‘Ends and means’

Alright. In the latest ‘Things the apostate system will manifestly do rather than just align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will and their own True Nature’, we seem to have them emphasizing a purely overt mode of communication while, under its auspices, investing in presenting all manner of disconcerting patterns likely to be received on a non-overt basis if only they were speaking on a non-overt basis. This includes non-messages such as, ‘Gosh, we’re so upset with you’, ‘You’re speaking too freely and it’s straining diplomatic harmony between our “houses”’, and ‘Ah! We’ve concluded that your behavior is manifestly a concern to public safety’. Well. How nice. Not actually or sincerely intended, but we manifestly have the investment on their part in an effort to present those patterns nonetheless. What an unworthy use of the time, concentration, effort and manhours of personnel, especially coming as it does as an alternative to investing in worthy, Divine Will and True Nature aligned and affirming efforts. I have to assess that as a less than functional misprioritization, others are free to disagree.

Meanwhile their manifest overt investment appears to be in delivering spurious overt tropes such as ‘Literal Iran’s behavior is such a concern’ and various overt ecological propaganda they’ve been pulling for quite a while. Not that all ecological concerns aren’t manifestly valid, but there are many which are pure contrivances and those that aren’t tend to be the manifest results of their own efforts which enabled comparatively unconstrained corporate marauding for quite a while. In My assessment, it’s vastly less than worthy or appropriate for their own manifest misconduct to become advantageous to them as a means of prompting an overt restructuring which gives the apostate system even more clout.

All this also seems, to Me, to serve as a good example of how a manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis leaves not only non-overt communication inherently non-credible, but overt forms as well.

Excuse Me, but I’m genuinely less than clear on how any of that helps to support their manifest position or basis.

Let’s examine a quick summary review of the scenario. The telepaths and propheciers approached Me, seeking My support in upholding, affirming and promoting Divine Will principles and True Nature. I agreed conditionally, provided that they manifestly continued to doing so themselves. They manifestly defaulted, systematically demonstrated a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis in direct conflict with Divine Will and with My own. Additionally, I then encounter franchise quasi-organizations manifestly behaving on the same basis. I apprise them of Divine Will principles so we can all be sure they understand them and their vital importance, and for literal years they manifestly behave in conflict with them regardless. I’d repeatedly invited them to approach Me openly and overtly, in order to more effectively resolve the situation. They manifestly declined, and My availability eventually precluded a continuance of that invitation. As the manifest result of their own Choices, that left only non-overt communication on their part, which they continued to implement on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I continued to attempt to ‘hear them out’, and assist them with what, if anything, was manifestly preventing them from Choosing to align with, affirm and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature, while still protesting that what was presented from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis was necessarily non-credible. They manifestly used the opportunity afforded them to present nearly all manner of counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature “absurdities” instead, and more recently to presume to remind Me that what’s implied on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is by definition not credible nor reliable.

Well, yes.

I’m not clear on how we can reasonably accept having a major quasi-organization spreading everywhere, seemingly controlling every aspect of human life, on an inherently non-credible and at least immediately unaccountable basis. And then, for example, legitimately achieve mankind’s acceptance as a manifestly accurate source of information regarding current events, what law is, how rights work, and what the correct and accurate interpretation of recorded history or religious doctrine is, let alone manifestly present as authorities on any of that. Particularly after a manifest career history of subverting all of those things and more.

The supposition appears to be, ‘Eventually, we’ll get ‘round to actually manifesting Divine Will and True Nature. After a career history of manifestly behaving in abject and direct conflict with it.’ Which would appear to regard Divine Will and True Nature as ‘optional extras’, and ‘sometimes things’. Both literal Scripture and basic common sense tell us that one kind of seed doesn’t produce an entirely different kind of plant.

It’s very tempting to assess the manifest situation and conclude that, since both I and the apostate system understand and recognize the validity of Divine Will principles and the vital importance of True Nature, that any seeming disagreement on those matters is neither sincere nor credibly meant on their part. That, in truth and in fact, we actually agree, on a basis of Divine Will and True Nature. I mean, that’s the most sensible assessment here. It’s just that their manifest behavior, up to and including that of the telepaths and propheciers, not only hasn’t been in alignment with and affirmation of those things, it’s manifestly been in conflict with that. And certainly with My own Will, much of the time.

I mean, I do have to make the case for My position, for Divine Will and True Nature, clearly and distinctly. That includes protesting when something manifestly appears in direct [or sometimes, indirect] conflict with those things.

Incidentally, there manifestly seems [although I can’t verify with any certainty] to be some concern over whether I’d meant a simile in My ‘Nope.’ communiqué overtly or symbolically. I had only been thinking of it on an overt sense, which is how I’d intended it, and I probably should have made that clear. I’ve made an edit which does so, and literally apologize for any manifest inconvenience or concern caused by it.

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