including the trust of accuracy, relevancy, sincerity and ‘good faith’ necessary for any meaningful communication. That and the implied concern didn’t seem to make much sense; there’s functionally almost no meaningful distinction between the telepaths and propheciers and the quasi-organizations which are manifestly ‘their’ franchises. But while I’m on the subject, I can address it: If there were genuine distinction between them, then it would completely depend on which of them if any were Choosing to align with and uphold Divine Will principles and their own True Nature. To the best of My knowledge neither of them manifestly are, so there’s no meaningful distinction and they’re both Choosing an unconscionable basis. And I manifestly have just cause to resent the actions of both; for that matter, of practically every franchise of the apostate system, but I’m addressing the matter openly, directly, fairly, publicly, virtuously, and of course in alignment with My own True Nature and, to the best of My ability, the Divine Will which conferred it.

What gets Me here, other than the manifest inherent non-credibility of their Chosen basis of course, is that precisely because the apostate system is the telepaths and propheciers plus the quasi-franchises, My intent and motives were presumably never seriously of concern here. I’m not clear on how they reasonably could have been, since the telepaths and propheciers know them already. And since trust is commensurate with the manifest Choice for Divine Will and True Nature, I have to find that suspicious when evaluated along with the strategic value of having them shift the focus off the basic matter of, ‘Are they Choosing to uphold Divine Will and True Nature, or not?’ and onto, ‘Satori privately reviewed a piece of media, now let’s use the international media to try to scare him about it’. I must object and protest, as that appears drastically off-topic to Me and only seems to serve to provide a rationalization for the manifest “absurdity” of an ongoing Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature.  I'd like to address any sincere concerns of course, but I have no manifest basis to determine that they indeed are sincere.  And I manifestly don't have the literal free time to keep explaining inconsequential personal activities, given that I have a manifestly errant apostate system to publicly expose.

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