‘’ is a site which is separate from My “house” and seems to be unfamiliar with the bulk of non-overt symbolism, but which nevertheless manages to provide some very good analysis of the apostate system’s overt geopolitical efforts. It’s noticed a manifest trend of efforts on the part of the apostate system to organize a number of imminent unconscionable overt efforts in the making, and many of them seem to have the commonality of committing some reprehensible deeds and then planning to misallocate responsibility for them, to accomplish various agenda items for the apostate system.

This comes just as the apostate system manifestly increases its unpeaceful rhetoric both overtly and non-overtly, and continues to present imagery and symbolism which creates the impression to ‘their’ non-overt speaking rank-and-file that My “house” is doing uncivilized things.

This appears to hearken back to the literal ‘State of the Union address’, in which the apostate reporters made a curious reference to the effect that the “w█men █n wh█te” had, as they put it, ‘”pr█mise[d]” to be a “th█rn in Tr█mp’s side”’. That would seem to non-overtly reference a plan on the apostates’ part to implement something unconscionable as the result of their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  And doing so while knowingly, Willfully, avoidably and systematically presenting the appearance that they were loyalists to My "house".  Rejected.

Because we’re quite benevolent, open, clear, sincere and lawful it just made good sense to ‘call out’ the apparent manifest investments on the part of the apostate system here in advance. Trust is commensurate with the manifest Choice to uphold Divine Will and True Nature, and if the apostates were to manifestly implement anything regrettable of that nature I’d prefer to have maintained a clear distinction between that and My position and efforts, and even addressed the apostate system and the general public in an effort to expose and neutralize the apparent schemes. That’s just being open, clear, fair, honest, righteous and benevolent.

We ‘do the right thing’, and certainly deserve the reputation for the Choice to do that.

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