Yet still more clarification: Scenarios

Courtesy prompts a clarification as the apostate system, on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, appears to imply, ‘Ah, so your strategy is to maintain a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, while we manifest ‘suckage’, and that prompts the telepaths and propheciers to eventually Choose in favor of Divine Will and True Nature due to the disparity.’ I suspect they already understand better, particularly as Rome and Babylon are manifest quasi-franchises of the telepaths and propheciers regardless. But I can indeed clarify for the general audience.

Among the plentiful nifty things about Divine Will is that alignment with it succeeds regardless of the scenarios. The telepaths and propheciers taught Me that a literal while ago, and I’ll demonstrate it here by going over a few scenarios, all in which I knowingly and Willfully manifestly retain alignment with Divine Will and True Nature.

I clarify Divine Will principles for the rank and file, as I’ve done, and they Choose to align with and uphold them. All well and good, they collectively divest of Rome and Babylon, transfer under Divine Will authority, and the manifest scenario is resolved. The proliferation of Divine Will principles information causes the general public to Choose better, and neutralizes any effectiveness on the part of the telepaths and propheciers to Choose a counter-Divine Will basis which they never had any sincere cause to want anyway.

Alternatively, the quasi-franchises yield to Divine Will authority, their authority figures Choose Redemption, they voluntarily yield the quasi-franchises to Me, those are dissolved, and a Divine Will-aligned system manifestly replaces them. Also good.

Or they manifestly refuse, I expose their methods and demonstrate the manifest existence of the quasi-organizations while simultaneously upholding Divine Will principles and True Nature. This gets the attention of general public, and they have a manifest solution handed to them along with a detailed, provable demonstration of the manifest situation. Also good.

Or they refuse, “absurdly” insist on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, manifest ‘suckage’ and the telepaths and propheciers acknowledge the manifest qualitative disparity and finally do the right thing.

Or they don’t, and the fundamental instability of the apostate system due to inherent disharmony with Divine Will principles ‘crashes the system’ when Divine Will intervenes. Perhaps in the form of the Revelations prophecies, or perhaps some other manifestation. But the manifest instability makes the apostate system ‘unsustainable’ regardless.

So the eventual outcome is more or less the same whatever those within the apostate system manifestly Choose. As ever, manifest outcomes are largely incidental in comparison with the Choice for Divine Will and True Nature or lack thereof.

Thus, when on a non-credible basis, the apostate system appears to imply, ‘Then we’ll disenfranchise the general public from you, present the appearance that you’ve done something wrong and owe us an “apology” [for those unfamiliar, this per My experience involves a demonstration of contrition by staying inside ones’ literal house for a span of weeks, forgoing communication with others and digital communications], and then the more ‘suckage’ we manifestly Choose to lay on you the more we’re actually aiding your cause!’ we have what I’m pretty certain is a knowing, Willful and avoidable misrepresentation of the situation merely due to the manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis they’ve Chosen. Because of course they’d Choose the option that results in the most ‘suckage’ and the least alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, right? It’s not like ‘suckage’ is precluded by the Choice for Divine Will and True Nature, and it’s in everyones’ True Nature to Choose Divine Will.

So basically we manifestly have the telepaths and propheciers, and ‘their’ quasi-franchises, Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and while they are their overt and their non-overt investments are going to necessarily be “absurd” and unsustainable, in addition to non-credible. They certainly deserve better than that, as do we all. The Choice is of course theirs; it’s left to Me to do the right thing and make the nature of their Choice plain for the general public.

As such, it was partly a matter of courtesy on My part to provide clarification on this. But mostly, to provide a practical demonstration for the general audience of how alignment with Divine Will principles works. The ultimate outcome remains effectively the same regardless of the Choices made by others. In that sense the ‘what’ is more important than the ‘how’, [that is, the alignment with principles more important than the tangibles and specifics] and beyond that the next remaining considerations are typically striving to keep the manifest scenario in maximal alignment with Divine Will and True Nature in the meanwhile so we can all have a more worthy manifest experience, and then to comparatively minor things like specific personal preferences within the remaining available options.

‘When you take care of the big things, the big things take care of the lesser things because that’s just the nature of things’.

This kind of thinking should be remedial for those who manifestly self-identify with the Babylonians, they know their 'classical Greek' elemental metaphysical symbolism.  Or the literal Japanese elemental symbolism, for that matter.  We all know the manifest difference between investing in the Choice for 'growth' and the Choice for, er, its opposite.  The only genuine 'growth' involves Choosing in alignment with Divine Will, and when people or quasi-organizations manifestly invest in its supposed opposite they figuratively 'undermine' their own manifest position, whatever the scenario may seem like.

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